Chapter 129: 12th floor exploration Part 1


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Weasalopes”

When we told Laura-san about the matter with Luna’s marriage, she insisted that she definitely will participate in our plan. Thus it was decided that she will play the role of the younger sister.

Laura-san and I must skillfully play this out next Saturday. I have nothing but uneasiness, but let’s do our best.

After reporting the situation I switch to the exploration of the hidden dungeon. Silently, I enter the room where Master is.

I don’t hear greetings from her.

Is she enduring pain?

『Is peeping a hobby of yours? Sneaking into the room like this.』

「So you noticed.」

『I can sense your presence right away. 』

「Master, I came to announce my decision. I will definitely get you out of those chains. I will end your suffering.」

In part, this is a way for me to repay her.

Entering this dungeon and meeting Master greatly changed my life.

Receiving the skills from her was huge, but at the time I was prone to negativity, yet managed to move forward.

Well, my cowardice wasn’t cured though.

Master was silent for a while and then suddenly began to sob.

『Never in my life……I felt this happy. Waaaaaaaaaah, waaaaah.』



「You are screwing with me, aren’t you? And I was so serious.」

『NAHAHAHAH! No, I mean, imagine, Noir-kun, who was such a weakling, ah, though you aren’t that strong even now.』

Yes, yes, you are absolutely correct.

My growth speed is just a little faster than a turtle, probably.

I can’t act as freely as Master, so my LP doesn’t accumulate that much. As I sulked, Master completely changed in tone and said seriously.

『I’m actually happy that you thought so seriously about me. But, Noir-kun, do you know what is the one thing I don’t want to happen the most at the moment?』

I shook my head.

『Obviously, your death. Well, what I’m trying to say, don’t be rash.』

「Roger. To begin with, you know my character, don’t you?」

『Yup, you are the type to gather tons of information about a girl you like, never confess to her and then cry in your room after she is taken by some other guy.』

「I’m not THAT bad!」

Master laughed with glee. There is something strangely calming to her cheerful voice.

Staying here is nice, but I should go. Gazing at the chain bound Master for a bit I used Dungeon Portal.

When I previously got to the 12th floor it was littered with weapons. That sight remained unchanged.

The room was similar to that in which Master is, but with a door on the other side. The real 12th floor most likely lies beyond that door, but apparently, one cannot pass through it without choosing a weapon from here.

And those weapons were very noisy……

『Hey, you came again. Will you take me with you this time?』

『No way, take me!』

『Didn’t we agree not to jump ahead of others?!』

『Fuchoheraza, fucchonherame!』

It’s quite amazing, each one of them actually sounds different. A calm gentleman, a young woman, one with a foul tone, and one sounding absolutely cryptic.

There are 48 weapons, interviewing each one wouldn’t be easy.

Let’s narrow it down to the weapons I can use. Well, it should be either a sword or a bow.

But there are more than ten weapons of those two types. Checking them with【Item Appraisal】shows that all of them have no skills. And no particular rarity as well.

Lining up weapons in one place I ask them.

「My policy is to break a weapon if I don’t like it. In fact, until now I broke dozens of weapons.」

Earlier I received advice from Master. That I should threaten them with destruction and bring them to heel.

It was very effective as all of them became much less talkative. They still want to be used as weapons, but would prefer to avoid getting destroyed…… That seems to be the common reaction.

Though one of them kept going strong.

『I don’t give a crap! Rather than rusting at such a place I’d prefer to be used even if it means I’d be broken.』

Its tone was bad, but it sounds quite reliable. The weapon itself is an ordinary double-edged sword without any special features, the size also was fitting for me.

「Tell me if you know what lies beyond the door.」

When asked everyone obediently replied.

First, there are monsters.

Well, that’s standard.

Then, there seems to be a lot of special traps. But none of them were particularly informed of the contents.

「That’s informative. But how do you know about the traps?」

『Well, that’s because we are bound to this dungeon.』

「Which means that there is a possibility of your betrayal?」

『No…… That isn’t so. We don’t have any obligations to the dungeon and have no liking for it, we also have no damn idea about its true nature.』

Though a bit troubled, the rough talking sword replied.

Well, I guess it’s not a lie. I have no other choice but to use it without trusting it too much.

I took in my hand the sword that caught my interest the most, one with a rough talking manner.

『You chose me?!』

「I had more practice with swords, and you also perfectly fit size-wise. I also like that you didn’t try to butter me up.」


It’s incredibly ecstatic. Since we will have to work together I introduce myself.

「I’m Noir.」

『I don’t have a name. Call me whatever you damn please.』

Well, Noname then, since he has no name.

It might be lazy but it looks like there are no complaints. I have no naming sense at all.

Holding Noname in my hand I grab the door’s handle. Earlier it didn’t even budge, but now it easily opened, which felt like a bit of a surprise.

So they spoke the truth.

Beyond the door was a corridor, that couldn’t be called either wide or narrow. It also isn’t a straight path. For now, there are no monsters.

I put the double-edged sword, that I always use, on my hip.

After all, my usual sword was pretty ordinary as a weapon.

I advance with caution. The path split in two, so first I take the right path.

As I continue along the wall, suddenly, Noname yells.

『Hey, I have a bad feeling about this place.』

「Bad feeling you sayーー Uah?!」

Suddenly something pulled my clothes. Who? Flustered, I tried to look around, only to find a few earth-colored hands protruding from the walls, pulling me there.

What’s this, gross. But I have no time to scream that.

The wall seemed to be made from a peculiar material, strangely soft on touch. I’m getting sucked into the wall………


When I noticed, I was in a sealed room. Looks like I got inside the wall. What slightly bothered me is that the floor was made of earth.

I try to inspect the wall through which I just passed. Quite hard. Its properties changed from a moment ago. I guess, normally, this would be its proper form.

There was a nameless hammer among my weapons, that had【Crushing】among its skills.

It could easily wreck a stone statue. I smashed the wall a few times with it, but couldn’t make a hole in it.

『A trap it is.』

「I guess it’s so.」


*Crumble Crumble*

One after another, something came out of the ground. Human in shape, but their bodies were composed of earth. Let’s appraise them.

Name: Mudman
Level: 189
Skills: Body Regeneration, Body Absorption

I get the regeneration, but what is Absorption? Is it something they do with their allies? Is it something that can be done to me as well?

It’s troublesome either way.

Most of the mudmen were close to level 200. There are 6 of them. And as much as I’d like to escape, there is no exit.

As I began to panic, Noname gave me words of encouragement.

『Stop trembling in your pants and use me to slash them!』

「But they can regenerate.」

『Who cares, do it!』

Am I getting scolded by a sword? Putting those thoughts aside, I slash at the mudmen.

It’s heavier than I expected. Though it’s but mud, it’s hardened, making it quite tough. Even so, I have some strength, so in one hit I destroy the opponent’s body.

Other mudmen stretched their arms, trying to grab me.

Backing off with backstep I finish each of them in one hit.

I’ll get absorbed if they catch me. Is the feeling that I can’t shake off.

Finally, I defeated all six of them. And the moment I thought so, the first and the second one came back to life.

Hmm, do I have no other choice but to destroy the skill?

Checking it with【Edit】, showed that I needed 1200 LP for destruction.

Though the number varied a bit for each of them, I needed roughly 7200 LP to destroy the skill on each of them.

Currently, I’m above 8000 LP.

It’s possible to do it, but using up so much LP here hurts.

Luckily, the mudmen were slow and weren’t that tough in combat. Unless one is fatigued from a long battle they can be easily beaten.

I swiftly returned to mud those that recovered. That moment, I sensed something strange. But it’s nothing bad. Did earth get softer?

It’s easier to cut than before.

『This! Yes, THIS! This is what’s called being alive! Weapons are nought if not used!』

I appraise Noname in its maximum excitement.

And with astonishment find 【Strong Edge】there. What is the meaning of this? There wasn’t anything before?

Anyway, since it wasn’t detrimental, I decided to observe it for now.

The enemies keep reviving as I defeat them.

Examining the skills again, there is 【Blade of Destruction C】now. I check it just in case.

【Blade of Destruction C】
〈Increases the capacity to destroy a matter. However, the blade also becomes more fragile.〉

It’s pretty useful, but the sword breaking would be a problem. And, as I expected, Noname really became stronger.

Does it get stronger as it kills enemies?

「Noname, do you get stronger as you cut through enemies?」

『I actually can feel myself growing stronger! More, more, slash more enemies!』

「Can’t do that. Let me think for a bit.」

It would be a problem to lose Noname to the influence of its own skills. Moreover, at this rate, rank can probably become even higher than C.

But for now, the mudmen are annoying! Throwing【Water Ball】I soak them in water. Their movements became somewhat slower, probably because earth absorbed the water.

Okay! Running around the room I think of the possible options.

With【Strong Edge】the blade became tougher. But eventually, it will hit its limit.

By editing, I can erase 【Blade of Destruction C】.

But chances are, it will get the same skill right away once again.

As such, I will try to strengthen the sword.

I create a skill named【Enduring Blade S】for 2000LP.

【Grant】required 1200LP but I had no hesitation.

I’ll still have more than 5000LP remaining.

I’d like to keep killing the enemies to raise it’s destructive power even more.

The walls here aren’t that thick. I might be able to break them.

If impossible I’ll just run away until I can use【Dungen Portal】again.

I keep crushing the slow-witted mudmen. Noname kept growing at an amazing speed. The skill’s rank became A in no time.

While it’s dependable, it also raises a question.

This floor cannot be passed unless you pick the weapon in the first room. And those weapons are powerful. Was the world this kind?

I feel like there is some catch to this, but it’s also possible that I just got lucky with Noname.



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