Chapter 43: Let’s rely on the Master


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It seems that the Golden Bee stuck its needle into the trunk and was absorbing magical powers. Once the needle is stabbed, it looked like the big tree could not fight back because of the pain.

Dori-chan crouches in pain and holds her chest.

I caressed her back.

In a short while, once it gets enough magic power, it will fly away.

「Are you all right?」

「…Yes. I feel more comfortable now. It least, it is not coming back for a few hours.」

I ground my teeth.

As strong as I am now, I can not fight against the Golden Bee by any means.

Troubled by it, I decided to ask Dori-chan.

「How many times could it happen before it becomes dangerous?」

「It depends on the amount drained. But it should still be safe if it is only 2 or 3 times…」

It seems that if her magic power is dried up, her life will be lost.

At longest, the bee is going to return in half a day. For this once, should I return and make a plan for the countermeasures?

But from tomorrow, I have to go for the subjugation expedition. Besides, it may be better not to say that I returned.

Anyhow, I have no time.

However, it may be also night outside, so I should prepare to spend the evening here.

「First of all, let me briefly explain my abilities――」

If there is a chance of victory here, it would be decided by the use of the gathered LP. However, as the current amount of the LPs is within 500, it is likely that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off just with that.

「Isn’t it about getting along well with the opposite sex?」

「Yeah, that’s right. But now it would be difficult.」

「How about myself, am I not good enough? I’m a woman here.」

You are rather more of a little girl than a woman, aren’t you?

I would rather say that there is no way it is going to give the LPs, but I decided that it would be good to agree and try it.

It can’t be helped. I’m just going to get along with her demands to becalm her feelings…

First of all, let’s start with a「Princess carry」.

Dori-chan wasn’t brimming with health as she had very little magic power, but she smiled happily.

「This feeling, it is good.」

「Is it? I look like a knight of a little princess.」

「Knight-san, and this is for you.」


Dori-chan gave a light kiss to my cheek.

While I was surprised at that, I thanked her back and carried her like this to her main body. I tried to pat the tree trunk gently.

「This way, does it feel good?」

「I does. your gentle touch, it feels good.」

「I think this kind of skillful massage is good.」

For a while I continued the massage with *rub rub*.

Dori-chan looked at it with an unfleeting smile.

A calm feeling drifted around, as if the earlier slaughter of the monsters was just a lie. While such a relaxed feeling is not that you would experience usually, the mood somehow becomes this way when I’m together with her.

「Have you stored some LP?」

「No, I’m saying, – gaining the LPs with a small girl… I saved them!?」

You must be kidding…?

What does it mean – an increase of 800 LPs?

Don’t tell me I was a ****con all the way… I can’t be… I desperately held my head.

Even though I should be happy about storing some extra LPs, why it feels so sad…?

If my master were here, – 「Noir, you are a ****con!」

She would definitely laugh at me like that.

「Ah, that’s right! There is my master inside this dungeon!」

As she is far more experienced than me, she may give a solution for this problem.

「Dori-chan, can you leave this place?」

「If my small body gets too far apart from this place, it can’t be controlled」

「Well, then wait a bit. I’m going to go and meet my master. I will return for sure, so don’t go to any wrong (strange) place from here.」

There are dangerous monsters wandering around in this forest. Even though it is a separate body, it would be better if she didn’t take damage.

「Noir-chan, I will be waiting for you.」

「I will absolutely return.」

As my Dungeon Portal skill became available again, I used it to move to my master’s original location.

「Master, I’ve got in a troublesome situation.」

『Yes! You came back! A disciple coming to seek help from his master, – Olivia was waiting for this moment ~』

My master, as always, was in high tension.

I wonder whether I really should be an apprentice of such a person.

Generally speaking, I’ve already used to such flows of events.

『I wonder if I ever saw something akin to that Golden Bee. Was it that level 700 Poison Bee, the strongest of the bees?』

「If you say it, 700… Did you win against it?」

『It was a victory in a blink of an eye… The opponent of that caliber was not an enemy of Olivia in her heyday.』

「Amazing! How did you defeat it?」

『I added 100 kg of weight to it with my 【Grant】 skill. With that weight added, it fell to the ground, – after that I attacked it.』

「That’s it!」

『Sorry, sorry, with the LPs you have, Noir, it would be impossibleー』

「Is that so…」

Perhaps because I was depressed, my master switched to her true self’s serious tone and reprimanded me.

『As Olivia, I would like you to give up this time. Noir, I don’t want you to go to a certain death. Even if you do everything you can, that Bee would be a difficult enemy.』

First of all, its flight skill system. Regardless of what it is, it is troublesome.

Among High Speed, Super Speed, Godly Speed, High Speed is the lowest rank, but it would make a huge difference if it weren’t there (if the skill were not present).

If you were an ordinary adventurer, it would be very difficult to follow it with your eyes.

Furthermore, 【Extreme Poison Needle】 of the Golden Bee is a strengthened version of 【Poison Needle】, and, once I’m stabbed, it is almost my loss.

In addition to the lethal poison, it would be impossible to counterattack, as the poison causes a continuous intolerable pain.

Dori-chan also… looked much in a pain.

「That’s it, if I make a Poison Resistance skill…」

『Not bad~. But even if you do it beforehand, the result would be the same…』

「If there is a chance, it can’t be helped…」

『It totally doesn’t sound like your usual self, Noir. ――It can’t be helped then, I can’t just leave it as it is.』

After that, the master disappointedly sighed.

『There is a risk, but Olivia will teach you how to improve the winning rate.』

「That’s why I like you, Master!」

『No, I’m going to say one more time! Give up!』

「It is the best, my beautiful master Olivia.」

『As I’m in a good mood, I guess I will teach you. What kind of relations do the monsters have in that forest?
Are they hostile towards a different kind of them?』

I assented to it.

Let alone the different species, Dangos, which were of the same species, were undoubtedly killing each other. Those Silver Wolves too, they saw the other species as enemies.

『Let’s see… If they are successfully incited, it may work. Now it is the time to elaborate Olivia’s strategy to my disciple.』

「Please, do it.」

With all seriousness, I was all ears, as my master explained her strategy. Immediately after I’ve heard the general idea, my heart jumped with a hope. Of course, even though it is not a method of a sure victory…

In the worst case, it would mean death.

But it is a sure method to reduce the possibility of death as much as possible.

I verified (polished) the strategy over and over.

The time flew quickly.

「――I’m going.」

『Don’t die~. You will go to hell if you do.』

「Master, even if you say it, would it be rather a heaven?」

『If that is the case, you can’t lose even more so. Because Olivia is a bad child.』

Yeah, yeah, I have to accompany my master as usually.

After that, I went to the 7th layer again.



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