Chapter 62 – Clan Founding 2 Part 1


Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

“Can I have a little of your time, Dame Norian?”

The meeting in the dining hall had finally concluded. I was about to return to my and Cleria-sama’s room when Captain Dalshim suddenly called out to me.

“What is it, Captain?”

“Can we talk for a short while?”

“It’s been quite some time since you’ve reunited with your comrades, Elna. You should talk to them more. I will be returning to our room first.”

I found Dame Sasha, another one of my comrades from the Royal Guard, standing by in the corner of the room. It seems she will take over my duties in watching over Cleria-sama for the night. Sasha nodded slightly in response to my gaze.

“…I understand.”

Before I knew it, in addition to Captain Dalshim, Sir Walter and the rest of the knights chosen to be party leaders of their respective squads gathered around me as well. I wonder what they want to discuss with me.

“What is it you want to discuss, everyone?”

“It’s fine. You don’t have to be so tense. It’s nothing much, really. We would just like to ask you a few things since you’ve been with Ria-sama and Alan-sama for quite some time.”

I see. It was inevitable that some doubts will arise when acting with Alan and the rest for the first time after all.


“The first thing we want to ask is about that scanning magic Alan-sama, Sharon-dono, and Selena-dono use. Just what kind of magic spell is it?”

I told them about the principles behind scanning magic and its maximum range that I’ve heard from Alan a while back.

“Unbelievable! To think that kind of thing was actually possible!? No, I have no choice but to believe after seeing it in action for myself, but it is still quite amazing that not only Alan-sama, but even Sharon and Selena-dono are able to cast such a spell…”

“Alan, Sharon, and Selena are all part of the military in their homeland. It is probably a secret technique that is taught only to soldiers like them.”

“The military that Alan-sama was part of should probably possess terrifying might. I would never want to face such an army in battle. No. Since Alan-sama is a general of such an army, there is probably no need for such worries.”

I had no choice but to agree with the opinion of Captain Dalshim. We will certainly be no match for an army equipped with magical artifacts such as rifles and bladeknives.

“However, I am appalled that you are addressing Alan-sama, who will be Ria-sama’s spouse in the future, without honorifics, Dame Norian.”

The one who chided me was Sir Derry, who was one of the longest-serving Royal Guard members.

“That’s not it, Sir Derry. It was Alan-sama who permitted Dame Norian to address him as such. Alan-sama is a very friendly person. Though it won’t be advisable once we’ve founded our country, we should still strive to gain such a level of trust and rapport with Alan-sama as well.”


“I understand that Alan-sama is a very accomplished mage, but what about his sword skills? We were able to cross swords with him back in Gotania, but I was unable to get a firm grasp because it was over in practically an instant.”

“Alan is a master of Corinth-style swordsmanship. As for his skills, I can only describe them as transcendental.”

“I believe ‘Corinth’ is Alan-sama’s family name. I see. He is from a family that has developed their own style of swordsmanship. However, Dame Norian. We still won’t have a good grasp of his skill if you just describe it as ‘transcendental’.”

“In truth, I was fortunately able to witness Alan’s secret technique just for one instance.”

“”Secret technique!?””

“So you have already earned Alan-sama’s trust to such an extent, Dame Norian…”

“How was it? How strong was his secret sword technique?”

“It was absolutely overwhelming. I do not believe a person exists in this world who can withstand such a sword technique. I will dare say that he is able to take on the current sword saint and sword king at the same time.”

“What!? The Sword Saint and the Sword King at the same time, you say!? I cannot even imagine what such a clash would be like… I see. So it is just that overwhelming…”

“Recently, Alan and the others have been teaching me and Ria-sama about the basics of Corinth-style.”

“My word! To think Alan-sama is even willing to do such a thing. If that’s the case, then we would also like to learn it if possible.”

“If it’s just the basics, I and Ria-sama can also teach you. Ria-sama has truly become quite strong. I’m sure none of those present here will be able to win against her easily. No, we might even lose to her if we’re not careful enough.”

“……Dame Norian. Are you truly saying such a thing? Will we really lose to Ria-sama in swordsmanship?”

“Even I have lost to her after all. It was only one match out of ten, but it was still quite splendid.”

“Ooh! How heartening! So she has already become so strong! She has grown so much in such a short period of time… She must have trained really, really hard in order to achieve her present strength… As expected of our lord. We will also train harder from now on! There is no point to Royal Guards who are weaker than their lord after all.”


One of the reasons Ria-sama has become strong is because Corinth-style swordsmanship suits her quite well. To achieve similar results through practicing Divine Sword-style would probably prove difficult.

“By the way, I’ve heard that Sharon-dono and Selena-dono are actually better than Alan-sama when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Is that really true?”

“Yes, there is no doubt. Alan and the others call the martial art they practice the Imperial Arts, which is a bit similar to the martial art we are familiar with, but also quite different. The difference in ability between Alan, Sharon, and Selena is actually not that large, but Alan has yet to win against the two of them in sparring matches until now.”

“Do they spar regularly?”

“Yes. Ria-sama, Alan, and I are all taking lessons from them recently. However, I am still treated as nothing but a child when it comes to hand to hand martial skill.”

“So Ria-sama is also learning from them as well. However, to think that a seasoned member of the Royal Guards like you is treated as if you were a child… Just what in the Goddess’s name is the army Alan-sama was affiliated with…?”

“No, it seems that those two are especially exemplary, even in their military. Alan told me that Sharon and Selena are daughters of an exalted hero of their country.”

“”A hero!?””

“Yes. He told me that the hero was revered for standing her ground against thousands of foes as she protected the citizens of their country. It may sound unbelievable, but she was said to have defeated more than half of them during the struggle and let them accompany her to the grave. It really seems that Alan holds a great amount of respect and admiration for that hero.”

“Thousands… And all by herself even… What a hero indeed! It does sound unbelievable, but it is someone even the blessed Alan-sama respects. Thus, it is most likely true… Children of great heroes may not necessarily become great heroes themselves, however, those two are certainly far from ordinary… Now I understand why Alan-sama dotes on them so much.”

“I’ve heard from some of the men that the leadership and skills displayed by Sharon and Selena-dono during the bandit subjugation were truly exemplary. It seems people possessing the blood of a great hero are truly of a different caliber.”

“Perhaps. Ah, it is truly a blessing for us to have encountered such people! It seems that the heavens are helping us in our cause.”

We all agreed with what Captain Dalshim said. However, I believe it’s mostly due to Cleria-sama’s great luck and virtue that we were able to meet them. As expected of my lord, Cleria-sama! There is no doubt that Goddess Ruminas is watching over her.

Everyone’s interest in Alan and the others was seemingly endless, and our discussions continued deep into the night.

When I went to the bathroom to take a morning bath, I saw that people were already present inside even though it was just at the crack of dawn.

When I asked them why they were up so early, it seems they want to register as official adventurers at the Adventurer’s Guild as soon as possible. It looks like ten people from the late earl’s army have not registered themselves as official adventurers yet. Maybe they didn’t have a guild branch at the place they fled to.

Selena and Sharon were also able to learn healing magic smoothly last night. Well, with the quality of that instructional video, it’s not unexpected at all.

I also sent them bruise and fracture versions of the video afterward, so Selena and Sharon should be able to handle most injuries from now on.

Man. I should have made such videos from the start if I knew they were this effective.

Captain Dalshim already handed me a list of the party leaders and their members. I wouldn’t be able to remember them all on my own, so I had Nanom record the list in my personal database.

(Nanom, please display their names on top of their heads whenever a Clan member comes into view. Oh, and please color code each party as well. Display the font of the leader’s name in bold letters.)


With this, I’ll be able to easily remember the names and faces of each of the Clan members.



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      Add in the periodic admission of entirely new human civilizations and there should be a number of ways to avoid stagnation and overreliance.

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      And the current system of testing is useless, where memorization is half the battle. If the goal is to create thoughtful and creative people who can advance society, tests should encourage and reward that behaviour, not memorization.

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