Chapter 6: Cleria (Part 2)


Translator: SFBaka

Fu~u. I’m beat. I’m starving as well. I don’t think I can get up anymore. I kept running around all over the place and even ended up doing some civil engineering work.

I thought about butchering and having one of the horses for dinner earlier, but now’s not the time to be concerned about something like that. A~ah. But I really wanted to try some horse meat.

I finished the burial and brought the girl back on top of the blanket.

While I was preoccupied with thinking about how to invite her to have a meal, she gazed at me looking all serious and sat straight up afterward. She began talking. A solemn aura radiated from her as she spouted long, formal sounding lines.

When she finished speaking and closed her eyes, her body suddenly glowed!

(What IS that!?)

[Unknown. The moment she closed her eyes, we detected an unidentified energy fluctuation for about a second.]

(But what the heck is it?)


I was surprised that even Nanom couldn’t identify that phenomenon. Guess I’ll just have to ask her directly after I gain the ability to communicate properly.

Oh well. Let’s get to eating! Bet she’s starving too.

I took out a pet bottle and two portions of emergency rations. I checked out the labels first. I think girls like sweet things more, so this one seems good. The emergency rations came in two flavors: sweet and salty. I broke quite a sweat earlier, so salty’s my pick.

I poured water into a makeshift cup and handed it to her. She chugged it away with tremendous momentum. I took the cup from her and refilled it. This time, she just took small sips. She seems to be examining the cup intently.

I also took a big swig out of my own cup since I was hella thirsty. I have to procure some water nearby soon.

Well then, let’s have some food next. I gave her the emergency ration. She gave a curious look at the ration but didn’t do anything else.

Well duh. Must because I’m dead tired. I took back the ration, tore open the packaging and handed it back to her. After gazing at it for a few moments, she took a small bite.

Afterward, she shoved the rest of it down like there was no tomorrow. Guess she hasn’t eaten anything this tasty before. Poor thing. She seemed the youngest among her late comrades, so she was probably worked hard by the rest of the group.

I also started eating. This thing’s tasty alright, but it felt lacking somehow.

I’m exhausted.

Rather, it’s quite the mystery that a person who just had her limbs torn from her would be this vigorous in the first place. This man was surely a distinguished user of healing magic.

It seemed he was quite surprised when I invoked the name of the Goddess earlier. But since he couldn’t understand my words, his reaction was understandable.

I’m sure he’s curious about the contents of the oath I swore under the purview of the Goddess.

It was rare for most people to witness someone swearing an oath to the Goddess after all. Because of my position, I’ve had several opportunities to witness such a sight already. But people not belonging to nobility might find such a thing unusual.

Afterward, the man took out that crystal clear glass bottle from earlier. He also took out a similarly clear glass cup and poured water into it. He then handed it over to me. I was utterly parched, so I drank away with abandon. When I finished it, he refilled the cup right away.

When I calmed down somewhat, I noticed just how strange this crystal clear glass-like vessel was. It was quite thin, and after I finished drinking its contents, it was so light that I felt like I wasn’t holding onto anything at all.

And its surface was perfectly even, considering its complex make. Just how much gold would someone pay in order to obtain something this exquisite?

While I was preoccupied with my thoughts, the man handed over the silvery box next. How curious. Judging from its weight, it doesn’t seem to be made out of metal. I cannot fathom its make at all.

After seeing that I was hesitant, the man prompted me to hand it back. He peeled away the metallic surface as though performing a trick; exposing the contents within. He then gave it back to me.

I was utterly amazed by what I witnessed once more. The thing I thought to be a metallic box was, in truth, something wrapped in an extremely thin metallic sheet. The metallic sheet was peeled away so easily.

The man gestured for me to eat it. This was food!? When I tried to bring it near my mouth, an enticing fragrance wafted out from it.

I bit off a small piece near the corner. Sweet! Was this a type of dessert? It had a mellow sweetness and moist texture. I ended up practically devouring it.

Fu~u, I’ve eaten all of it up already. This was the first time I’ve had such a delectable dessert.

The man had also finished eating his portion, pointed towards himself, and uttered “Alan”. He paused a little and continued. “Alan Corinth.”

Was he saying his own name? Speaking of which, I haven’t introduced myself properly either, haven’t I?

I tried and pointed towards him while saying “Alan”. I paused for a moment as well and finished by saying “Alan Corinth.” The man nodded happily.

I should introduce myself as well. I pointed at my person and said “Cleria”. I paused once more and gave my full name soon after. “Cleria Starvine.”

The man pointed back towards me and said “Cleria. Cleria Starvine.” He repeatedly said my name several times. He seemed to be practicing.

While he was preoccupied with saying my name, I focused on the man’s expression. Even after hearing the surname Starvine, this man didn’t show any particular reaction. As I thought, this man… no, Alan Corinth didn’t seem to be a local from anywhere in the surrounding areas.

But even so, was he actually a noble? I find it hard to imagine that items such as those glass containers and that delicious dessert were possessed by a mere commoner.

I was quite familiar with all of the main noble houses of this kingdom, and of the neighboring kingdoms as well. But I have never heard of a noble house called Corinth.

The moment I felt full, a sudden bout of sleepiness overcame me. It might be due to my being relieved because Alan Corinth may possibly be of noble station.

I was glad that my attempt for a self-introduction went quite well. The name Cleria Starvine kinda sounds pretty cool huh.

I wonder what her profession was? Maybe she’s some kind of soldier because she’s armed with a sword and wore some armor.

She’s of the same trade as me then. We may get to understand each other better because we shared some things in common.

There were still a lot of things I wanted to ask, but Cleria seemed pretty sleepy already. She gestured as much, softly uttered some words and plopped herself right down on the blanket. As for me, I was dead tired, but the night was still young and there was something I really needed to finish no matter what.

(We have an emergency! We’ll have to produce some prosthetics for Cleria by morning.)

No, we might not even have until morning.

[What level of prosthesis do you require?]

(Basic ones would do. They don’t have to be for regular use. But I want them to be able to allow her to walk for at least several minutes at a time. But I don’t want something unstable or breaks down quickly. You can use only the materials available to us here. Start designing them immediately.)

[Please scan all the available materials.]

While I was doing as requested, I recalled the shocking truth I just managed to realize earlier.

Cleria just drank a lot of water.

She’d probably have to ‘relieve’ herself later.

She couldn’t walk.

I don’t think a girl lacking a foot and an arm would be able to go about her ‘business’ all that well.

That means… I’d have to help her out.

A frightening future potentially awaited me! I must somehow avoid this tragedy-in-the-making!

My battle has just begun.



  1. Oh maybe MC got stranded in parallel universe haha

    • I’m more inclined to believe this sector of the universe had simply been unexplored by the Galactic Empire before this. After all, their spaceship was on an exploration mission, meaning there’d have been no point if they went to an already explored sector of the universe. What I found hard to believe was the fact that they hadn’t found a magical civilization before this. I’d think the nanobots would’ve been able to deduce the “light” was either magic or ESP, if anything similar ever occurred in any of the civilizations within the Galactic Empire. I’m also more inclined to believe the attack, that Iris claimed to have come from 4 different directions, to have come from powerful magic-wielding figure(s) from this planet. Perhaps, the figure(s) this planet’s humanity refer to as Gods/Goddesses, assuming the Goddess mentioned so far is only one of them. But the fact that the spaceship was left as is, orbiting the planet, came out to be a pretty odd situation to me. Like, why? Lack of power to entirely destroy the remaining wrecks, or simply assumed there were no survivors? Definitely worth a Mystery tag if not explained soon.

  2. > She seemed the youngest among her late comrades, so she was probably worked hard by the rest of the group.

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