Chapter 75 – Training Part 2

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When I said that I was going back to participate in the training, the rest of the party also offered to return and participate as well.

When we arrived back at the Clan Home, we found that everyone was out on the courtyard. They had divided themselves into two groups and were currently holding sparring sessions. When Adjutant Dalshim noticed our arrival, he had everyone gather around at once.

I was planning on directly participating in the training, but it looks like everyone was actually waiting for my instructions. I was the leader of the Clan, so I guess something like this was a given.

“Now then, what kind of training would be appropriate? Actually, I’d like to hear your suggestions, everyone.”

“Um, I’d like to hold practice matches with you again, Alan-sama. Will that be alright?”

“Sure. Should we spar with swords or hand to hand martial arts?”

“I’m personally interested in the training methods of the army you once belonged to, Alan-sama. I was made keenly aware of my own lack of strength during this dragon incident. I would like to try and catch up to you Alan-sama, even if it’s only by a little.”

The one who said so was Walter. Space marine training huh…… That might not be a bad idea.

“Oh! I am also interested in that. We’d love to undergo that sort of training today if it’s alright with you, Alan-sama.”

The rest of the Clan members voiced their agreement.

“Alright. Let’s do it then. First, let’s perform some stretching routines. Um, they are movements designed to loosen up the joints of the body.”

I proceeded to demonstrate space marine-style stretch routines together with Sharon and Selena. Everyone looked a bit bewildered at first, but they started imitating our movements after a few moments.

When I looked around, I saw that the flexibility of their bodies was fairly good due to their martial training, but they still couldn’t compare with a space marine’s standards.

“Alan-sama, just what purpose do these movements serve?”

The one who asked was, once again, Walter. Apparently, they were not aware of the importance of stretching routines.

“Once you loosen up the joints of your body to adequate levels, you’d be able to perform movements that would prove difficult for a majority of people. For example, something like this.”

As I explained, I kicked one leg upward and kept it above my head as I stood on the other leg. The angle of my legs is roughly 180 degrees.


Let’s show them a more standard example. I called out to Sharon who was standing nearby.

“Sharon, perform a roundhouse kick.”

Sharon performed a smooth roundhouse kick that was too fast for the untrained eye and hit my palm which was raised to the height of my face. She delivered the kick with exquisite timing and control of force. She then proceeded to perform ten consecutive kicks. Great. As expected of her.


“If you guys are able to master loosening up your joints and making your body flexible to this level, all of you would be able to perform these moves with ease as well. Widening the range of movements you are capable of with your joints will definitely result in much improved physical prowess, so I’d like you guys to do the exercises earnestly.”

Everyone became all fired up and performed the stretching routines seriously.

After thirty minutes of performing stretching routines, next up on the training menu was, of course, running. During space marine training sessions, we make it a point to never neglect running workouts and do it religiously.

“Yosh, let’s go for a run next.”

After saying so, I started running laps around the training grounds.

(Nanom, Training mode.)


With a nanom-enhanced body, regular running workouts won’t have much effect. The Training mode was designed to address that. It was the opposite of the Long-distance Sprint mode and aims to improve cardiopulmonary capacity by suppressing the body’s blood flow and exerting an appropriate amount of stress.

After running at a marathon’s pace for an hour, I started alternating between sprints and relaxed running for another hour.

There wasn’t anyone who was able to keep up with me. The rest of the Clan members looked like they already had no idea how many laps they did. I’m also ahead by one lap against Sharon and Selena. It looks like I was still ahead of the two of them stamina-wise.

“Yosh. With this, morning training is over. We’ll have swordsmanship and martial arts training after lunch.”

After I finished saying so, the rest of the Clan members collapsed on the training grounds. Did I overdo it a bit? Man. It’s been a while since I entered Training mode and I’m also quite worn out.

It seems most of the Clan members weren’t able to recover their physical strength adequately in the afternoon, and some couldn’t even eat their lunch.

Due to that, the martial arts training session in the afternoon was changed to the rest observing spars between me, Sharon, and Selena. They would then try to compare and spot the differences between Imperial Arts and the martial combat styles and techniques they were familiar with.

If we were to go by the original space marine training menu, the next session should be powered suit combat training using VR, but since that sort of thing wasn’t possible here, we ended up performing sparring sessions using Corinth-style swordsmanship instead. The rest just observed our moves just like earlier.

It was already getting dark, so we wrapped up training for the day.

“I feel like I was able to glimpse a little bit of the reason for Alan-sama’s strength. Does everyone in your army perform this kind of training, Alan-sama?”

“Well, since our military is separated into various branches, I can’t exactly say this is the standard for everyone. But the unit I belonged to does subscribe to this training menu.”

It looks like even Adjutant Dalshim struggled with the training menu today which was quite different from their usual training sessions. But what we did today was just basic training, and if it was a full-scale training session just before an operation, things would be even tougher.

“I see…… We will certainly use this experience as a valuable reference.”

“Well, it’s not like the methods used in the unit I belonged to would suit everyone.”

“No. In all honesty, I am unable to foresee any dramatic improvements in our overall capabilities using our standard training practices. However, if we make use of this type of training…… Yes, I’m sure we will be able to become stronger with this.
Alan-sama, I beg you! If it’s possible, can you train with us tomorrow as well?”

Ugh. I wasn’t really planning on doing so, honestly. It’s not like us people from the empire are of a different caliber compared to the inhabitants of this planet. Our bodies are just enhanced by nanoms. I believe a menu like the one we did today would be pretty hard for the bodies of regular humans.

However, since they’re saying their training methods were lacking, I guess I can consider modifying it a bit for them.

“Alright. Let’s do it again tomorrow then. But I think we might have overdone it today. I’m going to think up a training menu that will better suit everyone.”

“Thank you very much, Alan-sama!”

The rest of the Clan members still seemed worn out even after dinner and headed to their rooms to rest earlier than usual. It looks like I really did overdo it.

After having our meals, I proceeded to think up a training menu that would be better suited for the rest of the Clan with Selena, Sharon, and Iris. Great. If we use the new training menu, we can avoid a repeat of today’s aftermath.

For the next two days, we devoted ourselves to training with the newly designed training menu. It looks like the training menu scientifically designed by Iris was pretty good since we were able to get results without burdening the bodies of the Clan members too much.

“Yosh. This is the end of the morning training. I was thinking of conducting our training near the sea of trees in the afternoon.”

“Near the sea of trees…… Are we going out to hunt monsters?”

“No. Actually, I’m thinking of meeting up with Gloria later.”

Oh, right. I haven’t told the rest of the Clan about that matter yet huh. Actually, Gloria’s custom saddle is scheduled to be finished today. I’m not sure if it would be useable yet, and that’s why I want to try it out immediately. I’m sure everyone would be interested in it as well.

After our meal, I told the rest of the Clan to head over to the place we met up with Gloria a few days earlier. I then took my party members and boarded a large roofless wagon to head over to the leatherworking workshop.


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