Chapter 107 Joined Practice


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Surprised by brother’s unexpected level down, I flap my mouth like a fish. I give a look disdain to brother that stood there with a triumphant look.

「Brother, did you really train?」

「Of course! To improve my endurance, I spent sleepless nights, and also prolonged intercourse on purpose.」

「You didn’t swing your sword or exterminate monsters, right?」

「Well, I… Aspire to become a merchant after all.」

Indeed, A merchant can just hire a strong mercenary or something. But I can’t overlook negligence grave enough to reduce his level.

I raise the sword overhead and signal to brother that he is free to attack anytime he wants.

「I think I told you already, Noir. Amateurs shouldn’t try to look cool and assume stances that would leave the body wide open!」

Without even bothering with feints, brother steps with a horizontal slash. Swinging down my sword to match that trajectory was simple.

*Clang* And brother’s sword falls down. It was safe to assume that in a simple contest of strength I was leagues ahead.

Brother slightly shakes his hands that went numb.

「Just. A. Fluke. Surely so.」

「It’s not. No matter how many times we try, at the moment I will win every time.」

「Skills… Did you learn something apart from Great Sage?」

「I learned a bunch of them, and can also freely use Great Sage. My current level is well above one hundred.」

「I’m impressed.」

Almost like saying that pride can go to hell, brother falls to the ground, and crawling on it expresses his will to capitulate.

This honest side could be one of his virtues.

「By the way, Brother, according to appraisal eye, your level dropped to 31. You were skipping on your morning practice?」

「… I can’t wake up early in the morning. Because I stay until late with girls.」

I don’t say anything. People who can stop having fun after being told so are rare. What was important is since I won I don’t have to go back.

「Brother, please go back home, I will stay here. I will send a letter, but it would be better if you were there to explain the situation.」

「… All right. In that case, let me at least leave this in your care.」

Said that, brother took a silver ring from the big bag. It seems there are two of them, he gives one to me.

「This is Communication Ring. A magic tool. Through this it’s possible to send a message to the owner of the linked ring, but only once.」

Supposedly, it will be effective even across the country. However, they have only one use, and only the person who was the first to use it will be able to send a message. The other party can only receive it.

It seems that my ring and brother’s are already linked.

「From me to Noir or from Noir to me. There can be only one message, and it will be over it a couple of seconds.」

「Restrictive isn’t it.」

「Even so, that one is important. If you won’t be able to defeat monsters no matter what, send a message to me. I will somehow bring someone strong. Your brother will do something!」

Ah, yeah, brother also had such a passionate side to him. When I was mocked as a fake noble, he was there to protect me as well. He also has bad points, but I guess because he also has this side, I can’t bring myself to hate him.

「I’ll take it. But, it looks like a pretty rare item.」

「It’s fine. I got it from my rich girlfriend.」

It’s not what you should be bragging about.

Anyhow, with this, we reached some resolution here, and now I escort brother until the city gates. He will be traveling solo, without any escort, but since he is reasonably strong it should be okay.

「He is as flamboyant as ever.」

「Emma, I cannot deny it, but for me, he is a precious brother.」

「Sibling love, huh. Hm, ain’t someone chasing after Gillan?」

That’s true. With a dash, a young woman catches up to Gillan and hits his face with a straight punch putting all her weight into it. After he collapses to the ground she kicks him hard in the stomach. Then, with a nonchalant look, she returns to the town.

For me and Emma that was a familiar sight.

◇ ◆ ◇

The third day after we entered Hornest.

At first glance, the town seems no different from the ordinary but here and there closed shops can be seen. Some had problems with logistics and some likely ran away.

It seems that the troops dispatched as reinforcements from the capital arrived to the city like was originally planned. Informed by a messenger from Shoen-sama, we walk directly to the training grounds designated for joined practice.

Training ground exceeded in size our school campus, and all of the authorized personnel were gathered there.

At the entrance was Perido-san, who guided us to the outdoor training grounds. There, an overwhelming sight of two thousand soldiers could be seen.

This time, for the duration of the monster onslaught, the supreme command will be taken by the general sent by the capital. Still young, in his early thirties, by the name Stay.

Black haired, he gave off cool impression, and now was talking about actions that should be taken were it come to a confrontation. Fundamentally, the idea was to enhance the perimeter and prevent invasion into the city.

However, it seems that according to records they never succeeded in exterminating them all outside. Therefore they shall divide into the inner forces and outer forces.

Those inside will be responsible for merchant districts and so on, pretty detailed. As expected, without leadership it would be difficult to deal with a large swarm of monsters.

We are treated as volunteers and not as a formal unit.

「Volunteers, please line up here. We will perform screening.」

Stay-san and a young woman capable of appraisal, move along and appraise volunteers. If you have only enthusiasm and lack in ability, you will not be accepted as a soldier. In that case, you are told to protect only your house and its surroundings.

I was relieved since the line was quite long. Hornest had this many people willing to fight.

Well no, the next is my turn.

I slapped my cheeks and stepped forward but…

For some reason, Shoen-sama rushed to us in a big hurry.


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