Chapter 46: Luna-san’s savings


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From today and onwards, people have holidays around here, but I have no time to rest.

Well, it is better than not working and be unemployed, right?.

Upon leaving my house together with Toramaru, I headed to our meeting place again.

『So, Noir, where we are going to?』

「To a place called Amon village. From the South Gate, when going to south-west direction. It would take about two days with a horse-drawn carriage」

『For me it would take about one day.』

「As expected. But don’t push yourself too hard.」

Anyway, as it is a growth period, I would like to sleep at least for 2-3 hours.

My bed is the back of Toramaru.

The other party members have already gathered at the gate entrance.

Emma, Luna-san, and – Laura-san?!

When I got off Toramaru, three people started running to me, while competing with each other.

「Hi-i, Noir! And Toramaru.」

「Good morning, Noir-san. Please, do your best today.」

「You did a good job coming here all the way.」

「Of course! To tell the truth… I would want to abandon everything and come with Noir.」

Emma was scornfully looking at Laura with a profound smile.

It is a holiday time. But not in the guild.

It was rather a time for extra earnings there.

Not to mention that Laura-san was having a battle against Sara-san this month.

「We are going to clear the quest and thus make a contribution (to the challenge)」

「Please, do your best! But don’t forget, the most important thing is…………」

Laura-san takes a pause while contemplating on the not-to-do things.




This moment of silence is so long!

Finally, when it comes to the matter about the direction we are heading towards, her mouth opens.

「――About Noir-san’s body…」

「「It’s ridiculous… Even longer…」」

「Surely, this kind of thing is probably too much. It is somewhat embarrassing for Laura as a close friend.」

「Well then, fight, Noir!!」

Ignoring the remarks from both Emma and Luna, Laura made a pretty victory pose with both hands.

It didn’t look mentally healthy.

Despite the delicate image of a receptionist, one’s opponents are often the rude adventurers, so the inside may be actually quite tough.

Laura-san is also fitting in that pattern.

「That’s right Noir, can I have some of your time?」

It seems that she had something to discuss with me in private, so I was willing to lend her an ear.

It looked like she had something to whisper about without anyone noticing.

And so it was – should I succeed, she would issue some more fun “tickets” or something like that――.

Well, I’m looking forward to it.

What kind of thing is it going to be?

Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster……

「Well then, everyone, take a ride…… I’m off.」

「I pray for your safety. Fight well!」

We were sent off by cheerfully looking Laura-san in the morning, and departed to Amon village.

Toramaru’s legs were really faster than a usual horse-driven carriage.

There were some other people riding in the same direction.

Both the coachmen and the passengers were stunned by seeing us.

But there is a limit to such a flight.

The speed is kept below a limit where the wind feels comfortable.

Thank you for paying attention to my feelings.

「You know. That time before, what was whispered in your ear?」

Emma, who was riding right behind me, slightly distorted the corner of her lips.

「It’s not a big deal.」

「Well, then tell me~」

「…in short, if the request is cleared, a ticket is given.」

「…and that’s why it is exactly the thing to worry about.」

「Eh? I didn’t do anything.」

「But you were going to! You were going to get an absolutely perverted ticket!
Grrr… You are definitely a pervert, after allー」

Even if I tried to explain that it is not like that, she wouldn’t believe me.

I wonder if my usual behavior is actually that bad.

And then, Luna-san really saves me with her follow-up.

「For a male in his years, isn’t it quite natural to be interested in such things?
If you want my cooperation, please, do not hesitate to ask. We are close friends, after all.」

I’m moved by her words of compassion.

They may sound a bit strange, but it is probably just my heart being impure.

「Oh, right, I was going to give something to Emma.」

I took out a gem I got from the 7th layer. Hopefully it will enlighten the mood.

「And this is?」

「By eating this you can learn Wind attribute magic. But for those with no talent in the Wind attribute it is pointless. Because I’m no good with it, Emma should eat it.」

「May I? Really?」

「By all means, whenever you like.」

「I like, I like such things!」

Emma put her hand on my stomach and tightly embraced me from behind.

“I want to become strong”―― I’m delighted about such desires (thinking).

「Still, I wonder if it actually would be the right thing to do.」

「Don’t say such things. Because the favor is mutual. I’m the one always getting the LPs, after all.」

Emma gives the most LPs out of everyone.

Moreover, she gives them every single day without asking anything in return.

Actually, even now, a small amount of LPs are coming in.

With her heart beating fast, she swallowed 『Choice of Wind』 in one gulp.

Clenching her fist, Emma’s expression became strange.

「It’s wonderful, It’s a feeling of overflowing with energy!」

Well, now… …ohhh.

In addition to the already learned 【Short Blade Dual Wielding Mastery】 and 【Wind Strike】, her current skills have been increased to 4.

2 new skills -【Wind Run】 and 【Wind Blade】 were gained.

When she heard about them, she happily jumped with *banzai*

Her big breasts were swaying up and down with *shake shake*

『It’s not a place for the celebration, there is a demonic beast nearby.
Should we just avoid it?』

Diagonally in front of the us, there were demonic beasts, called Centaur, with their lower body part of a horse and upper body part of a human.

Though they looked like human, their skin was bluish, with eerie black-colored whites of the eyes.

Their level was around 20-30.

Both of them had 【Back Legs Kick】 skill, while the 30-ish level one had a somewhat troublesome 【Flaming Sphere】.

「Here am I. Should I try something?」

「Hey, we too.」

「I’m sorry. I want to try it alone. I want to test my skills.」

「Well then, if things become too dangerous, Luna and I will come help you.」

「Yes, please.」

Emma got off Toramaru’s back and splendidly landed with a *thud* sound.

Taking an attacking posture, the Centaurs began closing in with the attacking Emma.

From the back (top) of Toramaru, I prepared a stone projectile while Luna-san readied her magic gun.

Maybe the situation is not dangerous, but…

The skills obtained by Emma were also listed in the textbook.

Moreover, she seems to have an intuitive understanding of their usage.

Emma proceeds to use her 【Wind Run】.

It is a magic that makes your body lighter with the support of wind.

When the 20th level centaur rushed ahead, Emma readied her two daggers and sprinted forward.

Just before their collision, the centaur raised its foot to trample Emma.

Eva dodges it with a gale-like movement, and moves around to the enemy’s back.

That was a careless move! Just after that the centaur performs a kick with its hind legs, densely covered by muscles.

The kick was further reinforced with skill assistance, or so it seems.

The kick was so strong that it raised a gust of wind.

However, it missed.

Calmly observing the situation, Emma flew with a jump to the upper centaur body part.

With high precision, she stabs a knife into its throat on the flight.

「Emma-dono, get away from it!」


From Emma’s back, a ball of flame was rushing with a great force.

The attacker was the one with 30-ish levels.

Rolling from the top of the horse body, Emma performed ukemi and landed safely on the ground.

【Flaming Sphere】 hit its fellow Centaur directly into the head.

It was covered by hair, but it was burnt with a *poof*

There was no further movement.

Because it was already dead.

「It is going to shoot again. It’s my turn then.」

「Wait, Luna-san, Emma will manage it somehow.」

I stopped Luna-san, who was trying to attack with her magic gun.

The magic of the centaur and Emma’s 【Wind Blade】 were released almost at the same time.

Emma’s attack was a straight horizontal blade, but its range was amazingly wide.

It is more than I could reach with my both arms outstretched.

I think it is about 2 meters.

The magic cut the 【Flaming Sphere】 perfectly in two, and traveled further without a decline in power.


It was the last word of the centaur.

It’s humanoid and horse parts were perfectly separated.

Just to make sure, Emma checked whether it was still alive, but it seemed that the result of the challenge was already decided.

『Such a power from a mere girl!』

「You definitely have a talent for Wind attribute.」

「Um, I would rather say that I’m only able to use it at the level I’ve just learned.」

「Luna-san, if you want something as well, just say it. I can 【Grant】 it.」

「…Thank you for the offer, but my and Emma-dono’s positions are different.」


「It would be weird to treat me in the same way as Emma-dono, who shared her emotions and memories with Noir from her early childhood.」

I think she doesn’t have to worry too much about such thing.
Then Luna-san put a finger on her jaw and started pondering about something.

「Wait a bit… That’s it! Noir-dono! Then, what about making Luna-san’s personal savings?」

As I didn’t get the meaning of what she just said, Luna-san happily hurried with an explanation.

The LPs given to me by Luna-san, are saved, that’s a fact.

「For 20 or 30 % of the total amount saved, I could get the skills I need.
The remaining amount of them could be used by Noir-dono without reserve.」

「Don’t you want a higher percentage?」

「Well, I will consult about this topic with 2 people. ――For now, I would just save the LPs.」

「Let me see…?」

How exactly are you going to save them up?

The moment the doubt popped inside my head, Luna-san stuck herself close to my back.

She put her hands around my stomach and slowly moved up… to my chest, pressing her cheek against my shoulders.

「Um, not bad. I think. How was it?」

「I, I also think it wasn’t bad.」

I’m a bit tired, but I can’t be displeased when hugged by such a pretty person.

「Err, I get it is the for the sake of LPs, but gets somehow tense.」

「So it is…」

「But for the sake of LPs, let’s do it some longer.」


Oh, in fact the LPs have already been gathered, but should I really tell about it?

As I were lost in such thoughts, an angry voice came from below.

「Heyーーー! What the h*ll are you doing while people are fighting against the demonic beasts?!」

I properly observed the fight, and there were no problems.

But, even if I tried to explain that to Emma, it would not calm her anger.

「Not Noir and Luna-san, you, id*ots! Traitors!」

『Don’t get so angry, little girl. Haven’t you done the same? With all your might, when riding on my back?』

「I’m not a little girl, I’m Emma! Just stop it already, Toramaru.」

『But in that case you should cut it out as well.』

「Just ignore the time when I did it.」

『What do you mean by that?』

「I can’t just ignore it and pretend that I didn’t hear or see what has just happened!」

『I see, I don’t understand you after all.』

Toramaru gave up thinking more about it.

I also didn’t know what was happening, but at least I know that this trip wasn’t too tedious.



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