Chapter 88 – Royal Capital Search-and-Destroy Operation Part 3


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Editor: Thor’s Stone

“How about having some tea inside? I want to introduce my men to you all as well.”

“Yes, understood.”

I invited Hermann and the other captains inside the inn for a meeting.

“These are my trusted subordinates, Ralph, Benito, and Cust. I, along with Ralph and Benito, will serve as the leaders of the three teams you proposed earlier.”

Hou, so the corps commander will be leading a subjugation team personally huh.

I explained that Shining Star has also divided into three teams and introduced Dalshim and Walter as my captains.

“I’ve decided to conduct a complete crackdown on the bandits and criminals lurking within the imperial capital today. Actually, in anticipation of such a thing, I’ve had my men investigate the whereabouts of bandits.

We of Shining Star will be in charge of leading you toward and attacking the bandit hideouts. I would like you all to handle apprehending, interrogating, and investigating them.”

“Forgive me for asking, but do you plan to lead the operation personally, Your Excellency?”

“That’s a given, isn’t it? I am also quite serious in accomplishing this time’s royal order after all. I do not intend to do a sloppy job.”

“……Understood. However, do you not think it is impossible for Shining Star to handle assaulting the bandit hideouts alone……?”

“Hermann, you have also heard His Majesty’s words during the ceremony, correct? I have decided to fulfill His Majesty’s will together with Shining Star. I’m sorry, but I do not intend to hand over the responsibility of assaulting the bandit hideouts to you all.”

“……I understand. We shall follow your instructions.”

When I moved to ask Hermann about details regarding the security situation of the royal capital, a commotion rose up outside the inn. Apparently, the reinforcements from the garrison have arrived. Well, that was quick. It hasn’t even been forty minutes. Impressive.

“Your Excellency, it seems my men have arrived. If you don’t mind, can I ask you to inspect them?”


I’m familiar with troop inspections conducted in the imperial military, but how do they go about with inspections in this kingdom though? Well, I’m sure it’s mostly the same for any military organization. All I had to do was to show my face and address the soldiers for a bit.


After Hermann issued his command, the soldiers who formed three separate teams and lined up in the courtyard in front of the inn simultaneously stood at attention. They seemed pretty well-trained.

I walked around slowly in front of the soldiers and checked out their appearances and equipment. Hermann followed after me and checked them out as well. I stopped in front of one soldier.

“Draw your sword and show it to me.”

The soldier seemed to have gotten flustered a bit for a moment, but he eventually managed to pull out his sword and showed it to me.

I received the sword and acted like I was seriously examining the item, but honestly, I couldn’t tell if a sword was good or bad for the life of me. However, I could see that it had no rust present on it and looked pretty well-maintained.

I nodded at the soldier and handed back his sword. I then continued the troop inspection. After going around and seeing the faces of all the soldiers, I made my way back to the entrance of the inn.

“They have high morale and look well-trained. Impressive, Hermann.”

I intentionally said that in a loud voice so that everyone around me could hear it. This was an important step in any military inspection.

……It would be nice if what I said was truly the case though.

“Thank you for your praise, Your Excellency! They are our garrisons proud elites.”

Phew. I guess I’m safe. I simply thought the quality of the men wouldn’t be too bad because Hermann recommended an inspection, but I’m glad I managed not to embarrass myself. In any case, with this, the inspection was over.

“Well then, we will immediately move to apprehend the bandits in the capital. I’m sorry, but we of Shining Star will be taking charge of this operation. Please abide by our orders during this time, everyone.”


As soon as our preparations were finished, we split into three teams as planned and departed from the inn. Which bandit hideouts each team will raid today have been decided by me, Sharon, and Selena beforehand. As long as time permits, we’ll raid as many hideouts as we can.

It was the city garrison team led by Hermann that ended up following me and my team. The sight of forty soldiers following after 26 Shining Star Clan members was quite eye-catching, and many citizens gave us curious looks.

Before long, we managed to arrive at a spot near the bandit hideout.

I took out some writing implements and held a quick briefing with the troops following me.

“Our target is the three-story building located just around this corner. It looks roughly like this. It only has one rear exit, and it’s located over here. The soldiers will be in charge of securing this rear entrance. There are a total of 21 bandits staying inside the building. We will charge in after three minutes.”

After we wrapped up the briefing, fifteen soldiers proceeded to blockade the rear exit of the building at Hermann’s order. Yosh, better get started on our end too.

I thought there would at least be some lookouts posted at the entrance of the hideout, but it looks like there are none.

“Well then, please wait for us here.”

After instructing Hermann and the other soldiers to stay on stand-by, I tried to open the door of the building, but it seems to be locked shut.

I unsheathed my magic sword and activated Final Blade for the first time in a while. I then cut the door hinges and kicked it down.

“What!? Who the hell’re you!?”

I blasted away the twenty-something man who confronted me the moment I barged in with an Air Bullet.

The door to a small room near the main entrance was open, and there were four bandits inside, but my Clanmates rushed inside immediately and knocked them out with wooden swords. With this, that’s five bandits down.

“There are another four people in the room further back.”

At my signal, about seven or eight of my men rushed toward the room further back. Now we’ve completely suppressed the first floor. Let’s proceed to the second floor. That makes nine bandits down so far.

The second floor was a large room that took up the entire floor. It looked like a storeroom with various things and supplies stuffed within it. There were three men present inside, but they carelessly approached us to see what’s going on without even taking up any weapons, so they were immediately suppressed and knocked out with wooden swords. Now, that makes it twelve. Nine more to go.

Those on the third floor should have already noticed our intrusion. We better move more carefully from here on out.

I pulled up a cross-section of the building on a virtual window. I also checked out the weapons available to the bandits.

“Four people on the stairs and corridor. They only have swords as weapons.”

After I informed them, more than ten Clan members pulled out their swords and rushed up the stairs. By the time I made it to the third floor, all the bandits present have been taken down. It looks like they haven’t killed anyone though. Now that’s sixteen down.

Only the innermost room was left. Five bandits were holed up inside it. I went up to the door and called out to them.

“Oi! We have more than sixty men here. If you value your lives, toss your weapons away and lie on the floor.”

“Just who are you people!? Are you aware that this is the base of the Firth Family!?”

Family huh. So it’s an organization run by a family of bandits? I didn’t think there was something of the sort.

“We are Shining Star. Give up and throw your weapons away.”

“Did you say Shining Star!? Stop bluffing! Why would adventurers care about us!?”

This is too much trouble. I don’t have enough time to keep convincing these guys. There’s no one who has a bow among them, and there isn’t anybody readying magic spells either.

I kicked the door open and fired off an extra-sized Air Bullet that spread out in a fan shape to cover the entire room.

I’ve loaded another spell in advance, but it looks like the first one managed to finish the job already. With this, it’s over.

The bandits I blew away were all restrained.

“That was splendid, Alan-sama.”

The one serving as my adjutant today was Sasha from the Starveek royal guards.

“Is there anyone who got injured…? It looks like there are none. Great job, everyone.”

Before long, Hermann and his men came up to the third floor as well.

“As expected of Shining Star. I did not think you would be able to end everything in such a short time…… It seems I have taken your men’s competence far too lightly, Your Excellency. I am truly impressed.”

“The opponents are just mere bandits after all. This riffraff is nothing to us who have constantly been honing our skills within the Great Demon Forest.”

“That is true.”



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    -Um, haven’t you heard sir! Them and about 12 other bandit groups got taken out like an hour ago.

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