Chapter 12: Even though it works in most cases, apparently, normal people don’t call it a strategy Part 2

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「When you saved us you were carrying a staff and shooting magic all over the place, yet you are not a mage?」

「No, I’m jobless?」

「……Is that so.」

「Haruka-kun, you said that you don’t have any decent skills, but that thing you use for instant movement, it’s not『Teleport』or 『Flash Step』?」

「I think it’s 『Movement』and『Walking』that make it look like I’m moving instantly?」

「Eh? You mean the skills that make you better at walking and support magic for movement?」

「Probably? I guess it’s something like a combination of these two?」

「Something like…… But you are in fact doing it? ……Eh? Remind me, what is a cheat?」

As expected, strolling through the forest with such a crowd will scare away rabbits, sensitive to others’ presence.

It seems that the girls following split into the vice presidents and bitches groups so the only one accompanying me is the class president.

I keep walking, just endlessly beating goblins to half death.

When their numbers are too large, I first thin them out with ranged attacks, then keep on with the hunt.

「Hmm, if we go further we will encounter monsters of Lv 15, what will you do? 」

「Lv 15?! Can we beat them?」

「Yeah, in one hit if I sneak up on them from behind and strike with full force?」

「I see, everyone was fighting monsters, but you were hunting them, one-sidedly.」

「As you would expect, having no cheats I can’t trade blows with Lv 15? I’m weak after all.」

「It’s impossible even with cheats and high level, though. Let’s turn back?」

「Roger, if we take a detour we can hunt some more on the way back. 」

「At this rate we might completely annihilate goblins in this area.」

「The thing is, the next day they are there as if nothing happened. Those gobs.」

「Since you know that it means that you already annihilated them, all by yourself……」

We continued our hunt until the dark, and returned home, my 11 years of go-home club experience didn’t go to waste!

「「「「「Thank you for your hard work.」」」」」

「Ehm, you too?」

Everyone seems pretty tired, I guess I’ll get the bath ready.

Filling the jacuzzi with water I raise the temperature. I can easily adjust it with temperature magic.

「A bath! Kyaaaaaaa!」

「Don’t strip! You pervert!!」

Crap. Living in the forest they devolved into complete savages. It seems that their femininity was replaced with barbarism.

Escaping the bath, I head to the unfinished storage room and continue my work on expanding the cave.

A room for 8 people should be about 12 mats, I guess? But I think they are going to split into groups, so it might be better if I made 5-6 rooms?

Make a room, connect it with a corridor, make another room…… Done, the mana was barely enough. Running out of magic power I feel fatigued, hungry, and sleepy.

Unsteady on my feet, I try to return to the living room, then,

「Haruka-kun, wait for a bit! Everyone, put on your clothes!」

Looks like a trend for nudism has spread among my classmates. It’s over for them. Both as humans and as girls. And it seems that the president turned into everyone’s mom.

「It’s fine now, the food is ready. 」

Yeah, completely a mom.

For dinner, there is fish again, while girls are having a mushroom party…… Ah, it sounds kind of lewd!

「Haruka-kun, what were you doing there?」

「Well, remodeling, adding new rooms?」

「I see, having no room for yourself must be inconvenient. Sorry for occupying the place.」


「No, it’s your rooms? Making private rooms was impossible, but making shared rooms for 8 people each wasn’t that difficult. Staying together all the time must be stifling, right?」

The moment I said this, the girls rushed to check the new rooms, with the mom shouting at them from behind.

「Haruka-kun, are you going to sleep outside again? Can’t you just sleep here since there are rooms now?」

「Nope, no way, especially since some of you already began converting to nudism. In the first place, things just calmed down after the boys attacked you, wouldn’t it be impossible to share the same roof with a man?」

「……I see. But leaving you there alone…… Sorry. Hmmm, but if it’s Haruka-kun, wouldn’t it be fine even if you stayed?」

「Nope, it’s not fine for me.」

Indeed, certain actions can be observed, which point to them not seeing me as a man, but just being there can turn into a source of stress. Even if they act as usual, there is no guarantee that there is no trauma. Even if the attempt failed, there is no way they aren’t wary of men right after being attacked by the boys.

「Then, I’ll be going, the meal was delicious.」

I guess it goes without saying that I enlarge my tent.

Now, if it turns out that after all this my level didn’t go up, I’m going to be pretty sad. Appraisal.

NAME: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 07
Job —

HP       93 (28UP)
MP       92 (31UP)
ViT      91 (26UP)
PoW      89 (26UP)
SpE      87 (29UP)
DeX      87 (29UP)
MiN      96 (32UP)
InT      99 (30UP)
LuK Max (Limit Break)

SP       97

Martial Arts:「Cane Arts Lv 6」(Up)「Avoidance Lv 4」(Up)「Premonition Lv 3」(Up)「Mana Wrapping Lv 4」(Up)

Magic:「Temperature Lv 4」(Up)「Movement Lv 6」(2Up)「Weight Lv 4」(Up)「Packing Lv 5」(Up)「Magic of Four Elements Lv 3」(2Up)「Wood Magic Lv 2」(Up) 「Lightning Magic Lv 1」(New)

Skills:「Health Lv 2」「Sensitive Body Lv 3」(Up)「Gymnastics Lv 4」(Up)「Walking Lv 6」(2Up)「Command Lv 3」(2Up)「Appraisal Lv 4」(Up)「Farsight Lv 3」「Detect Presence Lv 4」(Up)「Search Lv 4」(Up)「Mana Control Lv 5」(Up)「Erase Presence Lv 3」「Stealth Lv 3」「Concealment Lv 2」(Up)「Map Lv 3」(Up)「Concentration Lv 4」(2Up) 「Physical Resistance Lv 2」「MP Recovery Lv 3」(2Up)「HP Recovery Lv 2」(Up) 「Parallel Thinking Lv 1」(New)

Titles:「Hikikomori Lv 4」(Up)「NEET Lv 3」(Up)「Loner Lv 4」(Up) 「Mage Lv 4」(3Up)

Unknown:「Communication Lv 2」(Up)「Jack of All Trades Lv 3」(2Up)「Muppet Lv 2」 (Up)

Items:「Staff?」「Plain Clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Cloak?」「Contacts?」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」「Bracelet PoW+1% SpE +1%」 (New)

Ooh, it’s my first time going up two levels at once, The status will go into 3 digits with the next level up. Today, I felt absolutely no resistance when I fought with goblins, but I leveled up after all.

It’s been 10 days since I began fighting in this forest, and after beating so many enemies, I only got Lv 7. The president and others were raising their levels while putting the priority on weaker girls, and even so, they are already Lv 16-21, overtaking me in a blink of an eye.

With a bit of combat training, I will be the one getting in the way. By that time the girls should be strong enough to head for a town. So this lively life should be over in 2-3 days.

「Haruka-kun, do you have a moment? 」

Yes, lively. I’m glad that I enlarged the tent……?!

For some reason, it was still small. Even though I made it in a size big enough for 4 people, it was still small.

Flood of patrons? Welcome, 6 guests.

「Ehm, what’s going on?」

The guests were the president, Vice President A-san, Vice President B-san, and Bitch Leader. And…… This girl…… is the Fish Girl that came to wake me up in the morning, and…… Uhhh? ……Ah, nudist girl! The one that absolutely shouldn’t be allowed in the tent of a high school boy!

「Em, we came to talk…… Or rather, to apologize again……」

「First, please hear Chika out…… And I also apologize for testing you」

Continued Nudist Girl. Who the hell is Chika?

「Uhh, eem, eem, I heard that you can’t enter the room because of me, I thought about apologizing earlier…… But was thrown out?」

「Ah, by Chika you meant Fish Girl! Since you keep saying chika chika I thought that the screen is flickering.」

「「「「Who is a fish girl? Chika-chan’s parents were fishes?!  Why are you making up another weird name!? What does flickering have to do with anything, there is no broken TV anywhere around!」」」」

Why are all of the girls in my class so good at retorts? Did they receive a skill for that?

「No, I mean, aren’t you on the duty of announcing that fish was caught?  Also, are her parents fishy?」

「「「「We have no such duty! And her parents aren’t fishy!! Probably? Also, thrown out? Just what are you doing to a girl?!」」」」

But, it’s a fish, a fish, you know. Fish! On top of that, fried one!

During this chaos, the president provided me with explanations. She is working really hard, being a narrator, a mom, and the class president all on her own.

In short, Fish Girl was attacked and chased around by the boys…… No, wait? What was her name again? MerMerMaid, was attacked, which resulted in trauma.

Since there was that, other girls were trying to protect her from me. MerMerMaid thought that it was her fault, and gathering her courage, came to apologize in the morning.

「I see, MerMerMaid had it hard too. But don’t mind it, I already received fish after all?」

「「「「Why does she turn into MerMerMaid as soon as fish girl gets rejected? You just have no intention of remembering her name, do you?!」」」」

Looks like that wasn’t her name. Eh, wait a moment, weren’t they talking about something like her father being a fish and her mother being a fish, resulting in MerMerMaid?

「So, why Nudist Girl is apologizing as well?」

「「「Nudist Girl? Why do you keep giving girls such weird nicknames!」」」

「Well, I mean, she was stripping?」

「「「Fukunuki-san, just what did you do? Did you strip?」」」

「No! No! Look, it’s that! I wanted to check if he is really okay? So I undressed in the bathroom……But he didn’t even glance at me…… He, he didn’t even glance…… Not even one look……」


「No, I mean, that line about the fish being fried……I just stuck in my head? And also, nudists, that strip out of nowhere, and bitches, everything is just too scary.」

「Bitches have nothing to do with this! Bitches were completely unrelated to the topic, no? No, I mean, how many times do I have to tell you not to call us bitches!」

「Bi……Mmm. Shimazaki-san came to advocate for you, Haruka-kun? So don’t bully her!」

I got scolded by Vice President B, they are swaying as she is getting angry…… No, it’s nothing, please don’t look at me like that?

「Did you just say Bi?…… Nevermind. Uuh, what do you mean, to advocate?」

Why am I getting such a glare? Ididntdoanything?

「That’s well, though we got tamed…… You didn’t order us anything weird…… You didn’t ever order us to do anything? Nothing was done to us……We were just……Neglected? And you don’t even remember our names……? So it’s actually fine……Eh, wait? Is this actually……Fine?」

No, if you are going to cover for me, just do it until the very end? At the end it turned into a question……And everyone is giving me judgemental looks…… Thanks!

12th Day – Over.

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