Chapter 11: They are off in the head. Those that did the same are also off in the head. Part 3

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

I-I’ll tell you exactly what happened.

I-I’m sure you guys won’t understand what I’m saying.

And I don’t know what happened either…

I thought I was going insane…

It wasn’t anything simple like Charm or Puppetry.

I experienced something far more terrifying. [1. TL Note: EVERY LINE UP TO THIS POINT IS A JOJO REFERENCE. Aside from one missing line and the part with Charm and Puppetry, it’s letter per letter quote of Polnareff lines from Stardust Crusaders episode 45.]

It’s「Command Lv 1」.

How did it turn out like this?!

At the bottom part of my status.

「Command」Bitch Leader, Bitch A, Bitch B, Bitch C, Bitch D.

What is this? I did have Command Lv 1. I think it probably was a skill for taming monsters. But until now, I annihilated all of the monsters I met. Aah, I didn’t test it even once.

Suddenly, I have 5 bitches tamed? What is this? Bitch Master, gotta catch ’em all? Like hell I will!

I wonder, is bitch leader an evolved form?

There was a scum that wanted to use puppetry to have his way with the girls.

There was a sleazebag that wanted to use charm to make girls serve him.

And then, there is I, who enslaved them?!

UWAAA! Loner hikkikomori NEET enslaving 5 high school girls.

It sounds like nothing but a crime! If there was such a person, I probably would’ve shouted「Policeman, it’s him!」and summoned a policeman from another world.

You… Probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but I have no idea as well! Give up, the game is up.

Groaning, I walk through the forest, Bitch Leader, Bitch A, Bitch B, Bitch C, and Bitch D following after me.

Wrecking my head, I walk through the forest, Bitch Leader, Bitch A, Bitch B, Bitch C, and Bitch D following after me.

Lamenting, I walk through the forest, Bitch Leader, Bitch A, Bitch B, Bitch C, and Bitch D following after me.

Are you baby ducklings or something?!

Impaling with the geek’s 「Ice Lance」a goblin that jumped out, I kept moving.

Sniping a kobold that jumped out with a revised version of Fireball「Fire Bullet」I keep moving.

They are staring at me really hard. That’s probably them trying to learn how to fight. Even if you do, I’m jobless level 5, you know?

Since looking back is scary, I move looking only ahead of me.

Where am I heading? I have no idea. But I have to press on. Neither stopping nor looking back is allowed to me. The bitches’ eyes are way too scary! Their eyes look like those of some kind of religious fanatics, it’s scary.

Moving straight forward as if I actually have a goal, I press on, not caring for gobs that since a while ago keep jumping at us, mowing them down, and moving forward. The farther I go the bigger the presence I feel ahead, but I can’t turn around. The reason being, the bitches are following me from behind!

I keep moving forward as if running away. Or rather, I am running away. Damn, for quite a while the surroundings are covered with gobs. Ahead of me are kobolds and the bitches are behind. The only available option is kobolds.

Without saying a word, Bitch Leader, Bitch A, Bitch B, Bitch C, and Bitch D are following after me.

Indifferent, Bitch Leader, Bitch A, Bitch B, Bitch C, and Bitch D are following after me.

What do I do?

Ahead of me is kobolds’ den. The presence is staggering. But to me, turning back is not allowed. Because what’s behind me is even scarier!

Perhaps learning from observing me, but now they are extracting magic stones from the monsters that I defeated and bringing them to me. They are still pretty bad at it, so while gouging out magic stones they got all covered in blood with their eyes turning even crazier…… I’m scared. Looking like some kind of terrible brigade, the blood-smeared bitches are marching after me, just single-mindedly sticking to me. What’s this? It’s really scary? I’m going to cry, you know?

Due to 「Experience Sharing」, an effect of Command, the bitches’ Lv kept rising. Culling kobolds to a degree, while allowing a few of them to pass behind me, the bitches would silently swarm them, stabbing swords and spears into them. I’ve never seen kobolds make such pitiful faces. And it’s my first time seeing kobolds so utterly frightened. I’m probably making the same face. Because it’s scary!

Before I noticed, the perverted high-school monkeys, that were chasing after the girls, disappeared. No idea if they were chased away by kobolds or killed, and I honestly don’t care! It’s because of those perverted monkeys that I’m going through such a scary experience, it’s because of those perverted monkeys that kobolds are going through such a scary experience! Now, kill them, kobolds! We might be fighting on different sides, but our aspirations are the same! Wait, could it be that kobolds are my allies?

Well, there is probably no one who would think of assaulting the bitches after seeing them now. Coming to another world turns out, the scariest thing were classmates. Earlier I was also possessed by some kind of passionate persona. Looks like people from the original world are more threatening than dangerous monsters.

Kobolds come one after another, the number is amazing, but the area is also spacious. Without putting much power into Fire Bullets, I just keep dishing out more and more of them, showering one kobold after another with them as they keep coming.

If 10 of them appear, I shoot 30, if 20, I shoot 60. Ready and shoot, ready, and shoot. One after another I shoot them the moment I create them. Each bullet doesn’t have much power, but it’s enough to check kobolds’ charges and suppress them with numbers, overwhelming them.

With the only thing going for low-level kobolds being their charge ability they can’t take a hit. So being assaulted with a hail of Fire Bullets like in a slanted rain, they quickly lose speed and succumb to it, fall to the ground. Pushed to the brink of death, the kobolds then become prey to the bitches, losing their lives.

Be there 30 or 40 of them, they are still showered in an overwhelming rain of red lights, continuously hit and struck, while behind me the bitches are probably making a bloodbath.
And the last one, while being torn to tatters, receiving a hail of Red Bullets, reached me in an attempt to bite at me, and with its jaws opened wide, baring its teeth…… Fell to the ground.

Surrounded by heaps of kobold corpses all around, the bitches just keep going on and on, delivering finishing blows and ripping out magic stones.

After that, a group, surrounded by a huge mass of kobolds and was engaged in a battle with them, was now looking our way.

Though all were covered in wounds and blood, they didn’t seem to have any major injuries.

「HP potion, you will recover if you drink it…… It mushroom-flavored though.」

I ask them, but no one makes a move. So the mushroom flavor is no good? Looks like it doesn’t suit girls’ tastes. Thought boys probably wouldn’t like it either. Well, I also hate it. I can drink aojiru[2. TL Note: Japanese vegetable drink most commonly made from kale or young barley grass. Notoriously nasty.], but I spurted out the moment I tried this thing. I didn’t think that healthy mushrooms and healing herbs would create such an exquisite harmony of taste, bringing about such a symphony of nastiness.


「Yeah, mushroom flavor sucks, what was I even thinking? It’s terrible to the taste, and applying it externally would make you stink of mushrooms? 」

Behind me, the bloody bitches kept gouging out making stones. A few days ago they wouldn’t listen to anyone, avoiding fights, and not even trying to get close to monsters. The bitches that would’ve made a huge uproar a few days ago, were they to see blood, were now silently and orderly running around, finishing off monsters, and without caring for getting dirty or blood spattering around, were gouging out magic stones.

Truly, an amazing sight. It’s only reasonable that some wouldn’t be able to believe it if they saw it. They look like completely different people. Especially considering the crazy look in their eyes.

Looking like that, the bitches gather magic stones, run up to me, and after giving them to me without saying a single word, rush back, going back to work with intense concentration. It’s just way too suspicious. Just the other day there was a huge commotion about 「Charm」and 「Puppetry」and whatnot. Moreover, the girls could easily imagine their fate were they to fall into such a state, so it’s only natural that they would be terrified, seeing this scene. After all, even I’m afraid! No, I’m actually scared, for real.

If a few days ago someone said that the worst bitches had a change of heart and reformed, no one would’ve believed. Even after seeing it with their own eyes. And the change is way too extreme. They didn’t just change, they became the complete opposites of what they were before. No one would think they reformed after seeing this. They would think it’s either brainwashing or mind control.

Who would drink a beverage offered by the man, who is dragging around the bitches in such an abnormal state? And mushroom flavored on top of that! Everyone would see it only as an extremely daring trap, who the hell would drink such a thing! It’s too dangerous, both the drink and the man smell of trouble. On top of that, mushrooms? What the hell with that extremely suspicious ingredient? This man is just the worst! He is clearly dangerous! And he has a scary look in his eyes! ……Please, just spare me the last part.

Yeah, with the current super negative trust level, the taste is terrible, but it’s out even due to its smell alone. Should I have used sweet berries to improve the taste? And the color as well? How should I put it, just no? RIght? Wouldn’t high school girls think so? No, in the first place……Or rather……

「Heeeeeeeeeey, Haruka-kun. Come baaaaaaack.」

Whoa, that startled me! The president is looking at me up close! This is bad for my heart. My heart almost jumped out of my chest.

「Eehm, for starters, can I have that potion?」

「EEEEEEEH! You are going to drink it?!」

「You are the one who told me to drink? Why are you getting surprised?」

「Well, normally, if a stranger offers you a suspicious drink, wouldn’t simply agreeing to drink it be a questionable idea for a high school girl? Like, how should I put it, shouldn’t……」

「We are classmates! What do strangers have to do with this?!」


A retort worthy of the president of class presidents is enhanced by a close view of her beautiful face, giving it an additional impact.

「Eehm, President-sama?」

「That’s not a name! And why are you attaching sama?」

Should I first explain the bitches behind? They look extremely suspicious, but when it comes to explaining it, I also don’t quite get what is going on. Rather, can someone please explain it to me? What should I say? Doesn’t oops, I enslaved them, sound the worst?! Not only it doesn’t resolve the misunderstanding, but it would also label me a bad guy.

「Haruka-kun. Ehm, what’s wrong with Shimazaki-san and the others? Eh? Why are you together?」

「Eeem, It’s not like telling this story wouldn’t not take a while, but it’s a long story…… Eeem, I tamed them.」

「What are you even doing! And that was SHORT!」

The president screams. Sounds like a risky title. Almost made me want to order it. I was very close to summoning an express courier. It if was a one-click purchase I would’ve pressed it. I wonder if it’s going to be okay with me being underage.

「Why did you tame them! Or rather, isn’t that the skill you use on monsters? How come you are taming your classmates?!」

I myself would like to know how I tamed them, and if possible, a way to return them where I found them as well. Will they go return if I tell them to go back to the forest? The president is on the verge of breaking, should I give the proper explanation? For starters, there is something I have to confirm.

「Who’s Shimazaki? Some kind of romanticist, like the one that wrote 『Before the dawn』?」 [3. TL Note: Shimazaki Haruki, Japanese poet active from Meiji to the early Showa.]

「You tamed and you don’t know?! And normally people start from 『Collection of Young Herbs』, why are you jumping all the way to 『Before the dawn』?」

The president screamed, again, so it was a serial title, I wonder if it’s a trilogy? Of course, I’ll buy it. Will it come with a bonus merch if I buy the whole set at once? Now is the time for summoning……


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