Chapter 45: Finally, going back home


Translator: “WN_Explorer_2000” Editor: ”Weasalopes”

So, eventually, I somehow managed to break through the hopeless situation.

My ability to 【Grant】 a 【Targeted】 skill to the enemy at a cost of a moderate amount of LP was a key to my victory.

The amount of the LPs, required to grant a skill, greatly depends on the type of the skill and its compatibility with the opponent.

Skills like 【Thickheaded】, which would slow down the enemy, have low compatibility with high-speed opponents.

Also, they take a surprisingly high amount of LPs…

Well, putting that aside.

There are a lot of demon beasts remains around.

Only Dori-chan and me are standing unhurt.

「Let’s clean it up.」

「OK. If we leave them as is, even more demonic beasts are going to come.」

It looks like it won’t be good for the tree body of Dori-chan as well.

I also have one more purpose here.

There are a some demon ingredients here, aren’t there?

Fang of a Silver Wolf x 7 Rank C
Mane of a Silver Wolf x 7 Rank B
Yellow wing of the Golden Bee x 1 Rank C
Poison Needle of the Golden Bee x 1 Rank B

Unexpectedly, they are of low rank…

Still, will they sell well?

As materials specific to this dungeon, it is likely that their purchase rate outside is not determined yet.

Should I ask Laura-san about it later?

Everything was gathered properly.

Once the cleaning was completed, Dori-chan expressed her thanks once again.

Her tree body also restlessly waved with its leaves-covered branches.

「If not for Noir-chan, I would still be poisoned. I’m sorry I could not do anything to help… 」

「Don’t say it. Without Dori-chan’s 【Forest Perception】, the strategy would have had no chance of success. We have managed to gather together the mutually hostile species of demon beasts. With that, our victory was inevitable. 」

I’ve managed to put together a somewhat cool speech.

In truth, one wrong step and I would have gone to heaven though…

「So, will you dive deeper in the dungeon now?」

「I don’t have much time left. First I have to go deeper, then I have to escape this place. 」

「Understood. Then, I will guide you to the treasure chest first. 」

「Please. 」

I followed Dori-chan.

Upon crossing the stream and walking for around 10 minutes, we approached the cave with a small entrance on the slope.

There was supposed to be a treasure chest inside.

「Un, how would I get inside, I wonder…」

The entrance was quite small.

Even if I went there by crawling, it would not be possible with my body.

「I will go and take it.」

「Are there no demonic beasts inside?」

「There aren’t any. There is only one thing within the narrow place. 」

I guess I have to rely on her kind offer here.

Taking advantage of her small body, Dori-chan went inside and returned in about one minute.

「This is the only thing that was inside the box. What is it? 」

On the top of her small palm, there was a 2-3 cm sized green round jewel.

I used my 【Appraisal】 on the glass ball -like looking thing.

Choice of Wind Rank A

An A-rank came out?!

I’m excited by seeing something this valuable.

However I’m curious about the Choice of Wind in its name.

There seems to be no particular skill inside, maybe it is just a decoration?

I’m going to ask my Master about it later.

「I don’t understand it quite well, but this thing seems to be rather valuable. Thank you for your hard work. 」

「I’m happy to hear it as well. Then, now I’m going to guide you to the staircase to the next layer. 」

Not very far from this place, there was a stairway leading downwards.

However… I would not be able to get to it by myself alone.

Inside the area with disorderly cramped trees, there was a place leading down to the stairs.

However, if you look at it from above, the location of the stairs was obstructed by the plants and was not visible at all.

When we arrived in front of the stairs, the face of Dori-chan had a deserted look.

「…Do your best, ok?」

「Dori-chan should also do her best to live. I will probably come back when I have enough time.」

「Will you c… come back?!」

「Let’s play together next time. Should I bring something tasty from the outside next time we meet?」

「I’m sure it will be fun ! 」

We went through a difficult situation together, so we are already good friends, aren’t we?

Finally, I shook hands with Dori-chan.

「Until next time.」

「I will be waiting.」

With having Dori-chan watch over my back, I went downstairs to the 8th layer.

This time also it didn’t take just 10 or 20 steps to get there.

But the descent was much shorter than the previous time.

「Finally, I’m here.」

In contrast to the natural appearance of the 7th layer, this time a world made of silver colored metal walls and floors was spreading before my eyes.

A standard passage type, with a reasonable width.

I hope there are no giant creatures like in 5th layer.

………… Huh?

*don*, *don*, *don*, *do-on*

From the distant part of the passage, there was a heavy sound coming closer.

It seems to be originating from behind of the corner of the passage turn ahead; I wonder what is it…

Something like a demon beast there, I think?

「I’m a third son of a beggar noble, Noir Stalgia ! Is there anyone here? Whether you are a human or a demonic creature, just come out already !」

If it actually comes out, I could just flee.

Just in case, I made an escape hole with my Dungeon Portal skill.

There are no signs of anyone coming here, but there is still that *don* sound echoing repeatedly.
Let’s leave the capture of the layer for later time.

I moved to the second layer.

Before returning home, I have to report to my Master this time.

「Thanks to my Master’s wisdom, I have managed to make through it.」

『As expected from my pupil ! If I were able to move, I would give you a passionate embrace… 』

「That’s a bit too… Ah, I’ve just remembered, I’ve found this item called Choice of Wind. Do you know how to use it?」

『Oh, this thing is quite a rare one. You can learn Wind Magic if you eat it.』

「That’s great, isn’t it?」

『But, you know, that Choice is messed up. For some people, it is meaningless to eat it. If you are a person with no talent for Wind attribute, you won’t be able to learn even a single magic, but if you have a talent, you would be able to learn a few of them~ 』

「Ehh- 」

I have already learned during the lesson that there are edible things which can give skills when you choose to eat them.

But to be chosen by an item, it is something I have never heard about.

This world is overflowing with wonderfully strange things.

『Going to try eating it?』

「Hmm. I think I’m going to give it to a friend this time. Most likely, I don’t have that much of the talent.」

『To a friend, is it a girl~?』

「You are going to make fun out of me again, aren’t you?」

『I want to encourage you as hard as I can as your Master. In various ways. It is going to give so-o much LPs, right? Mwa-ha-ha-ha』

The laughing voice of my Master is disgusting.

After expressing my thanks I was going to return home, so I checked the remaining LPs.

As of now, they are no more than 500.

『So, Noir, did you collect something like items or materials? Then you would better get 【LP Conversion from Item】』

「Oh, it looks helpful.」

『It is fine to think about it as about a version of money to LP conversion skill. If you can afford it, take it.』

「Got it. I’m going to get back to it later, see you.」

『If you don’t come back soon, Olivia may become a fossil-』

So I left my Master and went outside from the dungeon.

In the outside world, there was already a dawn.

Huh, after all I’ve spent the whole night inside the dungeon.

As I went back to my house, I saw Alice restlessly walking in front of it with a listless expression.

「Onii-sama !」

「I’m sorry, could it be that you were waiting for me?」

「Yes, I was.You didn’t return yesterday, so…」

「You’ve got dark circles under your eyes. Have you been waiting without sleeping?」

「…I was worried, in various meanings. 」

In various meanings.

What could they be?

Then Alice said with a nervous looking expression:
「In wh-which house did you stay during the night?」

「I wasn’t a house, I was diving in the dungeon.」

「So it was like that. Somehow, it makes me feel relieved.」

What would that mean?

And then, both of my parents came out from the entrance with Toramaru.

『You came back, Noir. I was so worried!』

「Your mother isn’t like that though. Because I believed that, if it is Noir, you would come back safely.」

「Noir, you fool, yesterday family council was so heated (turbulent). If you were to climb the stairs of the adulthood … *mugu* *fu* *ah*, what are you doing?…」

Alice and my mother blocked the mouth of my father.

I wonder what were the contents of that family council…

Still, I have some rough idea about it.

「There are some dishes ready. Will you eat?」

「Thanks for the food, let’s eat (Itadakimasu).」

「Since it’s a holiday, eat a lot and get some rest, please.」

「Sorry, Alice. That’s not possible. After I have my breakfast, I’m going to go on a subjugation request.」

「Take care of your body, please.」

「I will be careful. Then, Toramaru, I’m counting on you afterwards.」

『Leave it to me, friend.』

Somehow, everyone at home became relieved after all.

I came inside and got a delicious lukewarm breakfast.

The tiredness from the lack of sleep also seemed to be blown away.

Thank you for the meal.



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