Chapter 54 Laura’s Therapy


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With the busy holidays over, classes have once again resumed. It was morning, and a lot of my classmates were wearing long faces.

I feel you. The morning after a long holiday is always depressing. But this school, especially our S class’s homeroom teacher wasn’t going to make it easy.

As soon as the door opened, tension filled the air. The look on her eyes was harsher than usual.

Elna-sensei was a mysterious make-up-wearing lady in her mid-twenties. She had a lovely face and nicely toned figure with great proportions — the latter a product of her days as a mercenary. If only she were more gentle and caring, I was certain she’d be more popular.

「I was expecting to see those sorry-looking faces. Class, you’re out. Once your skin gets too loose and flabby, getting it back to normal won’t be easy. All of you, go outside and give me twenty laps.」

Oh, dear. She was as rigid and strict as usual which just made us all the more depressed. She would definitely add more laps if we complained so with heavy hearts, we simply proceeded to the school grounds.

After running twenty laps with all I got, I finished third.

「You’re elite soldiers.」she said.

The students who finished in the top three were to receive a prize from Elna-sensei.

「Great job. Keep it up.」Elna-sensei said as she gave me head pats.

All she did was pat my head. I suppose this is her way of giving rewards. Some ass-grinding would have been preferable.

「By the way, how’s your exam going?」

「We’re doing okay.」

「I find it unlikely, but are you really fighting the dragon?」

「Yes. Can you tell me something about it?」

I saw the opportunity to ask but she just shook her head. Apparently she couldn’t share information about the monsters to students. Of course she couldn’t.

「Personally, I think you shouldn’t go for the dragon. I’m sure with your abilities you can hunt down the other two monsters and get the top spot.」

「If it’s too dangerous, we’ll do that.」

「Please don’t make the wrong decision. There are many things far more important than some exam results. That includes you and your friends’ lives.」

「Thank you for the advice. We’ll try not to go overboard.」I said, but Elna-sensei looked like she wasn’t entirely convinced.

She must be worried. I do look like someone who’d screw up and get eaten.

My blood flow got better from all the running and I was able to focus on my classes for the rest of the day. So did the other students. Maybe this was Sensei’s plan all along.

Classes were over and I was getting ready to go home when Maria-san approached me. She told me about her exam and how she was feeling better. Then we talked about random stuff. After about ten minutes, her eyes seemed to soften.

「I still haven’t repaid you for what you did for me. If there’s anything I can help you with, please tell me.」

「You became friends with me. You’ve done more than enough.」

「I won’t be at ease unless I do something. Is there anything you want me to do? Then again, there really isn’t a lot I can do in the first place.」

She was starting to feel down so I had to think of something.

「Oh, in that case…」

I was struck with an idea and whispered it to her.

「Are you sure that’s all you want? I’m ready, any time!」

「Then let’s wait for the rest of the students to go home.」.

Students trailed away from the classroom one by one until there were only the two of us left. And then we began. She stood in front of me. She was wearing a white-themed attire, so clean and pure. I could feel my heart beating faster.

「Are you ready?」

「Any time.」

Maria carefully embraced me, arms wrapping around my back. Huwaaa. I almost let out a strange sound. A hug from someone with a body so refined and elegant was intensely stimulating. I don’t think I can take any more of this. I got the LP so I backed away.

「How does this help you?」

「This might sound strange, but doing this makes me stronger. I swear I don’t have any ulterior motives.」

「Of course! I understand. It’s for your own good. So here’s one more!」


She embraced me all of a sudden, I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a weird sound.

「M-M-Maria-san. You need to give it some time before the next one or it wouldn’t work.」

「All right. We’ll just do it from time to time then. Should we keep this a secret from the others?」

「Yes, please.」

「Fufu… Roger that.」

If people found out about this, I would surely incur the wrath of all the guys. Anyway, I was just happy I found myself a new source of LP. Still, I wondered how to describe my relationship with Maria.

If I had to give it a title, “Secret Rendezvous with a Young Lady” would be appropriate I think. Yup, I’m an idiot.

◇ ◆ ◇

The usual team decided not to party up for now. In the meantime, we each gathered information about the dragon.

After parting with Maria-san, I went to the guild to see Laura-san. She told me to come if I had the time.

「Hello. Working hard today too, I see.」

「I could say the same to you, Noir-san. You’re doing great juggling both school and being an adventurer. You’re here for what I told you last time, right? Actually I wanted to give you something.」

She looked around warily before rummaging under her clothes for something. What’s she doing?

She took out a rectangular-shaped parchment and handed it to me.

「Don’t tell anyone else, but I kept that in my cleavage.」

「N-No wonder it’s warm!」

「Ufufu… it’s your exclusive coupon after all.」

It read: ‘For Noir-san’s use only. Whole Body Massage. (※This one entitles you for your own massage. As for you massaging me, that’ll have to wait till next time. ☆).

「I’ll explain in detail.」

「You don’t have to. I completely understand!」

「That saves us some time. Do you want to use it now?」

No way. Not here where there’s a lot of people… I realized I was thinking about something indecent. There was absolutely nothing wrong with getting a shoulder massage. In fact, that was proper and reasonable. But Laura-san was one, no five steps ahead. Another receptionist arrived.

「Laura, as promised, you may take a break」she said.

I was certain this was all planned, but she insisted that it was a complete coincidence.

「I have some free time now. How about we head into that room? It’s vacant.」

And so I was now locked up inside a room with Laura-san.

「I don’t know about this… What if someone enters?」

「Don’t worry. No one’s coming in here today.」

Very meticulous. Cunning, even. I wouldn’t want her as an enemy.

「Come on, now. Don’t be shy. It’s for your LP.」

「So you’re gonna massage my stiff shoulders or something?」

「I would recommend the ‘Just leave it to Laura’ course.」

「All right, then. Let’s go with that.」

It felt like I had no other option. In fact, I don’t think she had anything else in mind. But I found out that I made the right choice. She diligently worked on my muscles, trying her best to relieve me of my fatigue.

She worked from the shoulders down to my back. The foot massage was especially exquisite. According to her, she practices it every day by massaging her mother’s foot.

「Giving out quests isn’t the only job of a receptionist. They also support adventurers, to give them more energy, so they can do their best while out on their jobs. Of course, this kind of service is only for you since you have an exclusive coupon.」

「Quests can be taxing for adventurers sometimes but I guess receptionists have it rougher, huh?」I said.

「True that! Like trying not to talk to a vulgar adventurer, enduring your rival’s harassments, listening to your boss complain about family matters.」

「But I would be happy if you come for quests regularly. There, all done!」

My body felt wonderful after receiving her ‘Just leave it to Laura’ massage course. I felt so relaxed and comfortable.

「Just keep doing your best and I’ll give you more coupons.」

「I’m getting excited.」

「Right? Look forward to it!」

With my fatigue gone, I left the guild fully invigorated.



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