Chapter 91 – Orphans Part 2

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Yumi led the way to the base of the money lenders.

“It’s here. But they told us that we shouldn’t come back here before getting the money for payment earlier.”

“Hmph. They’re pretty arrogant, aren’t they? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

I kicked the door that seemed to be the main entrance of the building open and entered the premises.

“Oi! Who the hell are you guys!?”

Before the man who seemed to be a lackey of the moneylender even knew what was happening, I blew him away using an Air Bullet spell.

It seems that man named Villi was in the basement of the building, so I and Sharon put down all the men we met in the hallways using spells as we headed down.

After blowing away more than ten men, we finally reached the door to the basement floor. I also kicked the door open without any hesitation.

“You’re the one called Villi-san? We need to have a little talk with you, so we paid you a little visit. I hope you don’t mind.”

“……You’re well aware that this is the base of Money Lender Villi, aren’t you?”

“Of course.”

“……You’re not a familiar face. What organization are you guys a part of?”

“Do you think we’ll tell you?”

“……No, I don’t. No matter. So, what do you want to talk about?”

This man called Villi seems to be firmly in cahoots with criminals.

“I have 10,000 Guineas here. We’ll hand this over to you, so cancel out these children’s debt immediately.”

“Oi, oi. They owe us 35,000 Guineas you know? Ten thousand ain’t nearly enough, missy.”

“No, it’s more than enough, right? If you keep doing such dishonest business, you’ll lose your life early you know?”

“Don’t say something so unreasonable. I have a contract here, see. It’s clearly written in full print.”

It looks like there really was a contract. But the question was if the contract really was legally valid and binding.

Well, that bit doesn’t matter anyway. I have absolutely no intention of going along with the whims of such a scoundrel.

“Enough with the debt for now then. Actually, we were attacked by these kids just earlier. How do you propose we settle this, hmm?”

“Haa!? These brats attacked you guys? W-Well, that doesn’t have anything to do with me, doesn’t it? You can just do whatever you want with them.”

“Now that just won’t do. I’d like you to pay a nuisance fee. You took in these children and are now looking after them, right? Then they can be considered part of your organization. If your subordinates can’t pay, then as the person in charge, it’s only fair that you pay for them instead, right?”

“………How much are we talking about here?”

“Five hundred for each of us, so that makes it a total of one million Guineas.”

“A-A million!? Are you insane!?”

“It’s only natural to ask for such an amount. I mean, we could have died if we weren’t skilled enough you know? If you can’t pay that amount, then you can hand over something else as a substitute… like your life, for example.”

“………I don’t have that kind of money. I’m telling the truth here. I really don’t have money due to the recent crackdown. Please let me off.”

“The recent crackdown?”

“It’s those guys from Shining Star. You guys are also having trouble with them, right?”

“……I do know a thing or two about Shining Star.”

“Right? They’ve already crushed three organizations that I’ve lent money to. They’re doing whatever the heck they want right now. They’re too unreasonable I tell you. They say they’re adventurers, but what they’re doing makes them the same as thieves. You don’t know just how much money I lost because of those guys.”

“……I suppose so.”

“In the first place, what provoked them was that damned organized attack. Just because of that damn noble’s instigation, a lot of underground organizations participated in that raid, and now look what happened.”


“What, you guys don’t know? The client that masterminded that raid on Shining Star just before they entered the capital was a noble.”

“……Hmm. This is the first time I’ve heard of that. I’d like to know more. I suppose I shall introduce myself after all. I am the captain of Shining Star’s A Team, Selena.”

“Likewise, I’m the captain of B Team, Sharon.”

“………You guys are Shining Star members? And you’re captains too?”

“That’s right. Do you have an impression of this red armband?”

I took out the red armband from my dress pocket and wore it.

“Um…… Yes, I’ve seen that before.”

“So, will you talk now?”


According to this guy called Villi, he remembered the man who provided funding and appeared frequently while organizing that raid on us.

He was the same man who served as a certain nobleman’s representative when he did some business with him a few years ago.

“Who is the nobleman that person serves?”

“If I remember this right, I think he was called Lord Lucilia.”

I was familiar with this Lord Lucilia character. He was a subordinate of the current prime minister. Well, it was a claim with no direct evidence supporting it, but I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. I’ll have to report this to Alan.

“It was a very interesting story. But let us get back to the more pressing matter at hand. So, what do you think, Mr. Villi? Are you willing to pay up one million Guineas, or would you rather just accept these 10,000 Guineas and cancel these children’s debt?”

“……I’ll take the 10,000 Guineas.”

“Are you sure? I’m afraid you still feel you’re losing out. We can call the city garrison over if you want. We’re good acquaintances with them, so I’m sure they’ll come over if we ask nicely.”

“I’m sorry. Please just give me the 10,000 Guineas.”

“Okay. Here you go then. If you change your mind, you can always find us at the inn we’re staying at. Also, we’ll be taking the kids with us as well. You’re fine with that, right?”

“Of course. This is their contract. I’ll bring the boy out as well.”

It looks like my heartfelt sincerity was properly conveyed to this Villi person, and things proceeded smoothly after that. We then left the hideout without any problems.

On our way back to the inn, we asked the names and ages of each of the siblings.

Yumi was 16 years old, Kaya was 15, Yutta was 14, Marie was 13, and the youngest, Hans, was just 11. I wonder how it feels to have four younger siblings? I can’t imagine it myself.

“Um…… What will happen to us from now on?” Yumi asked.

“What will happen to you all? We’re not really planning on doing anything to you at this point, but you guys don’t have anywhere to go next, right? So just follow us back to the inn and stay over. Let’s talk about your future further during dinner.”

When we arrived back at the inn, I had someone guide the kids to a vacant room and told him to take care of them.

We went and decided on a lot of things without consulting Alan first. I wonder if he’ll be okay with them? I better go and report everything to him right away.

–Yumi’s POV–

The inn the girl called Selena led us to was a very nice place. In fact, I think it was too good for people like us to stay in.

We were told to wait for them in the dining hall, but was it really alright for us to be here?

It was already lunchtime, and well-dressed people who seemed to be the inn’s employees started arranging various dishes on top of a large table near the entrance of the inn. They might be the meals for the inn’s guests.

Judging from the smell wafting over, it seemed like quite a feast. Ah, I’m hungry. When was the last time we ate a proper meal again?

“Big Sis, I’m hungry.”

“Just deal with it for now, Hans. I’m sure they’ll give us something to eat for dinner. ……I hope.”

People with nice physiques began to gather inside the dining hall. Were they adventurers? Members of that Clan called Shining Star? What do I do if they suddenly chase us out……?

“Hm? Who are these kids?”

“Oh, those kids were brought back by Captain Selena. Take good care of them, you all.”

“Hm, so they’re Captain’s guests huh. Are you kids not gonna eat lunch?”

“Um…… We have no money you see……”

“……We don’t need any money, lass. You kids can just eat whatever you want as much as you want. Don’t hold back, you hear? If there are any leftovers, they’ll get served at dinner as well, so it’ll be a big help if you finish them off together with us.”

Is what they’re saying true? Can we really eat as much as we like? I don’t think people this well-dressed would lie to us.

“Is it really okay for us to eat?”

“Yeah, go right ahead.”


My sibling immediately began to make a fuss. They all went to the large table lined with all sorts of food.

“This is amazing! Big Sis, this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of spread.”

It was the first time for me too. Well, they did say it was okay, so I suppose it’s fine for us to eat some.

“Alright, you guys. Let’s eat.”

Ah, I can’t believe there were such tasty dishes in this world.

I think I ate a little bit too much for lunch. But I don’t think anyone would be able to hold back in front of dishes that delicious.

We spent the entire lunchtime in the dining hall and took a nap afterward. It was probably the first time for all of us to have eaten our fill to our heart’s content.

At dinnertime, Selena and Sharon came to the inn. It looks like we were finally going to discuss what would happen to us siblings.

“We’ve gotten permission for you all. If you’d like, why don’t you all just join us? We’ll arrange your food and a place to stay.”

“Um, what exactly are we supposed to do here though?”

I asked the question that has been nagging at me all afternoon.

“Hm. Right now, we don’t have anything in particular for you to do, I suppose.”

That’s incredible! We don’t have to do anything but they’ll still take care of us, provide us food, and a place to live!

No, there can’t be something so convenient. I’m sure they have circumstances they still can’t reveal to us.

But we’ll still be living lives incomparable to our situation before.

And everything is thanks to these girls named Selena and Sharon. No, it’s Captain Selena and Captain Sharon huh.

I will never forget this favor. I inwardly vowed to return this favor someday.


  1. So these four siblings, might be playing spies in the future or merchants as well..

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      So why would Alan want children – those with a good ability to learn, impressionable minds, the potential to grow strong and whose mind and loyalty have yet to be set firm?

      It’s for the future. Alan has yet to recruit even a single person as a proper Imperial Soldier, complete with nanoms (supersoldier nanites). Why? Obviously, because he can’t trust just anybody with that – not even Elna or Cleria, who have their own goals and their own allegiances.

      Given time and training, orphan children could become Imperial Soldier material. They’re likely willing to swear allegiance to the Empire and Alan. As such, they could keep his big secrets, such as being from another world.

      Now, consider how powerful Sharon and Selena are, even compared to talented people like Elna and Cleria. Through their Nanoms, they have all sorts of advantages, including super speed, superhuman strength as well as a HUD and intelligence from Iris.

      Further, anyone given nanoms could use that mana detection method and almost instantly learn how to cast advanced magic (including healing) the way Selena and Sharon did. Heck, they might be able to get a download of all sorts of knowledge. Think of Neo in The Matrix when he said, “I know Kung Fu!”

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