Chapter 7: Prosthetic (Part 1)


Translator: SFBaka

The prosthetic was finally complete.

I was worried about the possibility of Cleria suddenly waking up in the middle of the night in order to relieve herself, so I worked on them while under pressure all the while.

Honestly, though, I wouldn’t have been able to properly build it if I didn’t manage to find a toolbox that seemed to be for the maintenance of the carriage. Nah, this prosthetic couldn’t have been completed if any of the important materials were missing.

I was actually quite confident about this DIY project. Though I said DIY, it was Nanom that actually designed the thing and guided me with extreme precision in order to make it.

Its overall design was quite simple and the main materials used were as follows: the suspension of the carriage, a large-sized and slender metallic cup, a horse harness and a small-sized jack which was taken from the toolbox I found earlier.

The suspension was shaped like the く character to facilitate better shock absorption, with its tips extending out in order for it to be attached to the carriage. It wouldn’t have been possible if it were shaped any differently.

Also, the suspension’s hardness was quite impressive. It had a miraculous balance between toughness and flexibility.

Nanom couldn’t identify the exact material, but it wasn’t made of wood or metal. It was apparently a body part of some unknown creature. It was very durable and suited to be used as suspension.

The metal cup resembled the shape of a champagne glass, and its diameter gradually widened from the bottom up to the rim. Its mouth was as wide as Cleria’s calf.

I confirmed the thickness of Cleria’s calf by zooming in on it from a distance.

I cut off the unnecessary parts – namely the stem and foot – and welded it onto the jack with my laser gun.

The angle of attachment was the key. Cleria’s body weight calculated by Nanom along with the weight of the other components would be supported by the suspension. In order to facilitate this, the く shaped suspension had to be attached vertically.

I carefully carved the tip of the suspension which would be connected to the jack into a round shape with my knife until it reached the ideal angle.

Afterward, the prosthetic would be practically completed after securing the suspension to the jack. It could be equipped by using the belt of the harness in order to fix it onto Cleria’s leg so it doesn’t come off easily.

It was designed with the image of Cleria’s leg being inserted into the receptacle and securing it with the leather belt. Its main feature was the function of freely adjusting its height through the use of the jack.

Man, I’m pooped. It’s already near dawn. While I was worrying about whether or not to wake Cleria up, she ended up coming to by herself. From now onwards, it’s a race against time.

When I woke up in the morning, I noticed that Alan Corinth… no, Lord Corinth was already awake. He hurriedly approached me and eagerly showed me something peculiar.

It seemed to have part of the ceremonial cup attached to it, but I don’t recognize the rest of its make. He was trying to explain its use to me by talking, but I naturally could not understand a word.

I turned numb from shock when he suddenly carried me up. I was then made to sit on the stacked up trunk cases nearby. He wrapped the remainder of my severed leg with some freshly prepared strips of cloth. I didn’t understand what he meant to accomplish by doing so.

Soon afterward, he brought the odd contraption from before and tried to place my leg inside it. He tilted his neck and wound another layer of cloth around my leg while muttering something before placing it inside the contraption once more. He seemed satisfied this time around and started securing the part just underneath my knee onto the contraption with a leather belt.

After finishing his work, he took my right hand and made a gesture inviting me to stand up.

It can’t be?!

He grabbed both my shoulders and forcibly made me stand up. My heart fiercely throbbed inside my chest. No, it can’t possibly be?!

After looking over my entire body, he made me sit down again. He started adjusting the contraption once more while muttering. My heartbeat continued racing intensely. I still could not believe what was happening before me.

He forcibly brought me up once more and observed me. He seemed satisfied.

He carefully pulled me by the shoulders. I slowly walked forward with uneasy steps. I wasn’t used to the unfamiliar sensation, but Lord Corinth supported me. I couldn’t help but make more defined steps.

I took a step. And another. And another.

The sensation I felt when I put my weight against the contraption was somewhat strange.

I took a step. Then another. And another once more.

This can’t be happening. It feels like I’m inside a dream.

I took a step. And another. And another.

Lord Corinth let go of my shoulders and stood right next to me.

I took a step. And another. And another.

It felt like I was being led to dance.

I took a step. And another. And another.

Lord Corinth completely let go of my hand. He then walked beside me.

I took a step. And another. And another.

Lord Corinth stopped in place.

I started to walk around Lord Corinth on my own.

I took a step. And another. And another.

Before I knew it, I was shedding tears.

I took a step. And another. And another.

“Ah! Ahaha! This is so amazing, Lord Corinth!”

I laughed and cried at the same time.

I took a step. And another. And another.

I had already managed to walk on my own for about ten minutes. I wobbled a little when I finally stopped in place, but I managed to balance myself in the end.

“Lord Corinth! This is truly wonderful! I still cannot believe you were able to accomplish such a thing!”

Of course, Sir Corinth still could not understand my words. But the fact that I was happy reached him and he gave me a gentle smile in return.

I wanted to convey my feelings of joy to him even more, but I suddenly felt an undeniable urge.

If I did not respond, I would not be able to continue walking freely just like earlier.

But how exactly should I convey it to him? Fal had always remained by my side until yesterday, so I had always counted on her whenever this happened. I truly could not convey it to anyone else but her.

I thought for a moment and pointed towards the forest nearby. I pointed towards myself next and pointed towards the forest once again. Will he understand my meaning?

Lord Corinth nodded and made a circle with his index finger and thumb. After gesturing for me to wait, he took up what seemed to be a wooden spear and rushed toward the forest with tremendous momentum.

After about three or four minutes, he returned and nodded towards me once more while making the same circle shape with his fingers. He had surely gone to scout out the area earlier. Lord Corinth then sat down and expressed his firm will to stay put.

I took a small toiletry bag with me and went towards the forest while blushing furiously.

(Nanom, Mission Complete.)

I accomplished it with an excellent A++ evaluation of course.


After I relieved myself, I went back to where Lord Corinth was. He conveyed his intention to sleep soon after.

As I thought. This sort of contraption surely could not be made in just a few minutes. He had most likely made this for my sake all night. I am really humbled by this fact.

He would have slept directly on the ground, so I urged him to sleep on the blanket instead. It was one of Lord Corinth’s belongings to start with.

This man was truly an exemplary noble. He was prudent, kind-hearted, possessed a keen intellect and was powerful.

Yes, he was powerful. I was still in the midst of confusion yesterday so I failed to notice, but I and Captain Antes were certainly surrounded by over ten Grayhounds before we lost consciousness. He had most likely defeated all of them by himself.

I lost both my arm and my foot yesterday due to my own carelessness. I had removed my vambraces and greaves in order to relieve myself just like earlier yesterday. I paid for that dearly by losing my limbs.

But still, if I had vambraces and greaves equipped, my throat would have been mangled just like everyone else’s. But thinking about such things now was no use.

I couldn’t sleep well last night even after lying down. I thought about many things — the deaths of my comrades, the sacrifices I had made until now, anxiety about the undertaking I must fulfill no matter the cost, the loss of my limbs and my future as a disabled person.

I had finally found myself all alone. Who would willingly follow someone who could not even walk? I thought about such things and was not able to sleep.

However, with this new “leg”, I could still move forward. I might be disabled, but I could still do my best!

Yesterday was the worst day of my entire life. However, I was blessed to be able to encounter Lord Corinth as well. Now I owed Lord Corinth yet another favor. Even though I have not managed to thank him with anything in return yet.

I need to resume my journey immediately once Lord Corinth wakes up. I shall prepare for that accordingly.

Would Lord Corinth be willing to accompany me, I wonder…?



  1. Oooh, Fal, her late childhood friend, was actually a female, lmao. After all, they had to be her knights, so I assumed they were all male. But I guess it wouldn’t be appropriate without female knights when serving a female nobility. I initially assumed she was more like her childhood sweetheart, hence why she had to die, to give space for MC in her heart or something, lmao.

  2. While I do find much of this story creative and enjoyable, parts of it I find irksome. Clearly, the Nanoms (i.e., networked nanomachines with AI) are extremely advanced. It even has the ability to quickly engineer the design of a crude but effective prosthetic from random stuff. But requiring the MC to manufacture it by hand seems such a waste, considering the raw potential of the Nanoms.

    We’ve already seen that Nanoms in the bloodstream can almost immediately stop the bleeding from a cut, even from a vein. This means that they are fast acting. Why couldn’t the Nanoms function outside the body? If they could, then they should be able to directly fabricate simple tools and devices from raw materials, without requiring the host (the MC in this case) to do anything. Having nanites that are only capable of functioning within the body to heal, communicate and give a bit of advice now and then seems like such a severe handicap, considering the wasted potential of the technology.

    Even ignoring such limitations, I still have a problem with the way Cleria’s lost limbs were delt with. Why couldn’t the Nanoms re-attach her lost limbs after the MC found them? They were originally part of her body, so there should be no tissue rejection. They could not have rotted in that short of time. And the while the tissues may have started to degrade, the Nanoms are primarily designed to repair tissues. It’s called “consistency” and taking things to their logical conclusion.

    I would even argue that it seems weird how Cleria was originally convinced that she would never again be able to walk because of her handicap. This world has magic. Moreover, as Cleria’s thoughts reveal, it has healing magic. Is it really too much to expect that, in such a world, even healing magic is incapable of restoring a lost limb?

    • And where said nanites would obtain matter and energy for manufacturing process?
      As for “re-attaching” torn limbs – those were not severed by some blade – so parts would be missing. And most effecient way is to stimulate existing body processes, ie. regeneration of tissues.

  3. Ouch, this kind of tropes, they do hit hard. Still, it’s more realistic, so the weight of the consequences isn’t wasted. A good novel indeed, and great translation.
    Thanks for the update! Awesome work! God bless you!

  4. Man.. I’m really astounded at how much better the manga version of her looks. That said, the extra detail in events and character thoughts the novel has is so much better. But that’s to be expected.

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