Chapter 114: I think revenge breeds revenge, but in this case, a pleasant one instead of painful.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 43 – Morning, Omui’s Guild of Adventurers

Before going on a morning walk I have to drop by the guild for the usual stuff. After all, morning flat gaze starts from here. A highschool boys wholesome morning routine begins with a flat gaze and ends with a flat gaze.

「Nonono, just how, why, for what reason are the requests still the same? Is this guild even trying? The person in charge of this board doesn’t work at all, no? They work even less than a NEET. I’m coming here every day, and every day it turns out to be a waste of time? Why didn’t the request change even once? Just when will you post a request that can make me a rich man? Just where is my chance to get rich quick?」

「Really, just when are you going to start keeping low-profile? Why are you coming here every day? Aren’t I telling you every day that only adventurers can take profitable quests? You are still not an adventurer, right? Then why are you coming here every single day? You must be coming just so you can complain about the bulletin board!」

Today’s share of morning flat gaze from Receptionist Pres. My, Flat Gaze from the girls at the inn, a portable Flat Gaze from Armored Pres-san, and a mufufu-type flat gaze at night. Calling this world a Flat Gaze Paradise wouldn’t be an exaggeration at all! Okay, I got the stare, so it’s time to set out.

Leaving magic stones that I had stored quite a lot of by now, at the purchase counter, I, just in case, explain that I killed the dungeon near the village downstream. Even the old man guild master came out, so I just said that I had to say and escaped. I mean, I said a few times already that 『Dungeon drowned』, but for some reason, they just don’t get it? Well, I explained it like 3 times already, so I think that’s quite enough.

Now, to the forest. Home, sweet home, we can decide if we will spend a night there or not after we see how the situation goes. As a healthy highschool boy I, of course, find it hard to give up on Jacuzzi play, but if we go at it there, then it will take a while for us to leave, so we won’t be able to return back to the town before dark. Oh well, let’s worry about it later.

First is lawn mowing! Let’s aim for a one-house cave with a garden!

Yesterday, I already tested『Demon Scythes』 on the way back from the village, and they easily cut even fairly large trees, so cutting grass should be extremely easy.

With this, I will finally be able to mow the grass around the cave. It was bothering me for quite some time, but it seemed like a huge pain so I didn’t touch it until now. But 『Demon Scythe』is a fully automatic scythe with self-propelled blades. One order is enough for complete deforestation, and degoblinization. Will I be finally able to celebrate adding gardens to the cave? Maybe someday I can also add fields? Anyway, let’s start with ordering them to cut the trees around the cave.

We swiftly move through the forest, but with three『Demon Scythes』flying around and cutting down all of the goblins and kobolds, Armored Pres-san seems to be bored. Aren’t you doing the same thing to me all the time? Every single day without exception? Just yesterday you had a lot of fun doing this, no? I had absolutely nothing to do during our Dungeon Capture yesterday? In the end, I literally came there just to go down and up the stairs?

I was extremely sad when I was all ready for action, and by the time I finished saying 『Phew, so they are finally here… Let’s do it』, all of the monsters were dead. It ended with me extending my staff for no reason at all… I even took a cool pose, and it was all over… That was all I got to do yesterday.

But monsters in the Demon Forest really became scarce. Apparently, even adventurers and regular troops are coming to cull the population, so unless you go deep into the woods there is no profit to be made. And not to mention that there are much fewer mushrooms on the edge of the forest, so we should hurry to the cave. However, from time to time『Demon Scythes』would bring magic stones to me, but just how are they doing it? Do they have hands or something?

With this and that we finally came back home. Leaving Demon Scythes to deforest the surroundings, Armored Pres-san and I head for the forest depths. The main purpose is mushroom gathering and goblin sweepings. Coincidentally, kobold sweeping as well. I finally will get to train. While getting beaten up by Armored Pres-san behind the inn can serve as practice, you can’t call it a training. That’s not a martial art practice but more of a practice to stay alive… Yeah, basically, just getting beaten up.

It seems the president and others are also getting beatings under the guise of practice, so I once went behind the inn to check on them and saw a very surreal sight of 29 bodies piled up in a mound under a starry sky, with the Poster Girl, in a panic, doing some kind of mysterious dance around them… That was seriously bizarre.

It’s training time,『Magic Wrapping』. Forcibly enhance my body by forcibly wrapping it in skills and magic. A very radical enhancement technique, awkward movements which would deal damage to me.
Synchronize the body, mana, and skills, integrate them with each other. It can be considered perfected when I can do that as naturally as I breathe. Everyone would be doing it if it could be done that easily, but unless I have proper control of my movements my muscles tear, and even my bones break. That damage is endlessly restored through 『Regeneration』, repeating the cycle of breaking and healing over and over. That’s why I have to keep training to improve my movements until I break to the point of being unable to move… Wait, isn’t that absurd?!

「Aaagh, as I thought, when the feeling for the body changes, it also ruins techniques? Too strong and too fast, yet too weak?」

My low physical abilities are being forcibly enhanced from outside, a reckless enhancement skill, enforcing movements on the body from the outside. Using it deals damage to me, but failing to use it puts me at risk of being killed by monsters. That’s why I’m making do with what I have, forcibly creating such a makeshift technique, picking the best part from every skill to somehow get by, and I’m shifting and adjusting things, trying to get the hang of it. As long as I can bear the pain I will eventually get used to it and will come to be able to properly make use of it, if I don’t, I will get beaten up under a pretext of training, so in either case, what awaits me is pain.

Even Lv 15 goblins take only one hit… Well, it always takes only one hit, but being able to take them in one hit without ambushing them from behind is a huge improvement. I don’t have to erase my presence and sneak around like I did until now. I can just take them head-on, so it’s remarkable progress, but at the same time, self-destruction is progressing as well, gradually depleting HP with self-inflicted damage. It’s not too bad, but it still hurts.

Somehow, while unable to fully master『Magic Wrapping』I’m still somehow making use of it. The problem is what comes after this. Most likely the real hurdle is going to be 『Teleportation』skill. 『Magic Wrapping』is a martial art type, while 『Teleportation』is magic, and 『Magic Wrapping』is probably a skill that allows wrapping not only mana but also skills and magic… In other words, even『Teleportation』can be wrapped.

I beat a fast-moving kobold with my own speed… Fast, but since teleportation is a part of the movement, control becomes incredibly difficult. But the movements are blindingly fast, it’s almost as if I vanish for a moment. Or rather, I actually do disappear for an instant, don’t I? If I master this I will be able to vanish from sight, allowing for an indefensible attack, getting the hang of this I will be able to teleport, delivering an undodgeable fatal attack. The problem is that the skill is heinously hard to use, far from allowing me to easily learn it!

But if I manage to get all of that in order, merging it with 『Kyojitsu』then I’ll be able to fight even the dungeon emperor. If so, then I might be able to avoid at least some of the beatings! But just why do I feel that I won’t be able to win?

I activated 『Teleportation』during our spars as well, but I was beaten anyway. I can vanish or teleport all I want, and I will still get beaten up. Yeah, if she were completely swallowed by the darkness in the depths of that dungeon then she would’ve become not just Demon Lord but Supreme Demon Overlord, and easily destroyed the world. I mean, she is like this after『Taming』reduced her to the first level, if she was in her complete form, no one would’ve been able to defeat her. For real!

However, right now she is happily springing through the woods, like a dance. She must be smiling under that helmet. A layer of gob and kobold corpses is covering the surroundings, but she seems to be having fun so it’s okay. I just had to take my eyes off for one second, and my practice partners are going extinct again, but it’s fine. Coincidentally, her cheerful slashing attacks are also destroying the woods, almost turning the whole area into an empty lot by now… But it’s fine, I guess? Hmm, but I won’t be able to collect mushrooms there after this, so I wish she would keep it in moderation.

In one go close the distance with an enemy and slash, all in one motion, merging everything in one action, and repeat it over and over… Was my plan, but all of the monsters were annihilated. Okay, let’s go upstream. There is nothing to do here since there are no kings around anymore, but since upstream at least has numbers, they should be able to hold off Armored Pres-san for a bit!

Well… To be honest I didn’t expect anything… But at least struggle a bit harder! Why do all of you jump in just to get easily beaten back? Are you idiots? Are you goblins? No! You are kobolds! So act the part! Cooperate, make joint attacks! Why are you just jumping at Armored Pres-san head-on? Is this a group suicide? Well, looks like it indeed was one act of mass self-destruction, the result is obvious the moment they charge at her, couldn’t even buy time, useless monsters.

Only the orc area is left, but we spent more time picking mushrooms than fighting. At this rate, I might get a Mushroom Hunter class. While it might be better than Jobless, doesn’t mushroom gatherer in all black armed with a wooden stick sound super suspicious?

Good grief, while I’m doing my best, cladding 『Teleportation』and tripping at super high speed, rolling around, bumping into trees, falling to the ground with said trees, and rolling on the ground, all of the orcs were killed as well? I crushed a few, running over them as I was rolling on the ground, but I didn’t get to properly face even one! They just died instantly. While I was rolling through the woods everything was finished.

My attempts to have combat training ended up with rolling training. No, I don’t need such training? Eventually, she gave me one orc king out of pity. I really begged her for it! Everyone else was dead by then. The culprit, that person in silver armor, then observed my fight while nodding in satisfaction. And when my wrapped magic screwed me over and I went flying she would go 『Oh my』, slowly shaking her head… It’s sooo distracting!

Finally… On the 7th try it finally became something resembling 『Kyojitsu』? I think it worked because Orc King went down in one attack, but it just went 『Pew』and by the time I thought I’d move, I already finished the slash… Is it done? I don’t really feel that way, but even if I want to practice more there are no opponents left.

Since I had no other options, we stayed for the night, and I got beaten up. Beaten up in the garden that 『Demon Scythes』just finished cutting out! Unable to go 『pew』, I was getting repeatedly beaten up, and when I finally was about to go 『pew』, I couldn’t land the blow, and was beaten up. While the instantaneous speed of teleportation cannot be evaded, it seems that simple movements still can be read and predicted. And as I was beaten, battered, and pounded, the night came.

Yes, and since the night came, I went all out in my revenge. All the way until late night! Well, I’m pretty sure that tomorrow I will get beaten up again in revenge for that revenge.

But I have no regrets. After all, it was a very nice revenge. I suspect that revenge breeds revenge, but since it is so good, I think it’s okay. Yeah, it was amazing!



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