Chapter 117: Even though it is always me who gets scolded for wasted money?


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 44 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn, Girls-only Gathering.

Rush into the bath and immediately fly out. While it’s ill-mannered, it can’t be helped today, after all, we finally bought cute clothes in this world, so everyone can’t wait to try them on. In such a case, a quick bath cannot be avoided.

Usually, the clothes here were either undyed or dark green in color, occasionally, since it is expensive, dark gray or deep blue. No red, blue, light blue, or pink, and no pure white as well. And now, while pale hues, far from pastel colors, but we finally had clothes with color variation, somewhat elaborate designs, cute details, ribbons, and frills.

「We got them~, thank goodness~. But wasn’t that a modern building~?」「They had a lot of cute clothes, right? Yeah, but the building was modern?」「Let’s save money and go there again? It was just a small shop in the morning? A normal one-story house?」「 There barely were any colorful clothes, now we have some variety! Yeah, it had 5 floors though.」「Most of it is cotton, but the fabric is good, It’s not stiff nor rough. And it seems there is also a basement?」「They are going to have new arrivals soon, so we should check it from time to time. The townsfolk were staring at it… The building.」「There even was lace! It seems to be considered a high-class piece, so I’ll need to save money! But did this world have such buildings? It’s the first time I saw one here?」「「「Yeah, I know who’s responsible!」」」

No, we knew who was the culprit since the very beginning? We just ignored it, too focused on clothes. After all, even a mere glance from far away identified it as a piece of modern architecture. There was even a crowd outside, and we stormed past them without hesitation, but there is no way anyone could not notice that. Everyone rushed towards the clothes, trying on everything, anguishing about the choice, and buying everything we could… Yet we all realized what the building looked like only when we left the store!

「They even had hair clasps! Hair clasps! They were made of wood, but they are accessories! Accessories I say! The not an equipment type of accessory!」「I can see jewelry from time to time, but most of the time it is some kind of equipment, and it’s gorgeous rather than cute.」「「「Yeah, that flashiness is a bit too much for highschool girls.」」」「Unexpectedly, wooden rings are cute too?」

But the general store finally had cute and somewhat fancy clothes and accessories. They even received cosmetics. The general store lady was crying as she was lining up the goods, which immediately would be bought out, and she’ll have to line them up again moments later. Must be pretty tough… At that scale it can’t be called just a store anymore, she has to hire people. Trying to operate a department store alone… Is just reckless.

And there is no need to even ask who brought that store to that scale. The answer is clear. There is always only one truth! After all, Angelica-san was carrying a mountain of evidence. [1]

「It will take time, but they are going to order goods from the capital as well. She said it’s gonna be the best clothes in the country!」

「「「Kyaaa, do want! Totally buying!」」」

After that began a fashion show by everyone. Trying on, showing off, exchanging and borrowing, a fashion show with giggles and lively chatter.

Usually, it’s all about armor and armaments here, robes and mantles are still somewhat bearable, but leather, iron, or whatever armor, has not even a shred of charm. What we wanted was not equipment, but clothes. Everyone wanted nice clothes.

Certainly, in this world, we might not have many opportunities to wear such outfits. One has to be under arms on a routine basis, and the clothes have to be durable and easy to move in.

Cute clothes won’t be visible under armor, and would immediately get dirty and torn. Even so, we wanted to have something in reserve, something in which we can go out. After all, any girl would want that. Adventurer might be a combat profession, but we still want to remain girls.

That’s why there was a fashion show that lasted the whole night. Today, everyone finally gets to be a girl.

Were it our previous world, these probably would’ve been considered inferior goods, that we wouldn’t even notice, but right now, they are treasures. Haruka-kun financed this, built the store, and ordered lots of lovely women’s clothes. He even made sure that there will be all sorts of sizes. Well… Although he also seems to have been ordering lewd clothes as well…

The general store lady also said that there is a special discount for black hair and dark eyes, and sold everything at very low prices. And for the girls who didn’t have enough money, she said they can pay the rest later. Must be instructions of the secret owner.

Everyone probably was crying when no one was looking. And he must’ve noticed how emotionally unstable everyone became, and was trying to please us, and make us laugh. As the result, Haruka-kun blew all of his savings on fabric and building materials…. He must’ve been doing this for everyone’s sake… But please, could you stop spending all of your money to the point you have to stay in the inn on a tab? And then even hiding it since you thought we’d be angry? The sum piled up to a scary number!

Angelica-san was also delighted about all the dresses she got, actively showing off new clothes with everyone. Hmm, at first she was just trying various clothes… but midway, it turned lewd! Aah, they bought even more of those! Is she going to wear such a thing today as well? Just look at that, bare shoulders, deep cleavage, and the bottom, the bottom part! The things are so exposed that the crotch area is almost visible! And she seems to be totally okay wearing it! She seems so happy! The model being too beautiful makes it extra sexy.

Everyone’s Detect Presence will level up tonight. Mine will probably hit MaX level. That is already a cause for the lack of sleep for everyone… All because Haruka-kun is trying too hard! But Angelica-san seems to be happy.

Then, the conversation turned to what happened yesterday at the cave, eventually, about the night there… And once again everyone was knocked out. Collapsing en masse, like they were mowed down! An utter defeat! I mean, a hammock… Doing such a thing in a hammock!!? KYAAAAAAーーーー (Followed by a frenzied confusion)

Looking satisfied upon finishing her story, Angelica-san then headed to Haruka’s room with an entranced smile, wearing a super lewd dress.

Her delight could be felt even through the sound of her footsteps. And today again, she finished her story with「Some-day, we’ll, all do, it, together, some-day.」

Even if she says it with such delight, such relish… She wants to do it, together? With all us girls? Just what is it that she wants to do together? A hammock with everyone?! No, a hammock itself is not weird at all… If it’s just a hammock.

Today as well, no one could reply to her. I mean, together?… Is Angelica-san aiming for a Harem Dungeon Master?

But if we were to intrude into his room wearing lewd dresses, Haruka-kun would most certainly run away? He might be a perv, but a harem is absolutely impossible for such a wuss as Haruka? After all, he even escaped from his own home, the cave. Escaped, and lived in a tent all on his own.

Yeah, he is very shy and timid…… I think if he ever got a harem, he’d run from it himself?

[TL Notes:
[1] Conan Edogawa’s catchphrase.



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