Chapter 68 – Dragon 1 Part 2


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Editor: Thor’s Stone

At exactly 7 in the morning, the A and B Teams departed from the Clan Home together. The A Team needed to bring a carriage and horses, so they were in the lead.

Meanwhile, we from the B Team were walking on foot. Our target Orc settlement was located twenty kilometers away from Gantz, so we should be able to go back within the day.

We traversed the sea of trees and managed to arrive near the Orc settlement before noon. Along the way, we were attacked by Gray Hounds a total of two times. We faced a total of ten Gray Hounds, but we managed to dispatch them easily. The monster numbers have really thinned out, as expected. It looks like we successfully culled a sufficient number of Gray Hounds within the forest.

I gathered everyone and explained my plan.

“The Orc settlement is located five hundred meters from here. There’s a total of 55 Orcs residing in it. The settlement is shaped like this.”

I drew a simple diagram of the Orc settlement on the ground and indicated the positions of the Orcs within it.

“First, we’ll try to go unnoticed as much as possible and thin their numbers via magic spells. It won’t be much of a problem even if we were to be discovered, but in order to make the battle as easy as possible, try to avoid notice while picking them off as much as you can. If we get noticed and it turns into a melee, don’t panic and form up as a party.”

Everyone nodded with nervous looks on their faces. Come to think of it, this was the first time the B Team faced enemy numbers comparable to their own.

“Orcs aren’t really all that much of a big deal. I can actually dispatch them all by myself. So relax guys.”

I joked around and made a wry grin.

“Yosh, let’s go.”

We silently moved in a column and slowly approached the Orc settlement.

We didn’t manage to encounter any Orcs along the way, and after traversing five hundred meters in forty minutes or so, we finally made it right next to the Orc settlement. It looks like they haven’t noticed us yet.

The settlement was formed by open-air tents that used wide plant leaves as roofing arranged in a wide circle 150 meters in diameter surrounding an open clearing in the center. Most of the Orcs were sleeping around below the tents.

I used hand signs to get the rest of the party into position. This time, after hearing that we were going Orc hunting, a lot of the men brought bows and arrows with them. First, let’s attack from outside the village using magic and arrows.

When everyone was in position, I swung my arm down to initiate the attack. As expected, when more than fifty people launch a simultaneous attack, it would make quite a racket. We were immediately noticed, but the Orcs seem to not understand what was going on yet.

The simultaneous barrage managed to take down at least twenty Orcs. That’s a good start.

“Charge in!”

After shouting my order, I led the charge toward the settlement. The Orcs finally realized they were under attack, and they charged at us as well. I launched Light Arrow spells at the heads of the incoming Orcs and killed them one after another.

Oh, so arrow attacks were quite effective against the slow-moving Orcs huh? Lots of Orcs got skewered by arrows all over their bodies and fell dead.

After a few more moments, a load bellow rang out from within the settlement. It looks like a General Orc was coming. So there really was one.

“I’ll handle the General Orc!”

It would be bad if its valuable head got damaged in the process. Let’s focus on hitting it in the body like last time. This General Orc was smaller than the last one I encountered, but it was still easily close to three meters tall. It held something like a big club as its weapon and stomped over with confidence. I hit it with consecutive Light Arrow spells before it could come near. After getting hit a fourth time, the General Orc slowly fell down on the ground. It was finally dead.

“Oh! Alan-sama has finished off the General Orc!”

The battle was all but decided at that moment, and all that’s left was mopping up the remaining stragglers. I killed the Orcs that tried to run away after seeing the General Orc get defeated with Light Arrow spells. Yosh. With this, it’s over.

“Yosh! Good job, everyone! Operation over.”


“We did it!”

“After a short break, start harvesting the magic stones and subjugation proofs.”

“That was an easy victory wasn’t it, Alan-sama.”

“Yeah. With our numbers and everyone’s skills, winning is all but natural.”

I turned the fallen General Orc over and used Final Blade to lop its head clean off. I want to drain the blood properly before bringing it back.

Man, that sure is one ugly mug. Since it was this atrocious-looking, I’m sure it’ll fetch a pretty good price.

After taking a light break, everyone proceeded to collect the magic stones and subjugation proofs from the fallen monsters. It’s already two in the afternoon. We’ll have to hurry back before it gets dark.

“Yosh, let’s get back to Gantz!”


At that moment, a transmission came from Iris.

『Captain, the dragon seems to be heading for the forest.』


I opened the virtual map in a panic and confirmed the dragon’s current position and speed. I see… It’s certainly flying in the general vicinity, but it’s not like it was heading in our particular direction.

(It isn’t aiming for us, is it?)

『I think that’s not the case, but you should still exercise caution, Captain.』

“Um, Alan-sama?”

Ah, since I paused without moving for a long time, Walter found it odd and called out to me.

“There’s some bad news. A dragon is heading here.”

“A dragon!?”

“That’s right. Let’s head back while being as cautious as possible.”

When everyone heard that a dragon was approaching when we left the Orc settlement, they anxiously gazed at the sky from time to time.

After traveling for thirty minutes or so, another transmission from Iris came.

『The situation isn’t good. Please look at this.』

We’re in the middle of a march though… I raised my hand and stopped the group. Everyone stopped in their tracks and watched the sky with wary eyes.

I checked the video displayed on the virtual HUD and found that it was a recording of the dragon while it was hunting for prey. Yes, it was a recording and not a live feed.

The dragon was circling in the air in search of prey. It found its mark and dove down at high speed. It plunged into the trees and killed a large Big Boar that looked to be 500 kilos in weight.

『After a short while, a group of adventurers appeared.』

Ah, well that’s not good.

I zoomed at the image of the ten-plus adventurers. The adventurers were scared out of their wits, but in their panic, they stupidly tried to attack the dragon to chase it away.

How idiotic! They should have run away while it wasn’t paying attention. Just how did they plan to defeat that monster anyway?

The adventurers circled around the dragon’s position, and two of them who seemed to be spell casters started chanting. Oh c’mon! Don’t these guys realize that monster won’t be fazed with just those kinds of spells? The result was as clear as day.

After the spells were ready, three other party members aimed at the back of the dragon’s head and fired arrows at it. The arrows were deflected by its scales of course, and the dragon turned toward them. It was obviously angry at being interrupted from having its meal.

And the two spell casters released their spells at that timing. Honestly, they timed their spells perfectly. The two cast Flame Arrow spells and six arrows of flame flew toward the dragon’s face and landed direct hits.

Ooh! One flaming arrow even managed to hit one of the dragon’s eyes. The dragon unleashed a furious roar.

It thrashed around all over the place for about twenty seconds, but it calmed down soon after. Perhaps the pain from the injury had subsided. It then stood up and glared angrily at the adventurers with its one remaining eye. It unleashed a furious roar once more. Ah, it’s just like I thought.

The adventurers got frightened by the dragon’s roar and tried to run away. They shouldn’t have run. Since they managed to blind one of its eyes, they should have had a chance of driving it away if they stood their ground.

The dragon took a deep breath, and after a few moments, it unleashed a blazing torrent of flames at the adventurers. The flames swallowed the adventurers completely. Haah…

Perhaps it was not satisfied after killing the adventurers. The dragon kept roaring in fury toward the sky.

When it seemingly got tired of bellowing its lungs out, it took off. It started flying in a circle; seemingly in search of something. I zoomed at the upper body of the dragon. As I thought, the dragon’s gaze was focused on the ground. It was definitely looking for something. I’m sure it was looking for more people to vent its anger on.

I checked the virtual map and confirmed that it was definitely closing in on our position. I see. This certainly is a bad situation. If the dragon spots us, I’m sure it’ll definitely launch an attack.

However, this might be a chance as well. You can even call it a one in a million chance. I heard from Cleria a while back that they awarded noble titles to adventurers who managed to slay a wyvern in the Starveek Kingdom. Then what if I managed to slay a dragon?

And that big, fat chance was currently coming over. There’s a point to facing it head-on even with the risks involved.

“Walter, the dragon really is heading our way. I’ll take another route and do something about it. You lead the B Team and head back to Gantz.”

“What are you saying!? If that’s the case, then please allow us to accompany you. If we pool our strengths together, even a dragon will be no match!”

“No. Against a dragon, everyone’s present strength is still lacking. If you stay behind, you’ll honestly just serve to hinder me. Please stay out of this one for now.”

“It can’t be! T-There must be something we can do!?”

“This is an order, Walter. If you were once part of the military, then I’m sure you understand what a command from your superior entails.”


“I think it won’t come to this, but in the off chance that I don’t manage to come back, obey the commands of Captain Selena. Captain Selena is the Vice-leader of the Clan, and if I don’t come back, she will lead you all in my stead.”


“Oh, and another thing. Hand me some of the Orc magic stones. Half of them should be enough.”

I received a jute bag containing the Orc magic stones. It should be enough with this much.

“The dragon is approaching from the east. Run west for about an hour, and then head north. You should be able to reach Gantz by then. I’ll leave everyone to you, Walter.”

“Understood. Alan-sama… Please don’t push yourself too much.”

“I understand. Just leave it to me.”

(Nanom, activate long-distance sprint mode.)


I turned east and started running.

Of course, if I made use of the drones I’d be able to easily bring down that dragon. However, I don’t have any intention of doing so.

If the dragon was a monster that mindlessly attacked humans like the Orcs or Gray Hounds, I would have done so without any hesitation.

However, that dragon was different. It didn’t attack humans for no reason. Even that earlier incident can probably be categorized as self-defense. If that dragon really has lost itself in rage and wants to attack humans, I want to stop it myself.

……No, is that really the reason? I ain’t such a principled and righteous person, right? Of course, I ain’t.

Would I find it unpleasant if I claim to have defeated it but actually used drones to bring it down? Maybe. I certainly don’t want to tell a lie like that. But, is that the only reason?

That dragon was arguably the strongest living creature I’ve encountered in this world.

Until now, I have never unleashed my magic at full strength even once. There wasn’t an opportunity to. But I did wish I’d get a chance to unleash it one day, just to find out how far I can go.

Ah, that’s right… I simply want to test my current strength against that dragon.

Yosh! Let’s do this!



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