Chapter 139: Another Olivia


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Weasalopes”

After defeating the pygmies we check the door on the other side of the room, and as it opened just as we expected, we go inside.

A long corridor. So it’s not over yet? I walk cautiously, observing surroundings. Then, a sudden grasp on my hand startles me.

Though I immediately regained my composure since I knew that it’s Emma.

「This reminds me of when we were little. We often would brave all kinds of places together.」

「I remember that. You were more proactive back then.」

「That’s because being together with you was so fun. Right now it’s fun as well though.」

Having said that, Emma smiled. She is especially cute at such moments.

「Hey, let’s do that. We did that when we were kids as well. Kissing in caves.」

「But this is a dungeon?」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. There are no monsters around!」

Indeed, there also seems to be no traps around, so I go along with her wishes. Holding her shoulders, I slowly go along with her desires.

Which reminds me, in the past she was saying this. That she wants to have a kiss in a dungeon.

「After ten years your dream finally came true?」

「Aah, you remember that? Yup, I’m very happy!」

This time, seemingly growing excited, Emma was now the one to initiate a kiss. After the second one was over we returned to exploration.

I want to have【Dungeon Portal】 available, so we proceed very carefully.

We found stairs by the time the skill recharged.

「It’s here! We finally found it!」

「……Yeah, finally, the 15th floor. A clue to save Master should be there.」

Being both thrilled and excited I slowly descend down the stairs, step by step.

Cold air touches my skin. A rectangular room with grey walls and dark grey floor.

A very simplistic place, but inside stood a large stone monument.

Near it, a human-like silhouette could be seen. Bound by chains coming from the walls, it gave off a strange feeling of deja vu.

「Is that…… No way.」

Coming closer, I saw Master, tied with chains.


Master showed no reaction at all. I can’t hear her usual telepathy as well. In the first place, Master should be on the 2nd floor, how did she get here?

「Hey, look at this.」

Emma’s attention was focused on the stone monument. Huge letters were carved on it.

『Set free without killing and the path will open to you.』

The monument is way too big for this word count.

But the message is clear.

Freeing the being that looks like Master from the chains will allow us to proceed to the lower floors.

Just as I thought, the chains turned out to be Cursed Chains of Death, but another set of faintly golden chains was coming from the walls.

They were entwined with the Cursed Chains of Death.

The name is Chains of Creation, with the attached skill 【Reproduction】. Rank S.

Abilities of the bound person weren’t hidden, so I could appraise them as well.

Name: Cursed Chains of Death・Olivia・Copy
Level: 420
Skill: Create, Edit, Grant, Dragon Blaze, Blazing Pillar, Enhancement of Fire Element Magic

Is that the main body of the Cursed Chains of Death? And it also has the same three godly skills that I received from Master.

But there are only 3 other skills.

As Master said, there are a lot of skills that she couldn’t pass to me.

The level is also nowhere near.

I wonder if those chains of creation were working at replicating Master the two hundred years that she is being held here.

And even so, it’s incomplete. Gives a good perspective on how great is Master.

「Hey, it looks just like Olivia-san?」

「Looks like they were transferring information from the second floor, making this fake. But its strength is incomplete. Though it’s still powerful……」

「Should we release her? There doesn’t seem to be any other way.」

「Chances are, that might be the main body of what is tormenting master. Even if we end up fighting, first we have to release it.」

「Leave it to me.」

Emma used 【Wind Strike】to cut the chains that held Copy of Olivia.

Powerful wind blades immediately set her free.

It’s entirely possible that attacking it without setting free would forever close the way to the lower floors.

Thus, this choice shouldn’t be wrong.


Fake Olivia stretched like she just woke up from a long sleep.

Both her hair, face, and even clothes were just like Master’s, but this one had properly open eyes and could move.

Even the voice wasn’t telepathy. It used vocal organs, and her throat showed signs of it.

A very, mixed feeling. I want to see Master do the same.

『Heya. Did you set me free? Thank you. I couldn’t remove those chains myself.』

It even copied her character and the way she speaks, I wonder why it pisses me off so much. Emma asks the fake.

「The stone monument says that after setting you free the path to the lower floor will open. Tell us about it.」

『Sure. As thanks, I will tell you.』

As Fake Olivia casually waved a hand I got a bad feeling and promptly moved away. Grabbing Emma I jump to the side.

Immediately after that, a huge pillar of fire hit the stone monument, demolishing it.

「It’s dangerous!」

『Soorry. It’s not like I wanted to attack you. Just look there.』

A set of stairs appeared in the place of the stone monument.

Huh, so the stone monument was hiding a small stairway.

So that’s why it was so unnecessarily huge.

『Are you going down already?』

「Won’t you stop us?」

『I don’t have any reason to. I just got my freedom, so I’d like to enjoy it.』

That moment, I couldn’t hold my accumulated anger anymore.

「Stop pretending to be Master! I know that you are cursed chains themselves!」

『Eeeh~, so you knew. Olivia is soo shockedーーー Just kiddin.』

「If we take you down Master also should gain freedom. Right?」

『Noo idea. But I also thought about testing my power.』

She still had the same stupid manner of speaking and smile, but the air around her changed drastically.

She is unmistakably a strong opponent, but if reproduction is incomplete we still have a chance at winning. I use 【Stone Bullet】. Making it larger would increase the destructive power, but at the same time it would decrease the speed, so I set it to 40.


Fake Olivia kicked up the incoming projectile. The stone crushed into the ceiling with great force. So her physical abilities are also extraordinary.

『Now it’s my turn.』

A dragon-shaped flame appeared beside fake Olivia. The size of the flame was overwhelming by itself, but its heat could be felt even at a considerable distance. It’s probably【Dragon Blaze】.

With a light 「Hoi」, the firedrake turned to violent offense. Both Emma and I run away, safely avoiding it, but the firedrake moved as if it was alive, chasing after me.

Its movements were simple and straightforward, so it could be managed with repeated sidesteps.

……But it’s too persistent!

I wonder how long this flame lasts. I guess quite a while since there is fire magic enhancement.

While I kept running away, Emma tried to attack the main body instead.

『Hm, hm, you probably have Short Blade Dual Wielding Mastery of about A or B. Though it won’t even graze me anyway.』


Fake Olivia evaded all of Emma’s swift attacks with short swords and seeing an opening hit her with a front kick.

Though the attack looked light, it knocked Emma a few meters away.

High level means high basic combat abilities. It can correlate with both overall physical and magical prowess, or with excellence in some particular field.

Master was good at both fields and on top of that possessed outrageous abilities. That’s why she became a legend.

Judging that this is not an opponent we can defeat right now, I dash to Emma.

「Let’s retreat for now.」

Holding Emma I activate Dungeon Portal.

Then I jump into the hole while wryly smiling at the fact that the firedrake was still chasing after me.



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