Chapter 125: Rules exist to be followed, so isn’t it all good as long as it’s within the rules?


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 46 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn, Girls-only Gathering.

We made tomorrow a day off.

A day of rest, the time to have fun and recover. The girls’ sleep deprivation is terrible. And the rate at which their Detect Presence is growing is also terrifying! And the higher the level gets the more minute details are revealed by the skill, making the matter progressively worse! And then he taught us Vibration Magic at such disastrous timing! It already went up a few levels! On everyone! In just one night! We can’t go on like this. We have to rest. Mornings are so tough.

We decided that tomorrow we will go to the general store together. We also invited Angelica-san, so she is currently wavering, trying to choose between a female friendship and a date. It seems she wants to accept both, and can’t choose, but apparently, both options lead to the general store? Is there a point in racking your brains so hard if we are going to the same place anyway?

We made good progress through the dungeon in the past two days, and even though most of the monsters were defeated by Haruka-kun and Angelica-san they still split magic stones with us equally. As such, we have plenty of funds, so I’m looking forward to shopping tomorrow.

「Did they get new clothes? The lady was saying that they will get new items soon, right?」

「She did, but that was when we went there just the day before yesterday? Though tomorrow we can take things slowly. 」

「I want new clothes, new gear, and new delicacies, but I don’t have money for all of that? I’ll end up in debt at this rate!」

「Since Haruka-kun didn’t take any independent action lately, there shouldn’t be any bargain sales or auctions in a while. So we should be fine focusing on clothes for now. Probably? 」

「Yeah, and as for delicacies, they can’t compare to Haruka-kun’s stuff, so it’s all about clothes and accessories now! Ah, but that general store is cooperating with Haruka-kun, so they might start selling his sweets?」

「「「You are right! Won’t we go bankrupt? We will definitely buy them!」」」

「It seems Haruka-kun will make a box lunch tomorrow. Angelica-san said that she saw him making something!」

「「「Kyyaaa! Is it sweet? Is it tasty? Are we going to become fat?」」」

「Haruka-kun is pretty diligent despite how irresponsible he is? He seems to be enjoying the process, but it usually turns out to be something for everyone’s sake.」

「「「At school he was much less talkative, or rather, scary even?」」」

「It’s not like Haruka-kun himself changed, it’s more like everyone’s view of him changed. He simply was exposed as a soft heart who’s only feigning ignorance. He is still the same Haruka-kun.」

Yes, at school he was always reading something, so it was hard to start a conversation with him, and so he had that silent quality to him, but in the end, he is just the same as back then.

「As Oda-kun’s group was saying, at school, when they were about to get bullied, he’d often cut through and say something like 『You are in the way. What’s wrong with you? Why are you such a nuisance? Are you dumb? Are you as dumb as you look?』he would then kick the hell out of delinquents. And then, pretending that it had nothing to do with anything, would just continue on with his business. 」

「「「Aah~. Speaking of which, it always looked like a coincidence, but it happened a lot.」」」

Yes, it was always someone else’s fault that he appeared scary. And since the person in question isn’t saying anything he ends up being misunderstood. And even then, he still makes no effort to clear that up.

「Which reminds me, didn’t he somehow have the biggest presence, despite not standing out?」

「Yeah, he didn’t catch an eye during events or competition so I thought he might be bad at sports? 」

「Yeah, Kakizaki-kun and others were saying this for a long time. Like, they feel some kind of terrible presence around him, or that they don’t feel they can win, so be it soccer or basketball, they always end up driven away from Haruka-kun.」

「「「Yeah, makes sense that he won’t stand out like that. And he doesn’t seem to care about this anyway. But doesn’t that mean that he is basically not taking part in games?」」」

It seems he was avoided due to some kind of primal instinct. Since the time he was a kid, Haruka-kun did whatever he pleased, as long as it wasn’t against the rules. Since he has no common sense he will use everything that wasn’t explicitly forbidden. I never heard of anyone disguising themselves while playing hide-n-seek aside from Haruka-kun. The same goes for using traps in a game of tag. He was too invincible.

「Back there, rules existed, and common sense was demanded. But without all that he naturally would stand out. Well, though it seems he lacks common sense by the standards of this world as well.」

Angelica-san vigorously nodded in agreement. She probably recalled what happened in the Great Dungeon. And the fact that he chose to save a Dungeon Emperor.

A world where Haruka-kun’s actions won’t be considered lacking in common sense would be an absurd place. A world where everyone is like Haruka-kun probably would be a very peaceful place. Everyone would be too scared to cause any trouble. A world where ordinary people are the scariest and the strongest will has no room for villains.

Even in this world, it will become a huge uproar if they learn that he actually has a Dungeon Emperor under his control. It will be a great mess.

But in this town, everyone is already used to the armored person following Haruka-kun everywhere, so while they would be surprised by such a revelation, that would be the extent of it.

After all, they have to deal every day with someone a lot more outrageous than a dungeon emperor. Rather, everyone knows that the armored person following him around is a much more decent person.

Being absurd even for this world, he managed to change the common sense here without anyone noticing. And all of that must’ve been for Angelica-san. Though I don’t think he is aware of that himself? Probably?

「If only they have some cute shoes or boots, right?」

「Yeah, shoes are a problem here. Let’s ask the shopkeeper.」

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Meanwhile, Angelica-san is actively gesturing, explaining that she wants a cute hat. Somehow, it seems she is getting better at gesturing rather than talking? Even though she improved a lot when it comes to lewd topics? Is it because she is being constantly asked about that? There are too many reasons I can think of why things turned out like that.

「And bags as well! It’s an indispensable fashion item! And all they have here are beige cloth bags. 」

「「「Aah, you are right. It’s awful, lately, we’ve been thinking of nothing but durability and capacity? Our femininity is in danger!」」」

I hope they got a lot of new items… Being too excited, everyone was in an uproar. Even the girls of this town were enjoying their first fashionable items. That’s why Haruka-kun was frequenting that store. Buying a lot, selling a lot, and since it still wasn’t enough, investing into it, and even constructing the building for it. And what he did to the shopkeeper lady? She was talking about the merchandise turnover rate, stockpile items discounts, supply base optimization, in this world that hardly was any different from medieval times. He totally trained her in business administration and economics. At this rate that place is bound to become a huge company, the first department store of this world. And probably because he understood that, he made a pretty ordinary-looking building. He must be planning to further expand it later. Without telling to the shopkeeper anything.

「From cosmetics they had only lipstick, right? And it was a bit too red.」

「Yeah, not even mentioning basic skin-care products. I guess for now, while we are still in our teens, it’s gonna be alright, but…」

「Rather than skin-care~, wouldn’t it be better to just get Regeneration like Haruka-kun~? The skin will regenerate by itself?~」

「「「That’s it! And here I wondered why Haruka-kun’s face was so smooth and glossy lately! I thought it was because of his perv nighttime activities, but he actually had Regeneration! 」」」

I have it as well, but let’s keep silent, it’s too scary. I think regeneration has nothing to do with this since we are only 16. I’m pretty sure it is because of the night activities.

Coming to this world, everyone gave up on everything. Everyone tried their best to forget since they thought there wouldn’t be a chance to obtain those things ever again. But now, everyone is overjoyed since it seems that Haruka-kun can solve everything? And he must be working on something new again. According to the information from Angelica-san, he gathered various materials and he seems to be tinkering with magic in his free time. So I can’t wait for tomorrow. Because it might bring even more joy.

「「「Good night, see you tomorrow.」」」

Everyone is spending their days happily. Just as Haruka-kun said, living every day with smiles. Thank you.



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