The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Chapter 70

Hello, Pink Tea here. First of all, it’s the second weekly chapter of “The Hidden Dungeon”!


And I would like to address some of the often repeating comments for the Hidden Dungeon.
It’s about Noir and his choices in skill creation.
“Why won’t MC create swordsmanship skill or something useful and instead keeps wasting LP?”
What I’m about to say was already hinted or suggested in some way, or even said explicitly, and will be further confirmed some chapters later.

So I would give this spoiler level 1/10.
Skills can be acquired naturally by repeating and mastering actions related to that skill.
Graded skills can level up by themselves with extended and/or intensive use.
Physical skills such as Swordsmanship or Archery, for example, don’t immediately and directly convert into power.
So unless you are really pressed, there is no real necessity to force things.


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  1. Agree, also, the guy seem to have a tendency to go for an instantenous reward, simply because he’s not rushed, he’s all Thsoe girls willing to help him gain LP as often as he wanted. In the end, he’s simply just enjoying the situation he’s in, and good natured enough to help solving problems of the people close to him.

  2. That reasoning only goes so far, and wears extremely thin when he wastes tons of LP on something pathetic that’s far less efficient than using it on himself.

    See: the lightning and (sea)water trap he spent so much LP on and modifying the dragon’s lightning weakness, which he used once to briefly annoy the earth dragon and didn’t even use his own lightning skill.

    Could have upgraded his lightning skill’s range and possibly the rank for the same cost and simply used that to also deal damage, but that would make too much sense.

    • I’m not saying that all of his spendings are reasonable or well planned. (As if anyone would expect that from a teenager or a living and breathing human being) I’m just saying that there are actually reasons why he is not creating some skills, acquiring which might sound like a pretty obvious idea at first.

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