The Loner Who Conquers the Other World (WN)

Author: 五示正司 Goji Shoji

Original Web Novel: ひとりぼっちの異世界攻略

Alternate Titles:

  1. ひとりぼっちの異世界攻略 ~ チートスキルは売り切れだった
  2. Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku ~ chiitosukiru wa urikiredatta
  3. ~The Loner who conquers the other world ~ All of the cheat skills were taken
  4. Lonely Attack on the Different World

Frequency: 1 per week (Week is Monday through Sunday)

Synopsis: Haruka is a loner in his class and he spends most of his time reading books without any real friends. His life completely changes, when he and his classmates are enveloped by a white light and brought to another world. Haruka proves that Loner is the strongest class in another world!

Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7


  1. Part 1 volume 1 isn’t avaiable

  2. Is this the web or the light novel? Well any of these would be good… thank for pick this up XD

    • WN, R-18 version (the one with 1489 chapters currently and ongoing, as opposed to the R-15 version at 296 chapters and ceased posting, or the LN at 4 volumes to date.)

  3. It’s now live, the link now works to Chapter 1 Part 1…

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