Chapter 116: If someone saw it they’d think she is insane, but since she is having fun, it’s alright.


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Day 44 – Morning, The cave.

Unusually, it is raining. Did the rainy season start here? It’s raining buckets for an annoyingly long time. Until now it barely ever rained, and even when it did, it was only a light drizzle in the middle of the night. Well, it does seem like it is going to stop after a while, so for now, we are taking shelter in the cave. Continuing night activities the first thing in the morning is not a good idea. It sounds very appealing, but it is not a good idea… Yeah, I actually thought about that, but she gave me a glare?!

So I’m killing time remodeling the cave without much of a plan and making new furniture.

Getting into the mood I made a hammock, where we then spent a while snuggling. It’s a secret that we then took things further and went for round two.

Preparing the garden through magic while sitting in the comfort of the cave, planting the fruit trees, which I purchased in the town and the village, adding a terrace and connecting it with a room, branching the river and making a small pond, creating tables and benches around it.

Creating stone pavement along the riverbank, making an arch bridge across it, placing benches on the opposite shore as well, and as I was playing around like that, the rain finally turned to drizzle.

「Looks like it’s about to stop? Since it’s light rain we can both stay or go back if you want?」

She is hesitating, but it seems like she leans towards going back? At night she is coming at me on her own, but in the morning she, for some reason, is angry and gives me a flat gaze. Probably means that I’m overdoing it. But well, I’m a highschool boy and I can’t win during the day? So the night is my only chance… to shine?

Yeah, since I have no highlight scenes, I have to do my best during love scenes, so it’s not my fault at all.

Now, it looks like Armored Pres-san has the girls on her mind, so we are going back. Spending time with just the two of us is great and all, but she seems to be happy to finally have female friends to talk with, and we can come back here any time anyway, so let’s return. But I wonder, just what are they doing during those girls-only gatherings? Even if I try to ask her, she always replies that it’s a girl secret, and doesn’t tell me anything?

Picking up speed… We are going to leave the forest without stopping for rest or whatever. The monsters are already extinct, and mushrooms are experiencing results of excessive foraging, so there is nothing to do here. While surprised by the effect of 『Swift Foot 』I spring through the forest. The combination of effects of『Walking』and power-ups from level-ups greatly increased my movement speed. Armored Pres-san is following me without a problem. The trip takes less than an hour if we don’t hunt. It’s already in sight, emm, Something-Something Town?

「Did you get any good wares? I’ll buy them, I will, I’m a rich man now, can you hear me, General Store Peasant? Kind of?」

Returning to the town we drop by the General Store. Armored Pres-san is going nuts over newly arrived clothes. Mm, the aura she gives off almost feels threatening, so I’ll leave her alone for now.

The variation and quantity of goods seem to be growing, but how should I put it, very gradually? And the merchandise is all over the store, so it feels kind of cramped.

「You aren’t making that much profit? I gave you plenty of investments and mushrooms, so why is the store still so small?」

「The mushrooms are selling well, but the suppliers can’t keep up, and I just expanded the store, but already have nowhere to place goods, because of a certain someone.」

She bought the building next door and connected it to the store, breaking the walls. There is a difference in ground levels, and the whole thing doesn’t look great at all. Since she is trying to cram everything here, the goods are in chaos, lying in plies without any logic.

「You bought the lot behind the store, right? If you don’t have enough, I’ll lend you money? You can pay me back in lewd underwear? Naturally, I’ll accept lewd dresses as well! That one was amazing!! Really!! Like REALLY!!!!! Thank you very much, sorta!!」

「Whoa, whoa, whoa, we have new arrivals, so calm down. I bought the land, but there are no carpenters available. And I didn’t even decide if I should put a warehouse or a store there, so until the building is made we will have to operate in this state, thanks to a certain someone. Somehow, every day is very busy… Just what happened to this town? Thanks to a certain someone?」

She bought the store next door to expand, but since it still wasn’t enough, she bought the lot behind the store as well, I even refrained from taking all her money, since she said that she needs it because of that purchase, and turns out, she didn’t even begin construction there. I mean, I even invested money, shrooms, and magic stones? All for rice and eros. I’m throwing all of my energy to indulge two of the three primordial desires, completely sacrificing the need for sleep to keep at it every night until late?

「Since you already bought the land, shall I erect it? The limit of stone construction is 4 or 5 floors anyway so it will take only a moment? Do you need a basement? Or maybe a dungeon?」

「Haaaah, what do you mean by erect? Why is it going to take only a moment? And why would a general store need a dungeon underground? Just what do you want from a general store? Outside of lewd stuff? I do want a basement, but I certainly don’t need a dungeon.」

「Well then, I will remodel the interior after I connect the two buildings, so please move the merchandise away from that wall. Armored Pres-san, please help her as well. You can take some clothes as payment later.」

With the land behind the store we should get pretty much a square shape, A standard building should do, 1-2F are sales floors, 3F in reserve, and 4-5F are warehouse/office/and general store lady’s residence. Then make one basement floor as a warehouse, and it should be enough space for starters. With a standard multi-story building shape, it will be possible to add new floors on top of this or expand the basement at any moment. Yeah, let’s do this.

Measuring accurate dimensions of the current store with『Rajingan』, I remember them and making necessary calculations offset for that. Then, pouring my mana underground I create a foundation while gathering soil and stones, pulverize and mash them together, then erect walls, encasing the current general store building, following, create supporting pillars. Hmmm… At this rate, I might just barely have enough mana for 5 floors? Slowly pouring mana in, I use『Holding』to bind earth and sand together solidifying them into one structure. Making especially thick and strong pillars in four cardinal directions and the center, I also add arches, to support the upper floors. Create stairs spiraling around the central pillar, and rocks to reinforce the pillars and the walls. Make a designated entrance for unloading goods into the basement, and it’s complete.

It was more difficult than I expected… I’d feel scammed if I don’t get new lewd stuff after working so hard! Yeah, a male high school student can do anything for lewd stuff! Possibilities are unlimited? And there is also no limit to the number of clothes we need. After all, she is a great beauty, so she looks amazing no matter what you put on her. That’s why I want to dress her up more. Well, and I also want to undress her. Although I keep dressing her up in lewd clothes only… But it can’t be helped? I just want something as sexy as her? Yeah, in a highschool boy sort of way? Kind of? Sort of?

With this and that, I went back to the store, and they are moving the goods at a very slow pace, they are only half done, even though I worked so hard?

「I already finished, and you are still not done? Anyway, I’ll connect just this part then, and I will do the rest tomorrow. It seems my mana is pretty low as well?」

Reinforcing and strengthening the back wall of the general store I merge it with the wall of the new building. Then, expand it, widen, and connect it… The mana… I have a little left. I need just a bit more… Barely, but I managed! Yeah, decoration and remodeling comes tomorrow. I’m completely spent.

「What do you mean still not done? What did you finish?… Ah… AAAAAAAAH! What is this?! Where is this?! What have you created! 」

The general store lady jumped outside in panic and is now looking up at the building with her mouth wide open. Perhaps multi-story buildings were still a rarity, but other citizens also gathered around it, looking up. It’s just earth and stone walls, it’s nothing special? Stare as much as you want, it’s just a rectangular box? Yeah, painting and decorating it is for tomorrow. I’m getting hungry so I’m going home, okay?

Being low on mana makes me incredibly hungry, and also, my head is spinning. I’m hungry and want to leave, but why is the general store lady standing frozen there, with her head turned upward? Mm, what about my lewd goods? Or rather, if she doesn’t go back to the store as fast as possible, Armored Pres-san might carry away all of the clothes from there? I’m serious? She is already holding an armful of clothes? Are you okay with that?

We are beaming with smiles, Armored Pres-san is delighted since she got cute clothes, I’m delighted since I got lewd clothes. Alright, I’m going to have her try all of those when we get back. I kind of suspect she won’t be able to put on anything once she undresses, but we are going to try. I can think about the details after I undress her. I probably won’t be able to think about anything once we get to that point though. Probably something very different will begin, and we will have no time for dressing up, but to strip her, I first have to dress her! Well, there is no doubt about what will happen though.

「I’m back. An extra extra huge serving, please? Super urgently? I’m very hungry. Very very? Really.」

「「「Welcome back, how is the garden? Eh, what is that mountain of clothes? Are you gonna open your own store?」」」

The girls dashed out of the building as soon as I told them that the general store had a new arrival of clothes. A few were even using『Flash Step』and『Shukuchi』. But the best stuff was already bought up? By this jolly person next to me?

I asked for additional servings until I was stuffed. The Poster Girl seemed to be very busy, running around the place, so I presented her one of the dresses that I bought at the general store, after which she began happily dancing that mysterious dance. If a stranger saw her they’d think she is crazy, but that’s fun in its own way, so it’s okay… I guess?

Now, let’s take a bath and sleep! Sleep very hard! Sleep so hard I’d have no time for sleeping! Sleep over, and over, and over again! Well, in a highschool boy sort of way?



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