Chapter 67 – Subjugation Request side Cleria

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–One day prior–

After dinner, Alan gathered us inside the Clan leader’s office for a meeting. It was most likely going to be about what transpired during the Clan gathering this afternoon.

“Recently, it seems there have been rumors of strange happenings within the depths of the Great Demon Forest. The Adventurer’s Guild is worried these incidents might be precursors to a stampede.”

“A stampede!?”

Stampede… I think the last time something like that happened in the Starveek Kingdom was a century ago. Thousands of monsters went amok and attacked villages and cities, causing casualties of more than a thousand five hundred people.

If a stampede occurs in Gantz, which was close to the Great Demon Forest, I’m sure the damage will be more than several times worse.

“But this still hasn’t been confirmed. Or rather, according to the information I received, the danger of a monster stampede occurring is actually quite low.”

Ah, well, if Alan says so, then a stampede may not really occur after all. However, can scanning magic detect something like that? No, if Alan says he managed to get a hold of information from his personal source, I’m sure he must have been referring to the spirits.

It seems that a request was put forth by the Adventurer’s Guild. It entailed culling the monster numbers in areas assigned to each Clan. The risk of a stampede is quite low, but I think we should still do what we can as well.

“Understood. Shall we split into the A and B Teams this time as well?”

“No. Having fifty or so people hunting monsters together is too inefficient, don’t you think? I plan to divide the Clan into five teams composed of two squads each. The leaders for each team will be me, Sharon, Selena, Elna, and Cleria.”

After Alan declared his plan, everyone’s gazes gathered toward me. I could not believe my ears either. Alan said each party member of Shining Star will lead a team. I was going to lead a team as well?

It was but natural for Sharon and Selena to lead. In addition to their mastery of scanning magic, their offensive magic skills, and precise, decisive orders impressed me while acting under them on the A Team.

Their skills in swordplay and magic already exceed mine. To be honest, I felt quite frustrated, but I’ve witnessed the two of them working really hard, so I couldn’t complain even if I wanted to. It just meant that I’m still lacking in talent and effort.

Elma has also led a squad before when she was still part of the Royal Guard, and she was the best wind magic user in the Guard as well. I think she’s quite suitable as a team leader.

However, I never thought Alan would judge that I was fit to lead a team as well!

I think Alan places importance on one’s ability above anything else. This is clear from the fact that Sharon and Selena were appointed as the leader and vice-leader of A Team. And that Alan has just said I would be leading a team as well.

The moment I understood that I couldn’t help but well with pride. Ah, Alan has really acknowledged me!

I will absolutely fulfill my role well!

After the meeting, we decided to continue discussing the monsters present within the Great Demon Forest with the sub-leaders in the dining hall. It seems they wanted a clearer picture of the overall situation of the Great Demon Forest near Gantz.

“The most common monsters within the Great Demon Forest are Gray Hounds. Next would be Goblins, and probably Orcs. Also, monsters called Kobolds are present as well, although their numbers are fewer than the rest.”

“If I remember correctly, aren’t Kobolds monsters who are like Goblins with dog heads?”

“That’s right. However, we’ve only managed to encounter them once. They were just slightly stronger than Goblins, so I think you don’t have to worry about them too much.”

Sharon explained things about the Great Demon Forest to everyone. The monsters in the areas near Gantz didn’t have much variety. But I did hear from the guild that the deeper you went, the more variety of monsters you would encounter.

“But the important thing to note is that the deeper you go, the greater the number of monsters you would encounter. The maximum number of monsters the four of us managed to encounter while training was 26 Gray Hounds.”

“By the Goddess! You managed to fight off that many Gray Hounds with just the four of you?”

“Yes. It would have been worse if they attacked all at once, but they attacked haphazardly so we managed to eliminate them.”

“I see… As expected of our Clan’s main party.”

Ah, we really were put in a bit of a tight spot during that one time. What should I do if we encounter something similar in the subjugation operation tomorrow? No, I will get through it somehow. Most adventurers manage to handle such situations anyway, so there’s no reason we won’t be able to do so as well.

After exchanging some more information, the meeting was adjourned. I decided to call out to Selena and Sharon while we were heading for our rooms.

“Selena, Sharon, do you have a moment?”

“What is it, Cleria?”

“Um… It’s my first time to lead a team on my own like this, so I was wondering if you can give me some pointers…”

“…I don’t think you have to worry too much. As long as you act the same as always, you’d be just fine, Cleria.”

“I think so as well. And also, our Clan members are all pretty experienced veterans, so they actually don’t need to be commanded by us to do well. I also think you would be just fine if you act like usual, Cleria-san.”

“Act like the usual me?”

“You don’t panic no matter what danger you’re subjected to, right? You always finish off the most dangerous-looking monster before the rest of us make a move after all… So I really think you’ll be fine!”

Really? I really have such a tendency? I didn’t even notice… I’m glad I asked for advice! I feel like I can really do this now.

“Thank you! I think I’ll be fine now.”

“Yes, you’ll be just fine. And even if you encounter a monster you can’t handle on your own Cleria, we’ll be sure to rush to your aid.”

Ah, I really managed to meet such wonderful comrades…

“I will be counting on you then. Thank you, Selena, Sharon.”

I went up to the fourth floor together with them until we entered our respective rooms. Come to think of it, Elna didn’t say anything about me becoming a team leader as well.

“Elna, do you think I’ll do well as a team leader?”

“Of course you will, Ria-sama. I am also not worried just like Selena and Sharon. I do find it a little unfortunate that I won’t be able to accompany you like usual though.”

“I see… Let’s sleep early tonight and have a good rest then.”

My confidence has been built up thanks to everyone. I’ll do my very best tomorrow!

The next day, everyone departed from the Clan Home together. We walked all the way to the area assigned to our Clan. After two hours of walking, we finally reached the assigned area.

“Yosh. Separate into your respective teams as planned and begin the operation. When it’s time to return, I, Selena, and Sharon’s teams will make sure to regroup up with Cleria and Elna’s teams, so we’ll go back to Gantz together.”

Finally! Alan told us a general direction of where we should head to and departed. Ah, to think not having scanning magic at our disposal would make me feel so uneasy… I once again realized how amazing scanning magic was.

Would it be better if I sent some scouts ahead first? No, the speed of Gray Hounds when they rush in to attack is considerable. When the scouts get attacked, there is no guarantee we would make it in time to assist them.

My role right now is not to hunt lots of monsters but to make sure that I bring back all my men alive and well.

“Ria-sama, how about sending some men out for scouting first?” Captain Dalshim suggested.

“No, let’s not do so. Rather than that, is there a method we can use to lure monsters toward us? Like a loud sound, perhaps.”

Alan said that monsters would generally always opt for an attack once they notice the presence of others in their territory. Since we don’t know the positions of the monsters in the area, it would be more efficient to have the monsters come to us instead.

We did bring a bell with us, I think. So I decided to ring that as we traversed the forest.

After walking for about twenty minutes, a Gray Hound suddenly jumped out of the bushes. No, there seems to be more rushing behind it.

“Defensive circle!”

When Dalshim bellowed his command, everyone formed a defensive circle formation and surrounded me. Some of the men slashed at the Gray Hounds that jumped in to attack and killed them. There were still three Gray Hounds left.

I had already finished preparations for casting attack magic, but everyone was blocking my line of sight. I could barely see the Gray Hounds through the gaps between my men, but can I really hit them by sending my spell over everyone’s heads?

There’s no choice but to do it! I cast a single Flame Arrow by imagining myself pulling a bowstring and sending out a projectile in an arc.

The Flame Arrow spells flew in an arc and went past Captain Dalshim’s head. It then successfully bored through a Gray Hound’s head.

I hit it! I fired two more Flame Arrow spells and finished off the remaining two Gray Hounds.



This was a technique I recently became able to perform. I prepared enough magic power for three shots in advance and consumed each shot one by one. Alan, Sharon, and Selena could all do it. I finally learned to do it myself.

“That was splendid, Ria-sama!”

“Dalshim, let us quickly collect the magic stones from the corpses and move on. And also, I think there’s no need to form a defensive formation around me as well…”

“Forgive me for being presumptuous, but you are the main commander and core of our team, Ria-sama. Forming a defensive circle around you in order to protect you is only natural.”

…It might really be so. I’ve also learned the importance of protecting the commander while in battle, and I am also the one most adept in magic among the team. Alright then. Let us go with this arrangement for the time being.

After we finished collecting the magic stones from the Gray Hound corpses, we continued on.

There’s still quite some time until we come back, so I better conserve my magic power first. Ah, I wish I could replenish magic power through magic stones like Alan and the others… I will definitely learn that technique in the future.

After an hour of walking, we encountered a group of five Goblins. They suddenly appeared from the bushes, and when they saw us, they immediately turned around and attempted to run. The three team members nearest to them chased them down and finished them all off.

That’s quite strange. The Goblins living in this forest were an extremely cautious bunch. It was my first time witnessing them suddenly popping out without warning like that.

“Be careful everyone! The Goblins might have been chased out by something else!”

The men started forming a defensive circle immediately, and those who could use magic all gathered together in the center of the formation. Most of the members of my team can use magic.

Ten seconds after forming the defensive circle, Orcs appeared in front of us while making a racket. There are multiple monsters!? There seem to be five of them.

This is bad. Everyone isn’t ready to cast their spells yet. They should need about ten seconds more. I will keep the monsters at bay until they’re ready!

I slammed a Flame Arrow inside the mouth of the first Orc to discover us as it opened its mouth to roar. I then launched another Flame Arrow at the brows of the other Orc who saw what happened to the one in the lead and rushed in.

“Wind Cutter!”

“Flame Arrow!”

Magic spells were launched out one after another after the ones who finished their preparations immediately cast them out. The remaining three Orcs got struck by magic consecutively and collapsed on the spot.

Fuu, we were able to manage somehow. It might have also been possible to fight them with swords or spears, but since defeating them with magic was safer, there’s no reason not to choose that option.

“As expected of Ria-sama. To think you’ll be able to predict the appearance of the Orcs…”

“The state of those Goblins was strange after all. The Goblins within this forest are especially cautious, so there was no way they would suddenly rush out like that for no reason.”

“I see… This is my first time hearing of such vigilant Goblins, but I guess that’s just how it is within the Great Demon Forest. Even the Goblins are cautious in order to survive here.”

We then collected the magic stones and proceeded further. As expected, without scanning magic, our hunting efficiency was comparably poorer since it wasn’t as easy to encounter monsters.

We continued hunting after having lunch, but we only managed to hunt down two more groups of Gray Hounds afterward. One group had six while the other had four.

As Alan said, there doesn’t seem to be any indications of a stampede. I felt that our encounters were too few.

We continued on with our search for some time until I heard a voice calling out to me from a distance.

“Hey, Ria! It’s me, Alan!”

It’s Alan! I guess it’s about time to return to Gantz. Alan was as prompt as always. I first thought he carried a magic tool for telling time with him, but it looks like he didn’t. The spirits might be the ones telling him the time.

“Nice work, Ria. How was it?”

“There weren’t a lot of monsters after all. It was definitely harder to hunt without scanning magic…”

“No, we also didn’t encounter a lot of monsters as well. It looks like the area assigned to our Clan has fewer monsters lurking in it.”

When I asked Alan how many monsters they managed to hunt, we still came up short, but the difference wasn’t as much as I expected. That’s great.

“You didn’t encounter any problems, right?”

“Yes, we don’t have anyone injured. I feel like I’ve successfully managed to do my part.”

“No, it was more than that, Alan-sama. Ria-sama’s leadership was absolutely superb. She managed to care for and protect the ones under her command without sacrificing efficiency. I dare to say even Alan-sama would find it difficult to emulate her accomplishment.”

“Oh, so she did really great, huh! That’s quite impressive, Ria.”

I couldn’t help but smile in delight after hearing Alan praise me like that. But Dalshim sure was exaggerating my accomplishment.

The other members of my team praised my actions as well.

“I see. That’s really impressive for your first time in command, Ria. Well, I expected as much though.”

Mou, I’m already at my limit. My smile widened into a silly grin.

After regrouping with Alan’s team, we met up with Selena, Sharon, and Elna’s team as well.

Without me noticing, I was already rushing toward Selena and Sharon.

“Selena, Sharon! I managed to serve as the team leader without any problems!”

The two of them had surprised expressions on their faces.

“Well, isn’t that just a given? You’re probably the only one who thought you wouldn’t be able to do a good job, Cleria.”

Eh? Really!? I didn’t think everyone held such trust in my abilities!

Today was the day I’ve felt most proud of myself in my entire life to date.


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