Chapter 11: They are off in the head. Those that did the same are also off in the head. Part 4


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It was a trilogy after all.

「Well, I mean, all I have written in the status is Bitch Leader, Bitch A, Bitch B, Bitch C, Bitch D?」

「What kind of names are you giving to girls from the same class! That’s the same treatment the monsters get!! What are you even thinking!」

Looks like the series are going to continue. I have to consider how to regularly purchase new entries in it!

Uwaa, the girls behind the class president are also giving me cold looks. The looks are so cold, that I think there are ice magic users among them. I wonder if I should warm them up with 「Temperature」magicー Wait, what exactly, their EYES?!

「Shimazaki-san and others, thank you for coming to our rescue.」

The president bowed to Bitch Leader.

「We-we just tagged along……」

「Even so, thank you. You saved us.」


「Aah, so by Shimazaki you meant Bitch Leader! I couldn’t understand it since you gave her such Touson-like[1. TL Note: Shimazaki Touson, pen name of Shimazaki Haruki mentioned earlier] name to her, it’s confusing, you know?」

「「Shimazaki is the surname! And no one gave it!! And what’s with that bitch leader!」」

Why are they getting angry at me? Her name in the status is Bitch Leader, so there is no room for doubt here.

「Look, usually, when you tame a monster, you can give it a name. The name the tamer calls them becomes the name on the status. So…… You tamed them without knowing their names, and that’s the kind of names you gave them?!」

I got scolded. But isn’t she Bitch Leader? Why? It’s almost like I’m the one in the wrong here.

Uwaaa, 15 girls are staring at me, and behind, 5 bitches are doing the same.

I begin to understand the feelings of the people with scopophobia.[2. TL Note: Fear of being seen or stared at by others] This is bad for my sanity.

Are they waiting for me to say something? Do I have to? Ehm, something to bring closure to this?

「Then, good job everyone. Bye.」

Nice, I did it. Phew, that was tiring. Let’s go home.

「「「「「Why are you trying to leave!!!」」」」」

They shouted in a great chorus. Eeeh, why? Can’t I go home? Even though I’m a hikikomori?

「Eehm, first of all, thanks for the potion. Everyone seems to be fine now. And, as I already said earlier, thank you for coming to our rescue.」

The president is thanking me. Wait, she drank it? A hero, she certainly must have the title of hero!

「But it’s amazing that you could find us here. After running around, even we have no idea where we are.」

「Ah, I was just passing nearby, I guess?」

「Why would you pass through such a place?」

「Not quite passing by, but rather, I ended up here by running away, I guess?」

「Haruka-kun, running away? From what?!」

「Well, for some reason the bitches were following me around?」

「YOU! You are the one that tamed them! Why would the tamer be running away?!」

「Eh, because it’s scary?」


Looks like the President Screams series already concluded. She is just staring at me, very silently. This, this is a flat gaze! The president-sama’s flat gaze![3. TL Note: Also known as Jitome, Would usually mean one or a combination of the following – listlessness, apathy, or a bored, expressionless, or scornful face.] To think I’d be able to see a flat gaze in real life with my own eyes. Much less seen on a beautiful girl and up close. Extreme delight. It’s the best thing that happened since I came to another world.

「Ehm, Haruka-kun. Talking with you seems to be getting us nowhere, so I will go and collect information from Shimazaki-san and others. Stay put. Don’t go anywhere.」

With those words a girl-only gathering of 20 girls began. I’m staying put.

For some reason, some girls hugged the bitches. I’m staying put.

The president said something, everyone laughed. I’m staying put.

Ah, this is bullying! I’m currently being bullied! I see, so with the geeks running away, the target shifted to me, huh.

Well, this is no different from the usual life of a loner. But just staying put is pretty boring. Here, I guess I will go with a cliche circle drawing. It’s a cliche, thus it has to be right.

I draw a circle on the ground. I put my strength into it, but the ground is hard, so it doesn’t even leave a trace. I draw, using 「Mana Wrapping」to strengthen my finger, ah! There is a faint mark…… This could work!

Pouring mana concentrating on my fingertip I draw circles, the finger buries into the ground. Making the circle larger I pour mana, focusing it on my fingertip. I wonder if earth magic is at work as well? The circles dig into the earth. From the circles drawn with my finger, the lines of mana spread into a spiral shape, causing the ground to collapse and sink. With this, I should be able to dig pits! I can expand my home! Concentrating my mana I sharpen it further, visualizing the spiral of mana I keep drawing circles, the lines of magic gradually grow stronger until finally that vortex of mana……

「Haruka-kuuuuuuuun! Why are you getting entrenched! I told you to stay put, didn’t I? Why are you burying yourself?!」

The president said looking down on me. Or to be more precise, looking at me from above with a flat gaze. Thank you for the treat?

「Well, I was bored?」

「Please don’t bury yourself just because you are bored! And here I was wondering what was that sudden whirlwind of mana!?」

「I just started drawing circles out of boredom and got a bit caught up.」

「For such a reason alone?! Ah, I’m sorry.」

Before I noticed, it turned into a 5-meter hole, which startled me. Yeah, getting out of it was a real pain.

「Em, I heard most of the story from Shimazaki-san and others. You came to help Oda-kun, Shizamaki-san, others with them, and us. Thank you very much. Normally, it should’ve been up to us to help Haruka-kun, since you were all alone…… I’m really sorry. And thank you.」

「Eehm, who is that Oda again?」

「Why don’t you know Oda-kun! You talked with him at school and helped him a number of times! You also met him during their escape! Why don’t you know his name?!」

Another one of the President Screaming series. Coming soon, or rather, it already came. From what time do they accept pre orders? Are there bonuses coming with it?

「Ah, you mean Geek and the others? Ah, yeah, I met them. For some reason even Bitch Leader was going OdaOda, I almost wrecked my brains to figure out who it was. Yes, they were doing fine.」

「Oda-kun is his real name! There is no way he is called Geek-kun! And also, you already forgot Shimazaki-san’s name, didn’t you!!! *pant, pant, pant*」

Looks like the president is tired, she is insisting that Geek is actually called Oda? And she is also panting a lot. She must be quite tired from everything that happened these days, can’t blame her.

「It’s fine, President. Suddenly thrown into such a world, yet you earnestly tried to lead the classmates for more than a week anyway. It’s fine already. You are tired, it must’ve been hard.」

「I’m tired because of you, Haruka-kun! Conversation with you is the hardest thing I had to do after coming to this world!」

Apparently, it’s my fault. How unreasonable.

「So, you were trying to go home, but what are you intending to do with Shimazaki-san and others?」

Vice President A asked, glaring at me. Let me explain, Vice President is the name of the president’s comrades A-C. I have no idea who is the actual vice president.

「What do you mean, what to do? Return them where I found them? I guess?」

「What do you mean return! They are not some abandoned cats! In the first place, aren’t you the one controlling them?」

「Eh? Since I have them tamed, won’t they go back if I say 「Go back to the forest」?」

「What are you even taking them for!! Why are you talking as if the forest is where they belong?!」

For some reason, Vice President began screaming. Is this a spinoff to the President Screaming series? Though Vice President A, being A lacked in chest armor, she still is a beauty rivaling the president, and with her being tall she was called a Cool Beauty by others. Though she didn’t have much support from the chest armor faction, she had tremendous popularity among the leg propulsion drive faction. Collecting the series, do I have to order spinoffs as well? I’m looking forward to the bonus merch.

「……That aside, so you have no intention of taking them with you and doing something to them?」

「None at all!」

「What do you mean, none at all! Take us with you! Didn’t we ask you to train us! Why are you giving an immediate reply here! Why is this the only time you sound so absolutely sure!」

Whooa, Bitch Leader, that remained silent the whole time, is screaming. So she finally escaped from her trance-like state. I guess she regained some presence of mind after rejoining with others. Recovered, she is after all very noisy.

「I mean, it’s trouble…… No, I mean, didn’t you reconcile? And also, look at your status, at this point, you can fight on your own. You are even stronger than the geeks compared to when I met them last time?」

Yup, thanks to the effect of Command, level sharing, they raised their levels above the Geeks’ 16, and were now level 19. And with that demon mode in which they tormented kobolds to death no one should be able to stand against them. If it were me, I’d choose to run away.

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