The Loner Who Conquers the Other World (WN)

Author: 五示正司 Goji Shoji

Original Web Novel: ひとりぼっちの異世界攻略

Alternate Titles:

  1. ひとりぼっちの異世界攻略 ~ チートスキルは売り切れだった
  2. Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku ~ chiitosukiru wa urikiredatta
  3. ~The Loner who conquers the other world ~ All of the cheat skills were taken
  4. Lonely Attack on the Different World

Frequency: 1 per week (Week is Monday through Sunday)

Synopsis: Haruka is a loner in his class and he spends most of his time reading books without any real friends. His life completely changes, when he and his classmates are enveloped by a white light and brought to another world. Haruka proves that Loner is the strongest class in another world!

Volume 7

Chapter 282

Volume 8

Chapter 329?

Volume 9
Volume 10


  1. Part 1 volume 1 isn’t avaiable

  2. Is this the web or the light novel? Well any of these would be good… thank for pick this up XD

  3. It’s now live, the link now works to Chapter 1 Part 1…

  4. Is this the r18 one or r15 one??

    • The r18 one is just a direct continuation from where the r15 one left off. The author just got forced to switch to the r18 section after he ended up getting too raunchy in his writing. The switch starts from around chapter 296 iirc.

  5. how often is the WN translated?

  6. Any idea how I can donate if PayPal doesn’t support donations from my country?

  7. missing new chapters…. Pink Tea…. save us, please. 🙂

  8. why is there only 263 chapters?

    • Because the translator’s life has gone for…
      We’re experiencing unexpected delays, to keep abreast of what’s going on and discuss with other readers, check the discussion channel in our Discord?

  9. I hope Pink Tea is able to return soon.

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