Chapter 44: Monsters vs monsters


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As I came back to the 7th layer, I returned to Dori-chan at full speed.

It looked like she was was resting behind the large tree.

As she saw my figure, her face brightened.

I was healed by her cute smile.

「Sorry for being late」

「I believed that, since it is Noir-chan, you would be back」

「Of course! Anyway, it seems I could manage to pull it off somehow.」


「I’m not sure if I can succeed, but I can’t leave it all the way it was.」

There are several things we have to do in order to make this strategy successful. I proceeded to explain the exact procedure to Dori-chan.

This time I was going to 【Grant】 Golden Bee a certain skill.

So, first of all, I have to check how many points would it take to use 【Grant】 on the Golden Bee.

According to Master’s estimation, I could do it with a somewhat lower amount of LPs.

To clear the quest using the minimal amount of the required LPs, this time I have to make use of Dori-chan’s power in order to look for the other monsters.

After discovering them, I would need to perform a sequence of actions to lead them here.

「First of all, let’s wait for the Golden Bee to come here.」

「Noir-chan, you have dangerous eyes…」

「Just in case, I have a safer plain. However, if I manage to do it this way, you would better be thankful.」

「Yes, I will tell you about the treasure chest and the stairs.」

「Yeah, by the way, are you hungry? Do you want to eat this?」

I took out a Golden Slime jelly and split a bit of it for her.

Although it is merely her separate body, it is a human-like one, so I thought she could eat it.

「Ah, it is so sweet and delicious.」

「Right. This dungeon is really amazing, – I’ve got it from the first layer.」

After the discussion and checking the strategy, it was necessary to check the whereabouts of the monsters.

Thanks to Dori-chan’s 【Forest Perception】 skill, she knows what is going on around here. In other words, she knows the whereabouts of the monsters.

The present strategy relies precisely on such an ability.

I’ve been waiting for a few hours already.

Huh, there must be a deep night already outside of the dungeon.

Everyone is probably worried.

It least it would have been nice if, before entering the dungeon, I had said in this morning that I wouldn’t come back today.

「It’s coming.」


If you listen carefully, you would hear the *wiiiiii* sound of flapping wings coming close.

We hid ourselves near the tree body of Dori-chan.

To 【Grant】 a skill, one should not be too far away.

Of course, the aim of the Golden Bee is still Dori-chan. It didn’t notice my existence.

I immediately examined it.

30 points are required to create a skill named 【Targeted】, which makes it easier for one to be targeted by the enemy when crowded.

In short, it would be a detrimental skill.

I’m not a person who takes a carnage road to become strong, so forgive me for that.

Of course, I don’t need such a skill.

How much would it be to 【Grant】 it to the monster… All right, it would take just 200!

As it was quite acceptable, I went on and gave it to the Golden Bee.

This is the idea of my Master.

As I moved to the next action, I’ve got a sudden revelation.

Some good idea has come to my mind…

I wonder whether I improve the certainty of the skill effect this way…

I used my 【Editing】 skill to examine the 【Targeted】 skill.

In general, such an explanation didn’t disappoint my expectations.

Let’s add one more sentence after that.

『Especially, when considered a natural enemy of the Silver Wolves.』

Since the amount of LPs required to add the sentence would be 100, I took a triumphant pose and proceeded to changing the skill.

「Dori-chan, are the wolves still not moving?」

「They are still not moving from the place mentioned earlier. They are feasting on their prey.」

「Well, then I’m going. So far everything is going according to the plan.」

「Please, be careful.」

Towards the Dori-chan, who was worried about me, I momentarily pulled up a corner of my mouth and made a thumb-up.

Then I turned my foot towards the direction of the wolves whereabouts.

As it would be about 1000 of my steps, it would be less than 1 km.



Hurry up anyway.

I was going to find them right away.

The wolves with silver mane made a flock in the middle of the animal trail and were eating without reserve.

It looks like… there are seven of them.

I had a grasp of the situation, but I would better be prepared, as even one mistake would result in “out”.

Just in case, I had my Dungeon Layer Transition skills ready to use, so that I would be able to escape if things get too dangerous.

However, if they bite one after another…

I don’t want to imagine it.

Wrapped in the feeling of tension, I picked up a nearby stone and threw it with all my might.


With the support of the 【Throwing】 skill, it hit one of them.

It’s voice sounded like a puppy.

Now, all the remaining wolves simultaneously directed their sight towards me.

「I’ve discovered your enemy! Come on!」

I turned my feet and run for my life.

「*grrr*, *gaugau*」

The angry voices of the Silver Wolves were reaching me from behind.

The four-legged animals are certainly much better runners than humans.

With the absence of running system skills, they could catch up with me within 100 meters.

Name: “Silver Wolf”

Level: 158

【Strong Fang】 【Enhanced Reflexes C】 【Agility C】 【Leadership】

This is a leader of those wolves.

Probably because of the 【Leadership】 skill effect, they had an extremely efficient coordination, and I was surrounded in a breath.

There was nowhere to escape.

Making wrinkles between eyebrows, and showing their fangs, they’ve made a threatening appearance.

Oh, it is so scary…

In the situation like this, there is no 100% victory.

But I still don’t use the Transition skill.

It is still within the range of assumption.

I provoked the leader.

「Don’t freak out, come at me!」


*dash* *dash* *dash*, they jumped at me from all directions.

「Caught you!」


Born from my fingertips, an intense light overwhelmed the world.

It was a skill called 【Flash】, which I acquired earlier.

A surprise blinding attack with intense light is quite helpful.

The Silver Wolves fell to the ground without biting me.

I opened my way to escape by flying with a jump over one of the collapsed wolves, and run again.

As it worked even better than I expected, the distance between me and the wolves was getting higher and higher.

If they lose the sight of me, would guiding them by kiting become meaningless?

Of course not.

Their noses are much more useful than those of humans.

They will definitely chase after me.
There, – they were chasing while barking violently.
*ka-whoosh* *ka-whoosh* *ka-whoosh* *swoosh* *swoosh* *swoosh* *swoosh*

I continued running deeper and deeper into the forest, while hindering their chase with my 20 cm 【Stone Bullet】.

It was not in order to hurt them, but to hinder their chase.

Because I have a different job for them now.

At last, the large tree came into my field of vision.

……Ah!? Cr*p, that Golden Bee stuck its needle into the tree trunk and was draining the magical power.

「Your evil deeds end here, that wanna-be bee.」

I commenced an attack with a 【Stone Bullet】 towards it.

It was wonderfully avoided.

The 【High Speed Flight】 is not just for decoration.

As the Golden Bee immediately followed with a counterattack, I received and blocked its needle with the flat of my sword.

Jostling against it seemed to be impossible though.

Because the wolf came flying (jumped) towards my back to take me down with its claws.


Pushing up the enemy in the front, I escaped the attack from the enemy from behind by jumping sideways.

When I regained my posture, the wolves have already gathered there.


I shifted my attention towards the leader.

At first it glared at me, but, upon noticing the buzzing bee monster flying around, its sharp point of anger was clearly changed.

*gauuu* – was it a directive from their leader?

Following that instruction, the wolves jumped to attack the Killer Bee one after another.

The bee also indomitably prepared for a fight.

On the other hand, making use of the confusion, I left the battlefield.

I would just say – kill each other to your heart content.

I hid behind the tree and observed the outcome.

Although the killer bee is of hundreds levels, it has 7 opponents.

Will it be a one-sided development?

All of my expectations were utterly betrayed.

Even though the wolves had 【Agility C】 skill, they had a hard time fighting against the flying bee.

As their back was taken lightly, the bee was stabbing it with a poison needle.

Their 【Enhanced Reflexes C】 were unable to react to it.

The power of the poison was so horrifying that the stung wolves were just laying after that, letting out bubbles while dying in a horrible way.

Were I in their place, I would die instantly.

One, than one more wolf fell a prey to the poison.

Finally, they were reduced to just one leader and one wolf.

Only with itself alone, it managed to achieve that degree of superiority.

Mutant variants are scary…

But it is still a living thing.

The bee seemed to be considerably tired as well.

The flight speed was visibly dropping.

In spite of that, the poison needle with *zushyu* has wonderfully approached its tail.

But, this time it was a different story.


The bee was unable to leave after stabbing.

Because the wounded wolf endured the pain and wrapped its tail around bee’s leg.

The bee that stopped moving was no longer able to do anything.

*da* *da* *da* – the leader rushed to bite the bee.

After having a part of it bitten off, this time the bee was pushed down by the leg, and, as if clearing resentment for the fallen comrades, the leader has made it a prey to its sharp fangs.

――Finally, the result of the challenge was decided.

Even though I thought the wolves would lose like that, the fight was reversed by the act of the companion of the wolf who bet its life.

If I were one of the wolf species, I would be absolutely deeply moved to tears.

The leader started to lick the bodies of the fallen companions with *pero pero*.

I wonder whether he is poisoned.

However, as it became like this, that the leader showed me its tail, I will get him with whatever it takes.

Combining 【Water Ball】 and 【Purple Lightning】 with 【Magic Fusion】, I fired a salt water ball with a thunder attribute.

Accumulated fatigue.

A sense of relief after getting through an extreme battle.

Probably because of all this, the reaction of the leader was dull.

It was only at the level of turning its neck before receiving a direct hit.


Making a short bark, the leader receiving an electric shock and fell down.

I’ve covered the distance in one go and pierced the brave wolf who survived many battles with my sword.

When I pulled my blade out, the leader has already made its last breath.

Thanks for your efforts, now you can be in the same place as your friends.

「Huh, It made me nervous. If possible, I would like to defeat them without relying on clever schemes.」


There appeared a figure of Dori-chan, and I tightly caught her as she jumped to my chest.

Right after that, in a “princess carry” position, the two people were walking along the Winning Road.



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