Chapter 42: Dori-chan’s desire


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The girl standing behind my back had an appearance of seven or years old.

I kind of felt a sense of déjà-vu.

She looked like a beauty-to-be, with a noble-like elegance.

A hair with golden threads, fresh skin, long eyelashes, well-shaped small face.

She was wearing one-piece dress and shoes.

Although she had an appearance of a human being, her name was Dryad.

Whatever the name would be, the result of 【Appraisal】 showed that she was not a human being.

The 【Appraisal】skill didn’t reveal any age, race or job information, which would appear if she had been a human being.

And the result of 【Appraisal】 was as follows:

Name: Dryad

Level: 55

【Forest Perception】

It looked like she didn’t have any evil skills.

Also, compared to Silver Wolf and Dango, her level was considerably lower.

「I would like to borrow your strength for my sake.」

I wonder what could it be.

She repeated again the same thing as before.

As usually, I felt no hostility in her words.

But, just in case, I’ve made a few steps back.

「It is kind of sudden, if you say that.」

「Please… If it goes on like this, I’m going to die.」

「No, it is just to sudden if you appear like this.」

「Please. If it has to be like this, I would do anything.」

The girl suddenly prostrated herself on the ground.

In addition, she stretch her arms and legs, she continued strongly expressing her demand.

Ehh… This girl is certainly weird.

「And, what do you mean by that?」

「It means a complete surrendering. It shows that there is no hostility.」

What should I do?

It seems like she is really in trouble, so I would like to hear her story.

「…For now, I would listen to your story」

「Uwa-a-a… Thank you very much」

「Wait a bit!? Please, don’t cling to me!」

「…ah, sorry….」

It is not just the matter of her getting too close. There was a previous matter with the killer tree, and now my nerves are a bit upset.

「Tell me straight about the matter. If it is just a made-up story, I won’t refrain from attacking.」

「I understand. There is really no hostile intention about it. Do you mind me talking?」

「Ok, go on」

「I’m Dryad, a large tree in this forest.」

A large tree?

As I inclined my head to the side, she turned around at the place with a smile.

「This is a small body of mine. I took a form convenient for you.」

「We are not acquaintances, right?」

「Yes. But, as I’ve learned about your strength, I thought I could negotiate with you.」

「Where did you see me fighting?」

「I have a good understanding of this forest. Somehow, I’m able to sense what is happening around here.」

It looks like an effect of the 【Forest Perception】 skill in possession of this fellow.

Let’s summarize the whole story.

First of all, did she watch me invading the 7th layer?

Yes, she did.

Certainly, she saw somebody stronger compared to the monsters, and wanted some assistance from him. As she made a new form with the appearance of a lovely girl, she immediately approached me to make a request, or so it seems.

I’m a bit curious about that body issue, but for now there is something I want to confirm beforehand.

「Could it be that you can read my memories?」

「No, why?」

「Then, did you really create that kind of appearance?」

「Yes. But somehow it seemed like it’s your favorite appearance.」

But I’m not a lolicon!

As I want to cry that from the bottom of my heart, I still have to endure. Just to think, the appearance of Dryad is so much similar to Emma’s childhood figure. That’s the same as I saw her for the first time.

「Let’s get back to the main topic. What is that problem that is troubling you?」

「I’m being sucked…」


「I’m being sucked dry」

Dryad turned her arms and tightly hugged herself.

What kind of sensual pose is that?

After checking herself with upturned eyes, she talked with even more emotions.

「That filthy thing… It’s sucking out my whole body. Oh, no.」

「You are playing with me, right!?」

「……. I just properly explained my circumstances.」

That must be a definite exaggeration.

That being said, it seems like is definitely being attacked.

「I live by obtaining nutrition from the ground. Because I’m a tree, I can not walk, but I’m rich in magical power. The demons are eyeing at that power, and every day, every night they disgrace me.」

「Dryad-san, maybe you are not in that much of a trouble?」

「I am in trouble」


「Really, it is like that. Please, help me.」

「I’m just saying – what is wrong about that pose?」

Again, I was troubled by her laying with her face against the ground. As her clothes and face were covered with dirt, I cleared her with my hand.

「After all, you are kind. Of course, I won’t ask you to do it for free. If you help me, I can tell you the location of the treasure chest.」

「So, there are treasure chests here…」

「And then, the location of the stairway as well. You want to go downwards, right?」

That’s it, she can use her skill to sense the things inside the forest. And, of course, she would know the location of the stairs.
I want that treasure. And the location of the stairs as well.

Even though she is not a human being, she can perfectly read my desires.

Feeling like dancing in someone’s palm, I still displayed a positive stance (attitude).

「First I have to see the opponent. Then I’m going to decide whether to accept it or not.」

「You are so careful.」

「Nah, I’m just a cowardly being.」

「I think we would get along well. What’s your name?」

「I’m Noir」

「Then I’m going to call you Noir-chan. Please, call me Dori-chan.」

Grabbing the hem of her one-piece dress with a finger, she happily spinned around.

Her body, as well the absolute parts of her figure were quite attractive.

On seeing it, I definitely felt healed. So far, by watching it, I had no chance to win in this psychological warfare.

We hurried to the main body of the large tree at once. It was not very far away.

By the way, as her small body seemed to be weak, it was better to not count her as a war potential.

「Look, Noir-chan, it’s over there.」

As we came quite deep inside the forest, Dori-chan pointed with her finger to the front.

Standing out, heavy and deeply rooted in the ground, there was a large tree.

Even though it was covered with green leaves, it gave off a unique sense of presence from a large distance.

It was the main body of Dori-chan.

「I can see that it is splendid even from a large distance.」

「I’m happy to receive a praise. But, please, look carefully. There is an enemy there right now.」

Approaching a little, I strained my eyes. At first glance it seemed that the branches of Dori-chan’s tree body had some degree of freedom to move and repel the enemy.

Several branches were attacking the enemy, but a bee there was laughing at the futile attempts while buzzing around.

Most of its body it was golden colored. As one would expect, it’s size was not normal. About 50 centimeters, probably?

It seems to be of a small type, but…

「In this forest, there is a demon called Bronze Bee, but its coloration is bronze. I think this is a mutant variant.」

There are mutations occurring among demons.

Usually they get stronger, so some people call it “evolution”.

「It seems to be alone, but I’m fed up with its sucking out my magical powers.」

「I’m going to get a bit close.」

I moved to the place from which my 【Appraisal Eye】 was able to function.

Name: “Golden Bee”

Level: 254

【High-speed Flight】 【Deadly Poison Needle】 【Slash Resistance C】 【Magic Power Drain】

Ohhhhhhh… So strong!!

My heart was completely defeated by the enemy exceeding my imagination.

「…Noir-chan, why your face is so pale?」

「It is a condition, where the blood is pulled away from my face…」

「Why are you turning back?」

「My feet have just moved naturally…」

「Are you going to go away (teary-eyed).」

D*mn, it felt painful just by looking at the weeping face of Dori-chan. Or I would rather say that her expression is so human-like, that it would make one doubt whether she is actually a large tree.

I took a deep breath and started an explanation about the difference in strength.

「Between the sweet and irritating words, which kind would you prefer?」

「I would prefer sweet things.」

「It would be an absolute defeat, I think.」

「How come it is sweet…!? Then, what about the irritating ones?」

「That would be an instant death the moment you meet it.」


Rather, I would admire how well Dori-chan was enduring it.

As its body is small, it probably can’t suck all the magic power at once.

But, with the exception of that one, the other skills look quite dangerous… What should I do…?

「It looks like my life won’t last much longer as well…」

Dori-chan, with a calm expression, looked at the distance.

Her face looked as if she gave up on everything.

I want to learn about the stairs to the 8th layer, I want a treasure chest, and I feel like helping her as well.

But the reality is so hard…
Please, I need an enlightenment – God, give me an idea how to cut my way through this situation!



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