Chapter 59 – Moving to the New Home Part 1


Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

I stayed up late last night and somehow managed to finish copying down the schematics for the distiller’s basic parts on paper. It ended up being about 50 pages long. I also copied down the schematics for the metal parts of the magic tools. I’ll have to buy a fresh supply of paper today.

When I pored over the Commerce Guild rules and regulations through the document I brought with me yesterday, I saw something good.

It turns out the remittance fee for sending money actually differed depending on your guild rank. It was 50,000 Guineas for C ranks and below, 40,000 for B ranks, 30,000 for A ranks, and finally, 10,000 Guineas for S ranks.

It looks like the rule of the rich getting richer still held true even on a different planet. But since there would be a potential difference of 20,000 Guineas or more once I went up in rank, it was definitely worth signing up with the Commerce Guild.

Everyone was happily discussing their plans for the day while having breakfast. It kinda felt like I was being left out.

After breakfast, the girls readied themselves and went out looking pretty pumped.

(Selena, Sharon. If you get into any sort of danger, don’t hesitate to use your rifles. Even if you guys are going out for training, there’s no reason to unnecessarily risk your lives. Don’t get your priorities mixed up, okay?)


(We’ll make sure to be careful.)

Their tone suggested everything would be fine, but I was still worried after all.

(D-1, please monitor them. Notify the Ensigns immediately when a monster approaches with an alarm, and if a monster manages to get within five meters of the four of them, deal with it immediately.)


I guess I should head out as well.

When I arrived at Jordan’s smithery, I heard the sound of clanging hammers even though it was still pretty early in the morning. Wouldn’t all this noise cause trouble for the neighbors?

Jordan-san immediately noticed me when I entered the workshop.

“Let’s move somewhere else.”

I showed him the documents I prepared outside of the workshop. Jordan-san read each page carefully for some time.

“These are some amazing blueprints. They’re pretty easy to follow too. It would be great if our customers brought something as nice as these whenever they make a commission.”

“Can you make them?”

“Yeah, no problem. We’re gonna use copper anyway, so we’ll be able to manage.”

“Um, but this is just one-third of the full schematics. There are about a hundred more pages to go.”

“Hmm, so there’s still so much huh… Well, it can’t be helped. Just hand them all over to me. We’ll just have to do our best.”

“Understood. I’ll do so.”

Afterward, I went over the schematics page by page with Jordan-san and explained the illustrations in detail.

I did so for the schematics of the magic tool’s metal parts as well.

“Oh, and one more thing, sir. Can you make this too? I need it after twenty days if it’s possible.”

“Hou, this is an interesting design. Well, if we make a proper mold, I think we can make a good number of these. If it’s after twenty days, then we can probably manage.”

“Then, if you please, sir.”

It was already 11 o’clock when I left the workshop after settling the payment for the additional items I ordered. I guess I’ll have lunch out first and return to the inn afterward. I remember the girls had planned to start the imperial martial arts lessons this afternoon, so I might as well participate. I’ve gotten a bit rusty, so it would be nice to have a spar or two with Selena and Sharon to get the feel for it back.

As I searched for a suitable restaurant, I saw a child bawling on the side of the street. It was Ella, and Teo was kneeling in front of her while trying to console her.

“Hey, Teo. What’s going on?”

“Bro! …I ain’t the one who made her cry. Ella just started to bawl her eyes out. I think she tripped.”

“I bet she tripped because you pulled her in a hurry again, right?”

“Uu, well, yeah, I guess. But Ella’s such a slowpoke. Ugh. Even her clothes got ripped.”

The dirty one-piece dress Ella was wearing got torn in some places when she tripped. When Teo tried to touch the torn part, Ella started crying even louder.

“Don’t cry, Ella. It’ll be fine if we sew it a bit.”

Huh? Maybe they didn’t have enough spare clothes. No matter how you slice it, seeing a young girl like this is just too pitiful.

“Do you know of any second-hand clothing shops around here, Teo? I’ll buy some for you guys.”

“Eh!? No, it’s fine bro. Clothes are expensive, y’know?”

“You may be okay about this, but don’t you feel sorry for Ella? It’s fine, so just hurry up and lead the way.”

“Really!? Um, uh, I think there’s one this way, bro!”

I had Teo and Ella choose a dress once we arrived at the clothing shop.

“We’ll have this, bro.”

The dress they showed me looked worn out already, and it was too big for the 4-year-old Ella. She would probably end up dragging the one-piece dress around if she wore it.

“Hey, this is too big for her.”

“It’s fine, bro. She’ll grow into it real quick. You’ll see.”

Really? I went to the clerk and paid for the dress. It seems that this second-hand dress actually still costs 200 Guineas.

Teo had Ella change into it right away even though we were out on the streets.

“There we go. It fits just fine. Thanks for buying us this dress, bro! Say thank you as well, Ella.”


It looks like Ella was quite happy to get a dress that didn’t look like dirty rags.

“Good. Okay then, you two. Lead me to a nice restaurant next. I’ll treat you to lunch as well.”

“Really!? Over here then, bro!”

The restaurant the kids led me to was quite bustling. Since the seats inside were full, we were guided to the terrace seats instead. They had meat and fish set meals.

“What do you guys want? Meat or fish?”


The meals consisted of the usual bread, meat and veggie stir-fry, and soup. The meals cost 10 Guineas per serving, so I paid 30 Guineas for me and the kids.

Teo and Ella started scarfing down on the food right away. As he chewed his food, Teo put his share of the bread as well as Ella’s into a jute bag.

“We’ll save the bread for tomorrow. Ella won’t be able to finish it all anyway.”

Teo explained his actions to me when he noticed me watching him.

“I see… Good for you then.”

“Yeah! Thank you very much, bro! Really. It’s been a while since we ate such a hearty meal.”

“……Hey, Teo. Are you familiar with Clans?”

“Yeah, I am. It’s a group formed by adventurer parties, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. We’re gonna start up a Clan of our own soon. We got a pretty nice building for our Home just recently too. If you feel like it, do you wanna work there? I can hire you as a helper.”

“……Really!? I’ll do anything for you, bro! Please hire me!”

“But even though I say I’m gonna hire you, I’ll just provide you with a room to stay in as well as breakfast and dinner every day. I can’t pay you any money for now.”

“A room and meals every day!? Bro! Please, please hire me! I’ll do anything you want me to! I don’t mind not getting paid.”

“I see. Okay then. But we’ll formally move to the new building twenty days from now though.”

“Twenty days… Hey, bro… Um, can Ella also work for you?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Really!? As expected of my bro! Yosh, I and Ella will work hard for ya!”

Of course, I’m aware that I’m being a hypocrite here. But I just can’t leave this pair of siblings alone after seeing how hard they had it. It was just giving them a nice room and meals every day. It’s nothing much. Teo’s been a great help as a city guide anyway.

After finishing our meals, I parted ways with Teo and Ella. Okay then. Let’s go for some Imperial Arts practice. I hope Selena and Sharon go easy on me a bit though…

For a while, I spent my days helping out with the manufacturing of the distiller, preparing for alcohol brewing, making magic tools, purchasing things to use for our new Home, and participating in the girl’s practice sessions. It was pretty hectic.

I only helped out with making the distiller as an advisor though. Even though there were detailed blueprints, making something like it for the first time still posed some difficulties for the blacksmiths after all. I was called in to give some technical advice from time to time.

Additionally, we ordered some wooden barrels and other supplies and equipment for alcohol brewing as well. We also secured a place to store them during the fermentation process.

The production of the magic tools I designed went without a hitch, and I had them brought to our Home straight away. Aside from that, with Karina-san’s assistance, I purchased a large number of items such as tableware, kitchen utensils, and cleaning tools for our new Home.

And so, today, we were finally going to formally move to our new Home.

After having breakfast, we checked out of the inn and prepared our carriage for departure. When we started heading for our new Home, we found Teo and Ella waiting for us outside the inn. They’ve been visiting us practically every day ever since my last encounter with them. They probably just want to get treated to a meal. It was a bit sly of Teo, but he’s only doing his best as Ella’s big brother, so it’s fine.

“Good morning big bro and big sisters!”

“Yeah, morning, you two. We’ll finally be moving to our Clan’s Home today. You guys will start working for us today as well.”

“I got ya, bro. We’ve been waiting for today as well.”

We let Teo and Ella aboard and left the Spring Breeze inn.

It took us fifteen minutes to arrive at our destination, and we found Karina-san already waiting for us.



  1. I thought those siblings lived in the slums? A slum inhabitant with new second-hand clothes screamed money… I’m surprised they didn’t get mugged.

  2. Since the author mentioned the orphaned siblings so many times, it was to be expected. They should also try to push the kids to learn, at least reading writing and a little math.
    Thanks for the update! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Sending money is that costly? I mean a decent meal cost only 10. Very unbalance.

    • Well this is medieval time so sending money is actually transporting them in person or with horse/carriage. Including the danger of bandits and hiring guards, that’s the fee.

  4. [Of course, I’m aware that I’m being a hypocrite here.]
    meh, help when you can, and if you want, can’t be a savior when there aren’t any means to do it.

  5. Take 2 kids, if he give to them a imperial military education, 2 capable oficer could be raised xD

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