Chapter 78 – Auction Part 3

Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

After lunch, the afternoon dragon scale auction finally began.

“Well then, we shall now begin bidding for the dragon’s scales. As we announced, we have collected and paired large and small scales of the optimum amount in order to successfully produce a full set of dragon scale armor. The armor set in question will be similar to the『Paladin’s Armor』; the manufacturing process of which we have reproduced from relevant records before the start of this three-day auction.”

“Oh! So it will be similar to that armor set!”

“So we can create an armor set similar to that one……”

At first, I was wondering why they would actually make armor out of scales, but Karina-san explained that armor made with dragon scales is capable of blocking magic attacks to some extent. If that’s the case, then it’s no wonder that it would sell for a high price.

“Now then, we will begin the bidding for the first set of dragon scales and armor manufacturing instructions.”

Bids were made one after another and the price also rose accordingly. However, the increase in price was of an entirely different level from the previous auction sessions.

“Gerluf Company bids 5.5 million Guineas!”

“Gates Company bids 5.7 million Guineas.”

“Our Hans Company bids 6 million Guineas.”

“Herrman Company bids 6.1 million Guineas.”

“Silas Company. 8 million.”

A commotion rose when Arista-san made her bid. They actually bid 8 million for materials to make an armor set they haven’t even seen a finished product of.

Just like always, Silas Company won four more times before bowing out, and the auction continued.

When it was all over, the total winning bids amounted to 465,403,000 Guineas. That’s more than enough money for us to be satisfied. It looks like the scales and blood of the dragon really were the most outstanding among all the harvested materials.

We went to bid farewell to Karina-san before heading back.

“By the way, I won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s auction since I have something going on. I will be sending a representative over instead.”

“I see…… That’s unfortunate. In any case, please leave the auction to me.”

“I’ll be counting on you, Karina-san.”

Everyone headed back to our Home in high spirits.

“Alan, what are you going to be busy with tomorrow?”

“We’re gonna have a party tomorrow night, remember? It’s been quite a while, so I’ve been thinking of helping out in the kitchen.”

“Maa! How delightful! So that means I’ll be able to eat your cooking again, Alan!”

“I’m just going to help with cooking some dishes. Feel free to oversee the auction proceedings tomorrow, everyone. I need to start preparing quite a number of stuff come morning.”

When we announced today’s total earnings, the rest of the Clan members raised surprised voices once again.

“Alan, what dishes are you going to make tomorrow?”

It looks like Cleria’s curious about tomorrow’s menu. It’s certainly true that it’s been a while since I cooked personally, but our head chef Rotal-san’s cooking was quite delicious as well, and his dishes were actually as tasty as mine.

“I’ll hear you out if you have any requests.”

“Really? Then I want karaage and hamburg steak. Oh, tonkatsu seems nice as well!”

“I’ll have potato salad please.”

“Roger. How about Sharon and Serena? What do you girls want?”

“I’ll have potato salad as well, with plenty of boiled eggs please.”

“I’m fine with whatever dishes Alan will cook.”

“Yosh. I haven’t decided on a menu yet, so your suggestions help a lot. Well, it would also depend on what ingredients we’ll be able to get our hands on, but let’s make the dishes a bit on the fancy side this time. We’re gonna have a party after all.”

After hearing that, everyone cheered happily.

Since they were this hyped about it, then I guess I’ll just have to give my all tomorrow.

The next morning, I headed out to town in our horse wagon in order to purchase ingredients with Chef Rotal and his three assistant chefs. It was too early for the other shops in the city to open, so we went to procure alcohol first.

We went to the shop Karina-san brought us to a while back and bought some fine white and red wine stored in large barrels. Of course, I didn’t forget to buy some of their best ale as well.

Gantz city was sometimes called the treasure trove of food ingredients, and the market truly was filled to the brim with them. There were so many great ingredients to choose from so I had a hard time. In the end, I consulted with Rotal-san and bought the ingredients he recommended and the ones that looked tasty.

We got back to our Home by noon and immediately started cooking. I consulted with the chefs and finalized the menu. Once the menu was decided, we started cooking a sample of each dish one by one.

“This is delicious! You should have told me you knew such a tasty dish sooner, Alan-sama!”

“Oh, right. Sorry. But this is basically a party dish you know. Cooking it takes a lot of steps, right?”

“Well, that’s true. However, to think a dish like this actually existed! It will serve as a good reference for my future dishes.”

We finished sampling all the dishes on the menu and setting everything up by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It looks like we’ll be able to make it in time for the party.

When I went out to the dining hall to take a short break, I realized that Cleria and the others have already returned. They were actually having tea in the dining hall.

“Alan, today’s sales totaled 34,894,500 Guineas!”

“Whoah! That’s quite a lot. Tell me more about the details later.”

“Alan-sama, we received an alcohol barrel from the Silas Company just now. They told us it was for the party.”

“Oh, this actually contains–!?”

I remember the appearance of this alcohol barrel. This was the type of barrel used to store the alcohol we developed.

“Perhaps it’s because we may have mentioned that we would be having a party tonight to Karina-san earlier.”

“This alcohol is the one I developed for them. It should cost quite a bit. Silas-san can be quite considerate at times. We’ll gladly accept it then. It’s perfect since I wanted everyone to have a taste of it anyway.”

I then asked about the particulars of today’s auction while having tea with my party members.

“Alan-sama, the person named Tarus-dono has arrived.”

Come to think of it, he did say he wanted to consult me with something. I wonder what it’s about.

“Please invite him in.”

Tarus-san and company were soon led to the dining hall. Just like a few days ago, he was also with Jonas-san and Katolle this time. Maybe this wasn’t a good place for a discussion? They might want to talk with me somewhere more private.

“Good afternoon, Tarus-san. Anyway, would you like to move to a more private place to talk first?”

“No. Here is fine. In fact, this place is actually perfect.”

We had Adjutant Dalshim and the sub-party leaders around as well so I thought they would find it hard to talk here, but it looks like the topic wasn’t something private.

Tarus-san and company were given seats at our table and were poured some tea.

“I’m sorry, Alan-san. We ended up taking some of your precious time.”

“I don’t mind at all. You told me you had something to discuss with me a few days ago. What is it?”

“Yes, well, it’s actually about Katolle. Merchant families have a tradition of having their children study about the trade at home first and then sending them away to another company they are on good terms with for several years in order to accumulate practical experience. In Katolle’s case, we couldn’t find a fitting company for all this time so we’ve been putting things off……”

“……I see?”

“Alan-san! Can you let me join your Clan please?”

“Eeh!? What are you saying, Katolle? We’re not a merchant company you know? Do you actually wish to become an adventurer instead?”

“No. It’s not like I’ll be able to accomplish anything worthwhile if I opt to become an adventurer at this point. Instead, I want to be of service to you all in my capacity as a merchant!”

I wonder what he means by this? Oh, come to think of it, Katolle’s eyes were shining in excitement when I was telling him about how I subjugated the dragon a few days back. It looks like he’s longing for such things just like any hot-blooded young man.

However, we weren’t exactly your typical adventurers. I can’t just nod in agreement here.

“But I don’t think you’ll have anything to do once you join our Clan though?”

“No, that’s not the case. In fact, there is a lot of stuff I could help with, like procuring food and daily necessities. I can even do chores! I think that compared to spending my time in an average company, I would be able to learn more about life if I worked for you all.”

Hm. I wonder about that. I don’t really think anyone aiming to become a first-class merchant would have anything to learn in our Clan though.


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    • Jonas was the boy servant who greeted Taurus at the city gate, after it was learned that Alan rescued him from the bandits.

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