Chapter 27 – Epilogue


Translator: “Mythko”

By making Professor Elna feel comfortable with my shoulder massage, I was rewarded with the buttocks grinding special edition.

The special edition was not good in various ways.

It would have been dangerous if we were seen by others so we moved to another room.

The shoulder massage that I gave to the teacher lasted about three minutes, and when I finished, my LP had exceeded 4500, my objective.

「Teacher, good work」

「Don’t tell this to anyone. Also, I will ask you for massage another time」

「Leave it to me」



We look at each other and smile.

She sees me as a massage machine, and I see her as an LP replenisher machine.

An adult relationship in which they use each other.

At first, it starts light and little by little the stimulus becomes stronger, and then, someday…

「Teacher, you smell dangerous」

「Okay, stop saying stupid things and go to class」

After being kicked out with her buttocks, I recovered my sanity and went to classes.

After school, I visited Luna’s place with Emma-san.

She acts as a Saint in a shrine.

「Sigh, saint-sama, I don’t feel so well, sigh」

Although there are other people healing, only Luna-san’s row is overflowing with people.

The first thing Luna-san does is check the patient’s face.

「You have dark circles around your eyes, are you not overworking yourself?」

「I’ve been having a lot of trouble at work lately. I have difficulty falling asleep」

「Rest is a necessary part of life. Try to not overwork in the future… Heal Shot」


She shoots a white sphere from her little arms. The complexion of man improves quickly.

「Thank you very much, Saint-sama!」

「Don’t force yourself and come immediately if you start feeling bad again」

Luna-san is still a 17 years old girl, right?

Even so, she can skillfully deal with adults.

While staring at Luna, Emma strangely says something.

「Hey, won’t she faint?」

「I think she’s controlling her magic power」

「Like, she would fall down if she were to put all her magic power into one shot?」

「I think so. But she’s over level 30 and she has experience too. So, I don’t believe we should worry」

She should be fine. as long as she doesn’t put all her magic in a single heal shot.



I just said there was nothing to worry about, and you go and faint!?

「Oーi, Luna-sama fell down again. Fast fastー」

The other priests ran to Luna and began the treatment.

「Uuuaua, I-I’m… fine…」

Even though it seemed very painful, Luna-san continued with her work as Saint.

When asking the people forming the line, they told me she had fainted at least 2 or 3 times today.

「Of course it would be like that. The number of patients is too much」

「Heyー. It must be difficult for Luna-san having all this work〜」

I wonder if they did not think about increasing the staff?

Once the line was dissolved, we went to where she is.

「Good work. You did a wonderful job today」

「Sorry, I showed a shameful side…」

「No, it’s amazing that you are so devoted up to the point of fainting」

「By the way Noir-dono, how are you of LP?」

「I’m editing skills as we talk」

I’m playing with 【Dispel Curse】 skill of Luna-san.

Originally what was reduced was 『Life Span』 but I changed that to 『Money in possession』. I used 4000 LP in that edit.

By the way, it did not have to be specifically, “money in possession”, I could have chosen personal assets and the cost would have dropped to 3500 LP, but I chose the former.

Because the definition of personal assets is very extensive and it could mean anything up to, family’s mementos, favorite weapons among others.

In addition, when I tried to fix [fainting habits], I needed 3000 LP for erasing it.

It seems that this skill is deep-rooted on Luna-san

I want to cure her someday.

The three of us went to Maria-san’s house.

When we arrived at the entrance, Emma said that she was not going to enter.

「You really don’t want to enter?」

「Yeah, I’ll be waiting outside. Sorry for doing this」

「I understand」

When I and Luna-san entered the Alberts house, a butler greeted us.

Moments later, Luna-san removed the curse skill of Maria-san.

◇ ◆ ◇

「So, how did it goー?」

After leaving the Albert house, Emma asked.

I make a circle with my fingers. After Emma applauded in happiness, Luna took her somewhere and they began to chat secretly.

「…Maria-san… has fallen in love… you said?」

「She’s… already… Noir-dono’s… captive…」

「Uuuu… The rivals have increased… again…」

「…The truth is that… me… a little… too…」


Emma made an improper face that a girl shouldn’t do. In contrast, Luna-san’s face was completely red and moving her body restlessly.

What’s happening there?

What are you two talking about there!

Impatient, I approach them, but for some reason, Emma gets angry.

「Noir big idiot! Womanizer!」

「Eeeeh… what was that all of sudden?」

「Good griefー All this happens because you are a good person」

「You always praised that point about me in the past」

「From now on, you can only be good to men!」

「That seems like it’s going to cause bad rumors in various ways」

「Now now, you two. Today is a day to celebrate. Let’s stop fighting」


Emma was not completely convinced, but even so, her mood improved quickly.

I invited her to eat dinner together at the Stalgia House.

「Of course, you too Luna-san」

「If it’s not a bother, then thanks」

「Although it could be a little too narrow for the Saint」

「…Noir-dono, you are aware that I am an adventurer of Odin?」


「Um, ah, you know. What I’m trying to say is…」

Luna-san’s white face suddenly reddened and started to hesitate. Could it be that she is more nervous than embarrassed?

「M-Me too, as Noir’s slav-, I mean, I want to be in your party…」

「Didn’t you just say, as a slave?」

Emma stares in amazement.

Well, we all make mistakes.

As if she had forgotten what she said moments ago, she raises her voice.

「I don’t care if I’m used as a slave, so please I want to be in your party…!!」

「Okay you’re in」

「Thank youーーー!」

「Eeehー But I’m against it」

Though Emma looks bored, Luna-san starts jumping from joy.

There is no reason to reject her, either in terms of ability or character.

Although it is strange to see the usually cool-looking Luna-san so happy.

「…The truth is that I’ve been working as a lonely adventurer for a long time」

「Why? They didn’t want you in their party?」

「No, it’s because I would cause problems to my party if I were to faint in the middle of a battle…」

But even so, I’m sure many people would love to have you at their party anyway.

To celebrate the birth of our party in addition to healing Maria, we went to buy ingredients.

When I returned home at evening, my parents and Alice, were in the middle of preparing yakiniku.

It seems that because I gave them a lot of money this morning, they plan to have a lavish dinner today.

Father, this way of using the money I gave you is…

「Owaa, Noir brought with him an unknown beautiful woman!?」

「Father, let me introduce her. She is Luna-san」

「I’m currently working as Saint. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance」

「Noir’s girlfriend is an elf an even a Saint… The number of things that I can boast about my son has increased by one」

「Unfortunately, she is not my girlfriend」

「Your father and mother were not dating at the beginning either. But now look at us, we love each other very much」

Father embraces mother.

Mother who was cutting the ingredients deals lightly with father. I don’t feel a hint of love between them at all.

In addition, Emma was repeatedly beating my father while saying, 「You’re such an idiot, uncle」.

「But mother, this is bad」

「You’re right…」

There are a lot of ingredients.

Now we have the ingredients that they had already bought with the ones we bought.

Well, I can always put the leftover in my storage.

「Oh my, a guest came? 」

Mother goes to the front door.

While we continue preparing the food, what I thought to be a person from the neighborhood, it turned out to be Maria-san.


Maria-san and the people with her gives a deep bow… Right, they are that kind of family.

I wonder if these are her parents and brother?

All of them are beautiful besides having a dignified presence, so they should be.

My family seems to know the faces of the people in front of us, so Alice included, the three of them rapidly bow their heads.

Rather than bowing their heads, they look like they are doing dogeza.

The Stalgia family entered in panic.

「W-W-what happened? Please raise your heads! Isn’t that right, mother?」

「O-Of course, you don’t have to clean the floor… Please, raise your head」

「Awawawa, onii-sama, what should I do? I dropped soy sauce in that place a few moments ago…」

*Su* Duke Albert with a smile on his face and his forehead touching the floor, speak.

「That explains the smell of soy sauce」

「「「We are really sorry」」」

For some reason, it made me sad to see how the Stalgia house dominated the dogeza skill.

The Duke and his family get up without undoing his smile.

「We are the ones who must apologize for having come without being invited. But I couldn’t wait to thank Noir-kun and Luna-san for what they did today.」


Maria-san explains to my family what transpired today.

「I would like to thank you again in the future. I could not stand still no matter how hard I tried so I needed to come here and express my gratitude and that’s why I came here today intruding your home」

「No no no no, You are always invited to this narrow house. You can come and go as you please. Hahahaー」

Since they are here, I tried to invite Maria-san to our dinner too.

「It’s really okay for you to invite me?」

「Of course it is. We were just talking about what to do with the excess of meat that we bought. If you don’t mind eating with us, then please」

「Then, we will accept Noir-kun’s offer」

And that’s how the Albert house joined our dinner.

It is true that our home is small with all the people who came today.

But everyone seems to be having fun.

「Hey hey, look at eyes of the Duke and the others」


「He’s really swollen, isn’t it?」

As Emma said, Maria’s parents and brother’s eyes are bright red.

「I’m sure they were crying, a lot. This is our opportunity」

「I see, this is our chance…! 」

I sent a glance to my father, mother, and Alice.

Needless to say, the three of them were flattering them with all their force.

As expected of my family.



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