Chapter 69 – Dragon 2 Part 1

Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

I felt uneasy.

I was familiar with this sensation.

It was the feeling of something intruding into my domain.

It has been quite a long time since anything had paid me a visit. The last time was when my mother was still alive.

But it’s only natural that no one comes to me. I have not a single friend nor acquaintance, nor do any of my clan still remain.

It might be an acquaintance of my mother.

This wouldn’t do. Since I have a guest, I have to showcase the greatest hospitality. And if it was an enemy, I will stake the pride of my clan and fight to the best of my abilities.

Alan-sama ended up separating from us and going alone.

“…As per Alan-sama’s orders, we will now be heading west. Assume a tight-nit battle formation.”

“Walter! You can’t really be saying we’ll just leave Alan-sama here and escape by ourselves!?”

“It’s an order. …What can the lot of us do against a dragon? We would just get in Alan-sama’s way. Alan-sama is probably planning to buy some time in order to allow us to escape. He is risking his life for our sakes, do you understand? I cannot possibly ignore his intent and force myself to stay only to become a hindrance to him.”


“More importantly, there are people in our Clan better suited to deal with a dragon, right? We will return to Gantz and get in contact with the A Team! Do not even think about whether or not we’ll be able to make it back in time! Listen here! Run back to Gantz as fast as possible! I’ll leave behind anyone who drags their feet. Put your lives at risk and run!”


As I was running toward the direction of the dragon’s location, a call from Iris came in.

『What do you think you’re doing, Captain?』

(I’m thinking of subjugating that dragon. That’s only if it doesn’t run and persists in attacking though. That dragon hasn’t attacked people until that incident earlier happened, so if it’s gained a taste for attacking humans, there’s no way we can leave it alone.)

『You can’t be saying you’ll try to subjugate it on your own, Captain?』

(That’s the plan. I’ll probably manage somehow.)

『Forgive me, but I do not think so. Your chance of winning is approximately below 70%』

(That’s actually higher than I expected! I can do this.)

『…Please tell me the reason why you insist on subjugating the dragon personally, Captain.』

(Of course, it’s for the goal of becoming a noble. That’s the main reason why we came to Gantz in the first place. Don’t you think I’ll be able to become one if I manage to subdue this dragon?)

『That would probably be the case. Those who are able to defeat dragons are exalted as Dragon Slayers and are afforded with great respect. Moreover, a Dragon Slayer hasn’t appeared on this continent for hundreds of years. Also, the scales, blood, and magic stone of a dragon are highly prized materials of considerable value. If you offer the defeated dragon to a country, you will probably gain even more standing.』

(I see! Yosh, I’m getting really pumped about this now.)

『There is no reason for you to fight it yourself, Captain. Let the drones handle it.』

(No, I’ll take care of it. I want to test out just how effective my magic spells are against a dragon.)

『You are actually willing to risk your life for such an illogical reason?』

Damn, I can’t really offer a good retort here.

(There’s still Selena and Sharon anyway. If I do kick the bucket, they’ll be able to carry on just fine. It won’t affect the overall plans much.)

Of course, I have absolutely no intention of dying though. But I just wanted to get back at Iris a little by saying something unreasonable.

『Of course, there will be problems. First, we already have very limited personnel, and you’re saying we’ll possibly incur a loss. That is unacceptable. And besides, the male-dominated hierarchy system is still prevalent on this planet. Since Selena would be both seen as a commoner and female, she will have significantly more troubles leading our forces.』

Chauvinism huh. I honestly didn’t think of that. Man, what a backward practice. Haa… It can’t be helped.

(I understand. At least give me a chance to get one good hit in. If I don’t manage to finish it off with that, you can let the drones take over.)


I checked the drone image feed and saw that the dragon was still circling around the area as if searching for something. If I keep going like this, I’ll be able to reach the dragon in about five minutes.

I ran to a spot that had sparser trees and had ample light shining through the canopy. Yosh, I had a good field of view here, and in case of an emergency, I can use that huge rock nearby as cover. Great. Let’s make this the spot for the decisive battle with the dragon.

(Nanom, please proceed to replenish my magic power through the magic stone in my hand whenever it runs out even without my prompt.)


If I choose to position myself here, I’ll definitely get spotted by the dragon before long. I was curious if that dragon will really proceed to attack humans or not. If it still possesses enough intelligence and self-control to ignore a human like me even after what happened to its eye, I’ll cancel my attack. If it turns out to be such a creature, then it should not be treated as a simple monster, but instead held in more respect.

At the rate the dragon was flying about, it’ll probably spot me in another minute.

『Captain, it looks like another dragon has appeared.』

Damn. What rotten timing.

(Just where did it appear from?)

『The newly arrived dragon is probably a native of this forest. It is heading in your direction with great speed. It would probably arrive there in three minutes.』

I checked the map displayed on the virtual HUD and confirmed that the new dragon was certainly approaching my location at a considerable pace. It’s definitely planning to join up with the first dragon.

I’m sure the dragon mentioned by Kevin-san days ago was this particular dragon. It completely slipped my mind. However, let’s focus on the other dragon first.

Ah, it looks like I’ve been found by the one-eyed dragon already. According to the map icon, it was heading straight for me.

A few seconds later, I finally saw it with my own eyes. It was coming toward my position while flying about 40 meters above the ground. I had my vision zoom in and confirmed the appearance of the dragon. It really was huge. It was now only 150 meters away from my position.

After unleashing a loud roar, it positioned its head above, as if it was taking a deep breath, and a fireball was spewed from its jaws. It can actually hit me with that magic at this distance!?

No, it wasn’t just an ordinary fireball. The amount of magic power detected by the magic sensor is more than ten times that of a normal Fire Ball spell. It’s similar to my Fire Grenade!

I fired my own Fire Grenade spell to counter the speeding fireball and sprinted behind the rock I was eyeing earlier.

A deafening sound accompanied the shockwaves resulting from the explosion. I was able to barely make it behind the rock to shelter myself from the blast. Damn. I was late in identifying that last attack as a grenade.


(I’m fine! But that’s amazing! To think a dragon has the ability to spew magic flames similar to my Fire Grenade spell!)

I searched for the dragon’s position as I continued to crouch behind the rock. There! This time, it’s my turn. I took out two Orc magic stones and gripped them tightly in order to replenish my magic power. I aimed eight Fire Grenade spells pumped with plenty of magic power at the dragon and fired them in rapid succession. I don’t care if you’re a dragon. If you eat at least one of those, even you wouldn’t be left unscathed!

The dragon spotted the Fire Grenades and hurriedly performed some evasive maneuvers. It was as if the dragon was aware that the spells coming for it were explosive grenades.

Did it really notice? Don’t tell me a dragon has the ability to perceive magic power as well!?

Hou! So it can fly at such speeds in the face of danger huh. My special Homing Grenade spells chased after the flying dragon, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to catch up. All eight grenades exploded about thirty meters away from the dragon’s back. The power of the explosions was quite substantial, but it doesn’t look like the dragon was affected.

If the problem is speed, then I’ll use my fastest spell, Light Arrow, next. They might not possess enough firepower, but I think they’ll still prove effective if I aim at the dragon’s remaining eye. I took out another three magic stones in order to replenish my magic power once again.

The dragon performed another inhaling motion 150 meters away from my position. Damn! It was planning on firing another grenade at me.

『Time’s up, Captain. I shall dispose of it.』

(Wait. Wait up a bit.)

At that moment, I witnessed a fireball suddenly head for the dragon from another direction. What!?

That fireball set off a small explosion near the dragon. Perhaps the dragon didn’t see that fireball incoming. It looks like it was confused by the sudden attack. It hurriedly turned toward the direction the fireball flew from.

Damn! I also want to check, but the view was obscured by the trees. I continued to monitor the dragon’s movements while I opened another window to display the image feed captured by a drone. It looks like that small fireball was unleashed by the newly arrived local dragon.

What’s going on? Was the other dragon not the first one’s ally? Did it actually save me?

『I shall proceed to eliminate the two targets.』

(Wait! Hold up! Let’s check the situation out first.)


  1. Just a minor gripe, the “yosh” part is actually the Japanese equivalent of saying “alright” or “okay” in English. Is there a specific reason for you to carry this verbal tic to the English translation SF Baka-san?
    Not really complaining, just curious.

    Keep up the good work! Thank you for the chapter!

    • It’s kinda my TL quirk. I feel awkward if I translate it into a simple ‘alright’ much the same as when I translate ‘ara ara’ to ‘oh my’ and -san to Mr. or Ms. XD

    • Sometimes, localizations fall flat– “alright” or “okay” isn’t quite a 1:1 equivalent of “yosh!”, it’s more closest English approximation. It might work in Japanese, but it sounds kinda lame for a character to keep going “okay” or “alright” to themselves in the way “yosh!” is used.

      When I was diligently practicing Jujutsu in my youth, I noticed a lot of my older Japanese senpai would use “yosh!” as more of a exclamatory for motivation or a cue to go ahead with a particular exercise– it has a much broader range of applications than “alright” or “okay.”

      • Totally! There’s a lot of Japanese idioms (?) that are commonplace now because of their media (anime, manga, even recently vtubers).

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