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Day 39 – Night, White Weirdo Inn.

Returning to the town we run through tailors before the stores close for the day.

Since Armored Pres-san now has flesh, it would be cruel to leave her with nothing but armor. She is also a girl, after all, so she probably has an interest in dresses and stuff. Armored Pres-san seems to tend to act reserved, so she keeps looking at this and that, comparing clothes and deliberating on her choice, but since she seemed to have fun I make her buy one thing after another.

She is trying to hold back, but I show no mercy and make her buy! That is because it is a feast for my eyes! Her appearance had something so divine about it that a good look at her could make one want to drop to one’s knees in a sort of religious fervor, however, art is something meant to be seen and appreciated! That is the truth! We went through many stores, but sadly, none had anything lewd. Very disappointing. Well, even if they had something, it probably would’ve only meant more highschool boy-like troubles for me, but it is still disappointing.

Armored Pres-san is happily carrying a mountain of clothes as we walk through the street. Can she even see ahead of her? I tried to offer her to put them into Item Bag or at least carry half of them, but she refused, energetically shaking her head. She enjoyed the shopping, so she might enjoy carrying so much stuff after that. I mean, she looks so delighted. She had no chance to do this until now, so I want her to have a lot of fun and pleasant things from now on. In other words, there is no problem with buying her a bunch of stuff.

After going through the cloth stores of the town we finally got back to the inn. The name seems to remain unchanged.

「We’re home~? Sweeping the cave and the forest took a while? I neglected it for quite a bit so I had to get it cleaned. It’s nice and sparkly now? So that’s a relief? Kind of? 」

For some reason, I’m greeted by 20 flat gazes? The mood seems kinda weird? The strangely tenacious flat gazes. Okay, fried rice time! Finally, the moment has come! Fried rice invoked! Here cometh the fried rice’s decree! Fried Rice-based Flat Gaze Interception Plan!

「「「「Welcome back. Is that so? A relief, huh?」」」」

「Sounds about right? Haruka-kun, you look very relieved?」

「Yeah, I got everything cleaned?」

「Spending the night there, cleaning, must’ve been tough, huh? And you came back on the night of the next day.」

「You must’ve worked very hard? Until very late.」

「「「And this! And that!……(And so on and so forth)」」」

I hurriedly shake the iron pan. Fire Magic should be enough for cooking,
I have plenty of tools and tons of rice. Only eggs are somewhat a valuable rarity here. As I thought, long grain rice works the best for fried rice. But the luckiest thing is that this world also had sesame oil. That decided it. Having no white pepper I had to settle for black pepper, but it still should be delicious. If I had nori I would’ve gone for fried rice with nori, but there’s nothing I can do about that. Shaking 6 huge frying pans I also prepare soup in a stockpot. Meanwhile, the meat is deep-fried in the oil. My preparations are perfect. The fried rice set special is about to descend into this world! [1]

Pouring some soy sauce into a cauldron and letting it burn there for a bit spreads the smell of fried soy sauce through the dining hall. The girls that were mumbling something immediately went silent, fixing their gazes on the rice dancing through the air as I stirred it over the fire.

「Fried rice is ready. Take your plate and come for it? There is also deep-fried meat of some unknown bird? It even comes with a soup? It’s a fried rice set meal? Well, once again with mushrooms though.」

The students form a line, carrying plates in their hands. As soon as I pile up a whole plate of fried rice they beam with smiles.
The girls got back to their seats with chatter and giggles and immediately began stuffing their mouths with food. The idiots brought a giant platter from somewhere so I first clubbed them with the ladle. When I piled up a large serving of fried rice with extra deep-fried meat they rushed back to their table with the platter, but unable to wait until they reached it, they began munching on the meat as they ran. As expected, fried rice with meat is popular with boys. Since it seems everyone got their share, I beckon Armored Pres-san and hand her a plate with fried rice as well. She might not need food, but if she can eat it, it would be a waste not to enjoy delicious stuff. If she can taste then that is a blessing in itself. So I gave her an extra-large serving. Okay, finally, fried rice set in a different world.

「「「「Sooo goood!!!」」」

It seems they liked it. Actually, there are a lot of complaints one could make for ingredients and flavoring, but everyone is too nostalgic for that. Only a bit over one month passed, but they are already missing it. It’s not about this or that world, they are missing the ordinary everyday life. I also miss bookstores, but I don’t feel like I will ever find them here? Should I try summoning after all?

Armored Pres-san seems to have trouble eating in the armor, so she went to change. As expected, getting food through a faceguard is a bit difficult. Simply removing the helmet would’ve solved the problem, but she probably wants to try on new clothes as soon as possible. In short, she couldn’t wait anymore. After buying so many clothes that she couldn’t hold them all anymore, she now can’t hold herself back from wearing them. I guess I will have to tribute more stuff to her when we get out into the town again?

While everyone was making a ruckus, munching on their food, armorless Armored Pres-san returned to the dining hall after finally changing her clothes.

Although she was now wearing pretty normal clothes for a resident of this town, the room completely froze, as one would expect. No one cared about the food anymore. It’s fried rice, you know? It’s delicious?

Although her attire was an utterly mundane combination of a simple tunic-like top and loose pants, on her it looked incredibly stylish.

The clothes were as everyday and mediocre as they get, but with her incredible figure, she appeared like a fashion model in them! If I were to set up an online store with her as a model I’m sure I’d be able to sell literally anything! Anything she wears instantly becomes the most fashionable thing possible. Since even plain and simplistic clothes appear like some kind of stylish casual attire, her power as a model is too high.

The loose tunic swayed, going in parallel to the bodyline, emphasizing her figure. Even loose pants, which would usually be unfashionable, looked smart and even sexy thanks to the marvelous length of her legs. That’s just unfair! And her face is even more amazing. The poster girl that got her first look from up close even forgot how to breathe. Rescued by the other girls she is now taking deep breaths but still cannot take her eyes off her. The beauty went beyond tempting, straight into the lethal territory. The boys froze along with the atmosphere in the room, but who cares about them, it’s not a big deal if they were to stop breathing as well. They can’t read the atmosphere anyway, so why pollute it with their breath. Or rather, stop looking!

The girls should’ve been aware of this since they even took a bath together, but they are staring at her in a sort of trance anyway? I’m pretty sure the impact was far bigger when she wasn’t wearing clothes? Yup, it was. For real.

Armorless Armored Pres-san came this way, apparently intending to eat together, and taking the seat opposite me she began eating.

I was wondering how a person from this world would see this fried rice, but since she seems to like it, nodding as she eats, I guess it’s a pass. That’s nice, so the greatness of fried rice is understood even in this world.

「Want to sweep through the dungeon tomorrow? My remodeling of the 1st floor was interrupted midway?」


She tilted her head, puzzled. Well, she surely didn’t think that the dungeon where she stayed was undergoing an arbitrary reconstruction.

In a way, that’s the ultimate approach to beating a dungeon. Invade, occupy, and remodel the place while living there, turning it into the base of operations, gradually capturing the dungeon. The monsters were surprised as well. They probably couldn’t even imagine that someone already made plans to turn their 100th floor, where they lived all that time, into a hot spring. But hot springs are nice, you know? It probably would be even nicer if I entered it together with her? I don’t know which part of it would be nicer exactly, but I’m sure of it! But if I actually made one, I’m certain I’ll end up confining myself to the 100th floor. I have absolutely zero confidence that I will ever leave the place! Developing an elevator might be a real necessity.

There might also be treasure chests that I missed, so in any case, it’s worth going back.

[TL Notes:
[1] Nori (海苔) is a dried edible seaweed used in Japanese cuisine



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