Chapter 28 – Big Money!


Translator: “Mythko”   Editor: “Weasalopes”

A week has passed since Maria’s treatment.

As a student and adventurer, they were able to balance their lives to a certain extent.

Today, I’m working with Emma and Luna to get rid of the Lizard Man monster.

In the middle of the plain, we are in a standoff with the lizard monster. Emma speaks as she raises her short swords in each hand.

「I go, you two support me please」

「Umu, leave it to us」

「I understand」

The opponent is only one, however, they can not lower their guard even for a second against this monster.

First of all, it’s just very big.

Originally, the Lizard Man is the size of a normal human, but this being a mutant, has three times its size.

A rough blue skin, thick limbs like a log.

Lizard Man

Level 31


Blessed Body Sharp object resistance C Skin hardening

Looks like its defensive power is high. Although its movement is quite slow.

Emma started to fight in close quarters, and suddenly she used a move which allowed her to position herself behind the Lizard Man.

*Zaku Zaku*――

Well done! Emma was able to hit it two times with her short swords!


But contrary to what I expected, the Lizard Man did not suffer any damage.

On the contrary, Emma’s two short swords’ blades were broken.

Is this the power of the Sharp object resistance C?

Due to Emma’s surprise, a gap was created. Using that gap, the Lizard Man stretched its log-like arm.

Luna-san prepared her magic weapon without being affected by the sudden surprise.

Zugyu, Zugyu, Zugyuuuuu!

An orange glowing magic bullet called an energy shot is fired.

In the arm of the Lizard Man, numerous but small holes accumulate, and when these come together, the arm falls to the ground.

A-A splendid marksmanship.


「Are you okay?」

「It touched me just a little. Sorry, I’ll leave the rest to you two」


Since it was over to me now, I combined the white flames together with the stone bullet and I shoot it out. What I am aiming at is the heart.


Ah, the shot failed.

I was able to hit its remaining arm, so it’s not that bad I think.

「I leave the rest to youーー」

Although Emma has no weapons, she possesses the 【Wind Shot】 magic.

The mass of wind released hits the belly of the Lizardman and then it makes a heavy sound.


However, the Lizardman has the composure to smile even in its situation.


「Emma, stay away」

I put myself in position and then I thrust with the sword. No matter how high your defense is, this sword has the 【Strong Edge】 ability, improving the sharpness of the sword.

I’m sure now I can cut it through.

Even though I was so confident, I ended up stumbling over something in the middle of my way.

It was some kind of excrement.

This is the worst… As I thought so, a sharp kick passes over me. If I hadn’t fallen, that blow would have broken a few of my ribs.

Is this because of the Good Luck Skill?

Either way, I got up quickly and stabbed my sword into the Lizard Man’s heart.

You could say that it was a last minute victory.

「Fuu, it’s not even a joke stepping into feces」

「But it’s thanks to that you saved yourself」


「I’m sorry, I was not any help」

「If you buy a new sword, it would be good if it has Sharp Blade skill. I’ll take a look at it, so leave it to me」


Then Luna-san comes over with steady steps. I’m relieved that she no longer wobbles while walking.

「I’ve never seen anything like Noir-dono’s magic at all」

「I combined the white flames together with the stone bullet」

「You can do anything it seems… I’m jealous」

「No, no, you don’t have to be. I think we should go home」

We work together to cut all parts of the Lizardman.

Lizardman’s claw×10 Rank C

Lizardman’s arm×2 Rank C

Lizardman’s feet×2 Rank C

Lizardman’s testicles×2 Rank B

I placed them in my storage. For now, all I need is an arm. We’ll discuss the rest later and decide whether to sell it or not.

By the way, the work of extracting the testicles was a bit difficult for me as a man.

But in the end, Luna-san did it for me.

We return straight to the guild and gave the proof of having completed the subjugation to Laura-san

「It was that big!?」

「Yes. It was slightly more than three meters」

「Amazing… Who gave the final blow?」

「Me. Though it was a fluke」

「As expected. Then, I’ll give you this to you Noir-san」

Laura-san gave me a piece of paper. There this was written with cute letters.

『Being able to rub Laura’s shoulder for 30 minutes ticket』

Ahaha, it’s very nostalgic this shoulder massage ticket.

I remember that when I was a kid, I gave my parents a ticket just like this one.

「Fufufu. Perhaps you wanted something different? Then you have to try harder」

「Rather, it seems like you increased the difficulty, Laura」

「That’s not true at allー. I advocate equality」

「Then, where are my and Emma-dono’s part?」

「There aren’t」

「What kind of equalitarian are you!?」

Well, I’m grateful for what I got, someday I’ll use it.

When leaving the guild I realize what time it is.

「I’m sorry, Emma. We will have to leave the purchase of the short swords for another occasion」

「Okay! Don’t be rude, you heard me~?」

「Yes, I’m going now」

Luna and I said goodbye to Emma, and we headed to Maria-san’s house.

When I knocked on the front door of the Albert house, Maria welcomed me.

「Sigh sigh, welcome, to my house!」

「Maria-dono, to think you would run here to welcome us to the point of being out of breath」

「But I really wanted to see you two!」

「Fumu, the two of us eh…?」

Luna-san looks at me meaningfully.

Since it would be disrespectful to talk at the door, she guided us inside.

When entering a room in which there were butlers and maids standing against the wall, the Duke of Albert greets us.

「You did well to come here, you two. You can sit down」

When we sit down, the butlers start to serve us a tea that looks expensive.

I took a mouthful.


I’m sure it must be expensive.

「I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having dispelled Maria’s curse. Even I, I thought I was not going to be on time. If you hadn’t shown up, the worst future would have struck the House of Albert」

「Maria-san, has been any change in your condition?」

「Indeed. the pain disappeared as if everything had been a lie. Thanks to you two Noir-san, I can now look forward to tomorrow」

「I’m happy for you」

「It’s said that being healthy is the best」

When Luna-san and I relax our expressions, the Duke snaps his fingers.

Next, two maids appear and each one places a leather case in front of us two.

「You can open them」


We both open our bags while tilting our heads.

What could be inside?

It was money.

The number of sparkling coins inside was dazzling! They were tightly packed making a *clinking* sound!

「W-W-What’s this?」

「I don’t mind if you think of this as the treatment fee. Even so, it’s still not enough for what you two have done」

It’s not enough? No, no, this will be 10 million or 20 million, right?

「There is 100 million in each bag. Please take it」

「Even so, this amount is…」

「Don’t say that. I want to keep in touch with you two for a long time. If there’s something that bothers you, you just have to tell me. If I can help, then I will lend you a hand」

For the first time in my life, I saw a lot of money, and all the words I wanted to say disappeared.

I was wrapped in a fluffy and strange feeling.

Once it was time to go home, I was taken back. I carried the bag in a manner such that it would not fall off.

「If it’s you, Noir-san, then you should be okay, but just in case, please be careful with the thieves」

Once Maria-san reminded me, the world suddenly seemed to be full of fearful enemies.

I returned with Luna-san looking left and right on my way back.

「I never thought we would get so much, it was really a surprise」

「T-That’s right. But it’s something to be thankful for. In fact, thanks to being dispelling curses last week my money went flying away. I was living in extreme poverty」

「You should have told me. What am I saying? Sorry, I forgot about that」

「It’s okay. Because now, look at me」

Luna-san looks very happy hugging the bag.

「I knowー! I’m sure this heavy weight is…」

「The weight of happiness, right!」


We were very wary until we separated.

Now, by just walking a couple of minutes I should be home, but now that Luna-san left I feel lonely.

I even feel that the people who pass by my side want to steal my bag.

Avoiding the people’s eye and paying attention to my surroundings, I aim to get home.

Ten meters to the Stalgia’s house, I muttered.

「Uwaa… Why I’m such an idiot…?」

I should have used the storage skillー!

I wonder if people’s heads start to malfunction when being blinded by money.



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  7. Thanks for the chapter, hahah understandable~ Noir

    Also I think to express out of breath,
    “Haah.. haah”.. Or “huff… huff” is better that putting “sigh sigh” it just sounds weird. IMO

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