Chapter 8: Fleeing (Part 1)


Translator: SFBaka

Alright. I’ve finished packing all our things and got all my weapons in order.

Nanom wanted to check Cleria’s injuries, so I had to make her know. I explained my intentions through gestures like usual and had her sit down.

I removed the prosthetic, unwound the cloth wrap and peeled off the bandages. The wound already had a thin layer of skin covering it. The bones aren’t sticking out like before, but I could still faintly make them out under the uneven skin layer.

(She isn’t feeling any pain, right?)

[Her pain receptors around her injuries are now currently cut off.]

The part of the injury in immediate contact with the prosthetic was a bit swollen. It seems I need to learn how to wrap cloth around injuries better.

(How much can you restore it?)

[Cannot confirm. Regeneration rate varies greatly depending on the efficiency of nutrient acquisition and the availability of enough suitable material.]

That’s right, huh? You can’t regenerate body parts without enough materials to work with after all.

[Currently, the process is being accomplished by gradually breaking down the cells in other parts of her body in order to compensate.]

(If we could somehow obtain a considerable amount of nutrients and materials, how long would it take?)

[Three weeks.]

(How long would it take if her leg is given priority?)

[Two weeks.]

That’s fairly fast enough. Let’s prioritize regenerating her leg then.

Normally, even if a person consumes a lot of food, the amount of nutrients he or she can absorb in a single meal is limited, and most of the excess nutrients are expelled out from the body instead. That’s because the human body is designed not to take in nutrients more than necessary to achieve normal bodily functions.

However, if Nanom interferes with this natural process, it can make it possible to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and store them in the body. Utilizing said nutrients, it would allow Nanom to perform body regeneration by causing accelerated cell division.

(What food materials are suitable?)

[Meat, mock-potatoes and other food items rich in vitamins and minerals.]

Hm. That’s a broad way of putting things. But I guess it can’t be helped because we don’t know much about this planet’s food items. Looks like I need to search and gather some food again. But I don’t think there are any mock-potato patches in this particular area.

Hmm? Wait up? If her foot starts gradually regenerating, then she won’t be able to use the current prosthetic leg anymore! The disastrous flag I avoided is rearing its ugly head again!

(Can’t you develop another prosthetic for her?)

[We can only make this type using the currently available materials.]

Nanom displayed the prosthetic leg design on a virtual window. The design was far too basic – only leaving the suspension to support Cleria’s entire weight after fixing it via the belt. It doesn’t look like it would be able to support her weight properly and would disrupt her center of gravity. She won’t be able to walk all that much with this.

But she could at least hop around a bit with it. In any case, I’ve managed to avoid the worst-case scenario once more. In other words, Cleria won’t be able to walk properly for quite some time until her leg gets fully regenerated.

(Have we gathered all the necessary materials for this new prosthetic leg design?)

[They are inside the bag.]

Alright, that’s good.

I don’t know how far we needed to travel, but it may be necessary to prepare another camp depending on the number of days it would take to reach our target destination. I’ll confirm it with Cleria later.

Let’s put the prosthetic leg back on her for now. I re-wrapped her leg with the bandages and cloth strips.

(Please access Cleria’s sense of touch and deduce the optimum bandaging method according to it.)

I re-wrapped the cloth and put the prosthetic on. I wasn’t satisfied with the result, so I removed them and redid the process. I went at it for several tries until I finally got the most optimal wrapping method down pat.

Next would be her arm. It was also covered in a thin layer of skin, like with her leg. There doesn’t seem to be any problems.

(Prioritize regenerating her leg.)


After displaying his skill with the sword, Lord Corinth lowered the sword and bowed his head. He seemed to be thanking me. I’m glad. I thought I might have been to presumptuous earlier, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. I think that with Lord Corinth’s exalted status, he would be able to obtain as many high-quality swords as he wanted easily. But he may not be carrying one because of some sort of circumstance.

He seems to want me to show him my wounds next. He may be intending to diagnose them. I also wanted to see what had become of my severed arm and leg.

When the prosthetic and the bandages were removed, what appeared before me was a miserable stump for a leg. I was nearly in tears. Lord Corinth displayed a troubled looking face as he observed my cut off leg. Was it actually worse than expected? He wrapped the bandages and put the prosthetic back on again, but ended up redoing it many times. He finally seemed satisfied after a few tries and gestured for me to try and stand up.

Ah, how wonderful! It was a bit painful earlier whenever I took a step. I thought it was natural because my foot had been severed, but I do not feel any sort of pain right now. It seems I would be able to step more firmly with it from now on.

He took a look at my arm next. It had also turned into a stump. When I took a look at it myself, I saw that a thin layer of skin had formed over the wound instead of a scab. Impossible! I got these injuries just yesterday, and now they were already covered with skin?!

Did Lord Corinth use something more than just simple healing magic?

Lord Corinth was not particularly surprised when he saw the state of my arm and re-wrapped the bandages like normal.

Next, he pointed towards the ground and drew a circle on it. He then pointed to the road ahead and drew a line from the circle towards the road. He drew an X mark after reaching a certain point. He placed two fingers above the line and moved them as if mimicking a person walking.

Is he asking me how long it would take to reach our destination? It should take about twenty days, so I raised all five of my fingers in front of him and thrust them out four times. Have I transmitted it properly?

Lord Corinth again preoccupied himself with thinking. Was something the matter?

He seems to be inviting me for a meal. He peeled another one of those metal-wrapped sweets and handed it over to me. It truly was delicious! It was quite immodest of me, but I still ended up finishing it all in mere moments.

We were finally set for departure. I put on my greave and vambrace. Unfortunately, the ones for my severed limbs could only be discarded.

When Lord Corinth saw me attempting to do so, he stopped me and started putting them inside a bag. I gestured several times that they were not necessary, but he still insisted on making space for them in his luggage. It would have been better to make the bags as light as possible.

Well, they are certainly made of mythril. So we could attempt to sell them in the future. But with only part of a pair, I do not think they would amount to much.

We carried our baggage and finally set off.

Time to leave. There’s a lot of things to consider, but for now, it’s dangerous to remain here. Let’s leave for the time being.

Cleria was wistfully stroking one of the dead horses. Maybe it was her personal steed? Man, it’s good I didn’t end up butchering it for meat last night.

I put the sword on my waist and shouldered my backpack. I pulled the straps of the shoulder bags over my head and made it so that I would be carrying one on each side. I had the blankets sit on top of my backpack. My rifle was slung on my shoulder. There was quite a lot of stuff, but I could still handle them easily.

Cleria also equipped her sword on her waist and slung her shoulder bag on one side. The bag looked quite loaded, but it shouldn’t be that heavy.

Alright! I’ll properly learn the language on the way as well. I’m getting a bit tired of gesturing around. I’ll need to search for foodstuffs as well.

I pointed at myself and said ‘Alan’. Then I pointed at Cleria and said her name. Next, I pointed at the fallen carriage and waited for Cleria to speak. She answered with ‘Canter’.

So a carriage was called ‘canter’ huh? I’ll have Nanom record it. Once it records enough language data, I’ll have it update the current language database.

I pointed out to a lot of things one after another. It may inconvenience Cleria a bit, but I’ll still need to have her do it for me.

(If there are any new plant species, please highlight the inedible ones with red and the edible ones with blue.)

The only edible ones I’m familiar with were just the mock-potatoes, the unnamed herb, and those leafy salad-use veggies.

The entire area was suddenly dyed red. Looks like I had to do it manually after all. I reminded Nanom to only inform me if we manage to find something edible and started to persistently rub leaves once again.

But now that I think about it, I still haven’t managed to ask about her age. Would asking her directly seems a bit rude? Nah, she still looks quite young, so I don’t think she’ll mind too much.

I pointed at myself and raised two fingers, immediately followed by all five. I then turned to Cleria and raised one finger on my left hand. When she saw my gesture, her expression turned a bit sad for some reason. Oops, looks like it’s a miss. So she’s at least older than 15.

When I counted to seven while still keeping one finger raised, she nodded happily. So she’s 17 years old huh? She’s still just a teenager, as expected.

Oh. I found some mock-potatoes. Let’s collect them. I put the mock-potatoes on a small bag I kept empty in order to hold my collected food items. This was something Cleria needed. Let’s gather a bit more. It seems to be called ‘poto’ when I inquired Cleria about its name.

[Suitable as food.]

Yeah! It’s been a while since I found something new. I finally found something after kneading plants for two hours straight. It was a plant mainly consisting of a white-colored stem. When I tried a bite, a crunchy texture spread throughout my mouth. It should be delicious if properly cooked. I’ll collect some of this too. It would be a waste if we couldn’t finish all these, but we could just throw the excess ones away later.

Looks like Cleria doesn’t know its name. Maybe it was just a minor wild vegetable.

It was now about three in the afternoon. It can’t be helped because we started traveling late, but we’ll have to make camp after two more hours.


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