Chapter 25


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Massaging shoulders


I changed into my uniform and went down to the dining room, and there, although strange, Emma was sitting at the dining table.


「Good morning. You came to pick me」

「Yep. By the way, I also brought a side dish」

Our table which always had spare space, today is cramped.

Starting with the meat, we have salad, eggs, and corn. All is here.

Because the volume of corn produced in this region is small, the majority is imported, making it an expensive good.

She prepared four of it. Although one of them is being eaten right now. The one with that crude way of eating has to be father.


In contrast to the smiling Emma, my father, mother and Alice were hiding their face without saying a word.

「Everyone, there is no need to cry」
「That’s right, uncle. This is nothing but some crumbs from yesterday〜」

Even though we said it like that, my father’s tears and nasal mucus didn’t stop flowing.

「…Noir is a lucky person. In this world, there are people who no matter how much they wish for it, they will never have a childhood friend. Not to mention, such a pretty and kind child」

「Yeah, I’m grateful for that. But if you cry too much, it will be found out that we aren’t eating food like this everyday」

「Yeah, but… but, it has been almost ten years since we ate corn. I’m already at the limit of my patience. That’s whyーーThanks for Noir’s share too!」

Bashi bashi bashi!!

While Father is applauded from all sides, he drops corn on his plate.

「Uncle, you don’t have to be like that」
「Dear, I misjudged you. Is the seventh time in this month that I misjudged you」
「Father, please stop doing that. If you want to eat that much, then buy it with the money you earn yourself」
「Uuuu… You don’t have to criticize me so much, you don’t think?…」

When I sit in my seat, I start eating all the corn on the table in front of my greed-like father’s face.

「Aren’t you going to share it…?」
「Father. Don’t ask me the reason but can you tell me where Albert’s duke house is located?」

Father guides and entertains tourists, so he knows everything there is to know about the city.
That’s why he knows where the houses of the nobles are located.

「I could, but you did not give me corn…」
「I’ll give you something better instead」
「I’ll trust you, my beloved son」

I had my father write on a piece of paper the address of Maria’s house.
I could ask the Great Sage skill but the risk is not zero.
If it’s something that is possible even for me to do, then I want to do it myself.
Anyway, I plan to go to her house with Luna once I have enough LPs saved.

As thanks for the information, I put 1300000 Ria on the table.
*Gatagatagata* My family falls from their chairs.

「N-N-N-Noir! What the heck is this!?」
「 I have put half of what I have earned, please use it to improve our family finances」
「I will receive it with pleasure! Hahaーー!」

Though father worries me, I since my mother and Alice are with him it should be fine.
While my family sees me off, I go to the school with Emma.

「You know, your family is always cheerful and funー」
「Though we are poor, they are good people. That’s why I was able to grow up like this」

Though I can’t say I grew up pure and righteous.
Walking through the hallways of the school, Emma suddenly stops

「That person there, crouching, isn’t it Maria-san!?」
「Let’s go」

Near the stairs that leads to the second floor, in the corner, she was holding her chest while sit on the floor.
With just getting close I could notice her rough breathing.

「Are you fine? Let’s go to the infirmary」
「N-no, I’m fine. These seizures are something normal for me」

Although she tries to get up with a pale face, she still staggers a little.
Amane the one that is always with her is absent today…
After a while, her breathing returned to normal, I felt relieved.

「Noir-san, Emma-san, I’m sorry. My weak body has caused you two such troubles」
「The truth is that the cause of your illness is because of that curse skill, right?」
「…why, such a thing?」

While she looked at me in amazement, I explained my skill.
Appraisal skill and about the LP, and about Haruna-san too.
And of course, I omitted the hidden dungeon thing.

「――In other words, it means that with my skill I may be able to heal you」
「But your LP will diminish, right? If they reach 0, you will surely die…」
「Correct, that’s why I’ve been saving them. I only need a little more」
「Why… Why go so far for me? 」

Now that she ask, unexpectedly I can’t pull out an answer.
We met recently and it’s not like we are close friends.
Why really? Because I’m a good person? I gave her an ordinary answer.

「Because we’re going to be classmates for a good long time, I think」
「The truth is not because she is a beauty?」
「I can’t deny that I think」

Though I intended for it to be a joke, the scornful eyes of Emma are somewhat scary.
But I have no time for that.
Because Maria started to cry.

「Everything is alright, Maria-san. I’m sure Noir can do something about it」

Emma tries to comfort the sobbing Maria.
It had to have been considerably hard for her all this time.
I can feel it just by seeing the state she is in.

Let’s dispel the curse skill by all means!
My will becomes even stronger.
Once she stopped crying, she asked politely with her head down.

「I have one request. If possible, could you kiss me on the cheek?」

Once I told her that it was with the motive of earning LP, she quickly consented.
Maria who was standing next to me could not calm herself down.
Oh, if I’m not wrong, she was not good with the opposite sex? Though she is not the only one, I’m very nervous too.

「I’m sorry, asking for such a thing. You don’t have to force yourself to do it」
「N-No, let me do it」

As Maria finished safely kissing me on the cheek, the LP continued to rise.
Let’s finish to gather the necessary LP by today!
I promised to visit Maria’s house after school.

If I can earn 500 LP more, I will reach my goal of 4500 LP.
I thought about asking Emma, Luna-san, and Laura-san to gather the remaining LP, but at the break, the teacher Elna called me.

「I want your help carrying these documents」

I was in the middle of taking a book to the library when the teacher called me.

「There are students with more strength than me, isn’t that right?」
「Yes, that’s right. Are you using me only because it is comfortable?」
「Ahaha, well, it may be so. You look like a little dog I kept, and don’t feel like a stranger」
「I’m the same as a dog? Sigh」

Once I finished stacking the books on the staff room table, I got a candy as a reward.
Don’t treat me like a child!
I lick the candy while thinking like that.
It was ordinarily delicious.

「Ah, it’s hard. These days it’s always like this」

The teacher, sitting on a chair, dropped her hardened fist on her shoulder several times.

「You have stiff shoulders?」
「From my mercenary times, you see. I am the kind of person whose shoulders are easily hardened」

I don’t get that kind of thing since my shoulders don’t get stiff.

「Aaah, is not there some gentleman nearby who can massage my shoulders?」

No matter how you look at it, the only here is not me?
Rather, I feel that this is the main reason why she asked for my help.
But… Wait a second.
Isn’t this a chance?

「Fine with me, but there is a condition」

「Try telling it」

「I want you to grind your butt against me like the other time, please」

「H-Have you awakened…?」

「I can’t tell you the reason why, but I beg you, please」

「Don’t ask it like that! Your pervert levels are increasing even more. …But you see, it’s fine with me too but I have a condition too」

「And yours is?」

「Satisfy me with a shoulder massage. If you can do it you can experiment my special buttocks grinding, but if you can’t, then give up. Is that right?」

After obtaining her consent, I place my hands on the stiffened shoulders of the teacher.
I’m starting to worry about how bad her head is.

「Yes, don’t be surprised. Now hurry up and start massaging」

Massaging Massaging
Massaging Massaging
Massaging Massaging

I changed the way I massaged her several times, and although I tried, there is no sign that it has improved. It doesn’t seem comfortable at all, the teacher is yawing.
Then she started talking about how I should surrender

「Okay, it’s enough. It seems that after all, it was impossible for a newbie. You can return」

It’s so vexing that I couldn’t do anything about it so let’s rely on Creation Skill.

【Shoulder Massage 80LP】

If I think about the LP that I will get with her buttocks grinding against me, then it should be worth.

Once I acquired the new skill, I put my hands back on the teacher’s shoulders.

「I already told you, it’s not comfortable atーHaaa?!」

*Bikun* Teacher’s body becomes small but becomes sharp.
As expected, the skill works perfectly.
It would become repetitive just massage her, so I tried changing the speed and pressure of the fingers.

「Haahaa, kuu, auu, what the… heck is this… so skillful…」
「How about now?」
「Waaa!? Yes, that place is the best!」
「This place? This place feels good?」
「That, that place is goooood!!」

After a few *bikun bikun*, her body finally falls down at the desk.

*Funyo Funyo*

Yeah, her muscles are becoming softer!
I’m glad that the massaging had succeeded.


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