Chapter 130: The reason little sister is being cold


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Diving into the hidden dungeon on weekdays, I often end up coming home late.

With the light of the moon shining on my back, I rush home.

Drunks were extremely noticeable during my walk through the city.

Today they were more numerous than usual.

「I’m back!」

Time-wise I barely made it to the dinner. Hurrying into the living room, I found that the food on the table was untouched yet.

I’m glad that I made it in time, I thought, but then I notice that Alice isn’t there.

「Alice upstairs?」

「Well, about that, actually, she is yet to come back. Quite unusual for Alice, isn’t it?」

Father said in a worried tone. Mother and Toramaru also looked a bit worried.

Alice often helped to prepare dinner. To be outside this late was indeed unusual for her.

「Father, did you perhaps peek on her changing?」

「Like hell I’d do that! I never had such thoughts about my daughter!」

「Is that so? Then, maybe she hated the idea of using the same bath as father……」

『It’s possible.』

「No it’s not! I’m not the reason why she didn’t come home yet! There should be something else, like, she got a boy she likes, so she is dallying with him andー Okay, where is my swooord?」

Getting enraged on his own, father began searching for his sword.

Alice was at that age, after all, it’s not something to grab the sword over. I guess we should be happy instead.

If that is really the case.

「I will search for her as well. Most likely I’m the reason. 」

Alice was sulking. It’s quite obvious that she was disgruntled with me.

Toramaru said that he will come along, but I refused, shaking my head.

I want to chat with just the two of us.

I want to hear her true thoughts.

Going outside I head to the places where Alice might go. The plaza, parks, shops, the school.

I searched for thirty minutes but couldn’t find Alice at all.

It was eight in the evening, so the streets were crowded. Finding her on my own would be difficult.

I guess I have no choice but to use 【Great Sage】. I ask about Alice’s location.

【230 meters east.】

So close?!

I hurried there, and soon found Alice. But since she wasn’t alone I hesitated for a bit.

She was together with three boorish looking guys.

「Wait a moment…… Did she turn into a delinquent…!?」

I kinda want to cry. But looking closely, Alice seems annoyed with the situation.  

Could it be that those are not her friends? Alice is cute even without the favorable outlook on her I had as her brother. She often would get hit on in the town.

Thus, I decided to tail them.

Four of them entered a bar-like establishment in a deserted alleyway.

「This one isn’t open, isn’t it.」

It had a signboard, but it all tatters. It’s probably a place that went out of business.  

Such a place does not suit Alice. I open the door.

At first glance, it appeared like a normal tavern, with a counter, stools and all that. But the people inside looked like nothing but thugs.

In addition to the previous trio, there also were 5 or 6 people inside. Women also were there.

「What is it, boy? This is not a place where kids like you should come.」

With a foolish grin on his face, a man in his twenties approached me.


Alice noticed me.

「Is that your brother? You look nothing alike.」

Well, sorry about that! I don’t have such silk skin and beautiful eyes as my sister!

Well, let’s ignore them and ask Alice.

「It’s time for dinner already. Why did you come to such a place?」

「Ehm, they brought me here through force……」

Thought so. There were three of them, so they probably blocked her escape route and dragged her here.

I take a glance at the counter. A herb that dulled one’s mind was on it.

This might be a bit high-handed, but I stroll through the place and grab Alice’s hand.

「Let’s go home.」

「Oops, that won’t do.」

The men surrounded us. So they won’t let us escape so easily. I tried to appraise them and it turns out they are unexpectedly strong. Some even were over level 50.

What really matters are the skills, and two or three of them had pretty good ones. If they all attack at once I might lose.

「You’re a student, ain’tcha?」

「A student of the heroes academy.」

「Eh? For real?」

At first, they were surprised. The heroes academy is a place where elite and nobles went, so they probably couldn’t even imagine that a poverty-stinking kid like me could be a student from there. How rude.

With doubt in their eyes, they asked my rank.

「S class.」

「Yup, that’s a lie! There is no way you could get in there.」

「Ahahaha, if you gonna lie at least make it more believable!」

They were laughing holding their sides or rolling on the floor.

it’s an actual truth though.

I’m already used to being made light of. I’m just going to ignore that. However, Alice got angry.

「It’s true, brother is especially strong even among S class! Please stop laughing!」

「……Hmmm. Then, I’ll test him.」

One of the men took two fruits from a table. Apples, both of them.

And when I began wondering about his self-satisfied look, he crushed one of them in his hand.

Apple juice dripped on the floor, running down his hands. How wasteful.

The remaining apple was given to me. The surrounding people were all grinning.

「This much is a piece of cake for a student of the heroes academy, right?」

「Yes, a piece of cake.」


Taking even less time than my opponent I completely crushed it.

Though it wasn’t blessed with strength like Laura-san, this much is easy.

I’m spending every day with a sword in my hand. Naturally, I’d be able to do this much.

Well, they surely wouldn’t be surprised. I half expected them to go 「hmm, you aren’t bad.」 and let us leave, but no signs of that happening.

「Hey, bro, let’s spar with those for a bit.」

 I was given a wooden sword.

 With a real sword, the whole thing might turn into a murder case, so they probably want to test me with this. Well, they likely want to beat the hell out of me and get close with Alice.

By the way, the guy that gave me a wooden sword has a swordsmanship skill. It’s only C though. Well, he is probably very confident about this.

「Step back, Alice.」

「All of this for my sake, I’m sorry……」

「It’s fine. It’s big brother’s job to protect his sister.」

After patting her head I take a stance.

Others moved the tables away, clearing the space, so we face each other one on one.

Name: Kanakari Toura
Age: 22
Race: Human
Level: 63
Occupation: Phantom grass dealer
Skills: Swordsmanship C, Front step enhancement

Though he is by no means a tough opponent for the current me, being this young and not even adventurer, he can be called quite capable.

If only he didn’t get involved with phantom grass and lived his life properly he could have found success.

Pointing his wooden sword to the ceiling he then suddenly charged at me.

Whoa… He closed the distance with one step. That’s【Front step enhancement】for sure.  

Even so, his sword technique is quite lacking. I calmly parry his attack.


Since he was way too inclined forward, deflected strike ruined his balance.

As he was wide open I strike his hands somewhat strongly. He dropped his wooden sword in pain.

「Do you recognize my ability now?」

「Aah, sure, I now want to seriously do it.」

There is no tension with wooden swords. I’m more proficient with a real weapon. Feels like this is what he was trying to imply. The lot around us also began provoking me.

As expected, I have no obligation to entertain them any further.

I create【Explosion】and 【Grant】it to the wooden sword.

They began to panic as the sword seemingly exploded by itself.

「What happened?!」

「Why the sword just……?!」

「I’m the one who did it. I don’t want to waste any more time here. Magic is my forte. Especially explosive-type.」

I tried to play a cold, emotionless character.

I spoke indifferently, trying to show in my look that I look down on them.

「I’m fine with you picking a real sword. But your head will end up like that stick.」

「…You know, my stomach suddenly began to hurt. Anyone else wanna do it?」

Losing his will to fight he tried to ask his comrades to fight in his stead, but no one showed any desire to do so.

「Then, I’ll be going home with my sister. Surely, you don’t mind?」

「Of course, by all means…」

All of them completely changed in their attitude, suddenly turning kind and polite, so I leave the store with a smile.

Then, check if Alice had any injuries. And with relief find that nothing happened to her.

「Onii-sama, sorry for causing you trouble……」

「It’s not a trouble. Rather than that, were you late because those guys caught you?」

「No, I just had something to discuss with Laura-san.」

「Laura-san? What was that about?」

「Tha-that is a bit…」

I’m an idiot. With a straight face, I’m trying to make a girl of her age speak of her troubles.

Such lack of tact is probably one of the reasons why Alice is so cold to me lately. I should be more careful……

Anyway, parents and Toramaru are waiting for us, so we get on our way.

For some reason, it felt very awkward. We spent a lot of time walking in silence. Previously, such a thing rarely happened.

When we reached our neighborhood, I apologized to Alice.

「I wonder if I lately did something to upset you. If so, then sorry.」

「No! Onii-sama did nothing wrong! I’m the one to blame!」

Alice argued with a pained expression.

I’d like to hear her real thoughts, but from the direction of the house came father, riding on top of Toramaru, so I had to stop at this.

「There! There they are, Toramaru!」

『Umu, she seems to be okay. That’s great.』

「Alice, it’s probably my fault, right? Did my socks stink? Or maybe the bath was dirty? Please, don’t abandon your father!」

Dealing with father’s apologies that he kept screaming in the middle of the street was embarrassing, so we pretend to be strangers and walk straight home.

I guess outside of the house we should pretend that we don’t know father.

After coming back we didn’t get much chance to be alone.

As such, I didn’t get to ask about the real reason. Unlucky.

ーEarly in the morning.

Sensing a weird presence I woke up.


Alice was gazing out the window. I could see her profile. She looked quite lonesome.

「Sorry for waking you up so early.」

I shook my head and got out of the bed. I see, so she wants to continue our conversation from yesterday.

「It’s about yesterday?」

「……Yes. I came to tell you the reason why I was angry at you. To put it simply, it was because I didn’t want you to put yourself in danger anymore.」

Judging from her depressed tone, she spoke the truth.

It seems that me remaining in the other kingdom alone and taking down a dangerous opponent was her biggest worry.

One wrong step and I’d be dead. So she didn’t want me to ever do something like that again. And while she thought so, she eventually became enraged with me doing nothing but putting myself in danger.

「Sorry. I really just keep sticking my neck in danger…」

「No, you aren’t at fault. In the end, I was just throwing a tantrum. I understood it after speaking with Laura-san yesterday.」

Looks like Laura-san persuaded her on a lot of things. For that I’m thankful.

「Onii-sama, you have your own life. Even if it is risky, there is a big profit beyond those dangers. Right?」

「Yes. For now, I want to become stronger. And I also want to conquer the hidden dungeon.」

At my core, I’m a coward. That didn’t change even now. It seems that humans can’t change their character that easily.

However, finding the master and the hidden dungeon my adventurous spirit grew greatly.

Apparently, father was the same back in the days.

It might be blood or it might be that I’m merely growing as a man. Or perhaps both.

「I will be rooting for you. Onii-sama definitely can become someone great. And please, let’s get along from now on as well!」

「Of course.」

Thus, Alice and I successfully reconciled.

I will have to do my best to remain onii-chan that can protect his little sister.



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