Chapter 132: Looks like she is going to write a slanderous report and then post it on some kind of underground website.


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Day 48 – Cavern, 36F

Since for the most part, I’m trying not to get too involved, we aren’t making much progress. I mean, what can I do if Stalker Girl is watching my every step?

Everyone mastered Vibration Sword, but from 40F enemies changed to 『Metal Golems』, with the sturdiness going up, so they end up taking a lot of time to defeat them anyway. The only exception is Great Sage. Well, Though Vice President B-san is not using a Vibration Sword, she still has a lot of shaking from the jiggling. This is earthquake level! For real!

However, I don’t think I ever saw Great Sage use magic even once? All she does is swing around? Her staff and various other stuff. She is swinging it around!

I taught them how to use vibration for destruction, but it seems they still can’t use it in real combat. Even though their Vibration Magic skill level went up in one go they still can’t use it in combat? Just why? And they were so angry when I asked them about that?

To hide my abilities I stick to beating enemies with the staff, but could it be that killing enemies in one blow is a problem in itself? She is staring incredibly hard at me. And writing something. This is going to be reported. Is she going to write that I’m some kind of a wild savage that beats enemies to death with a stick? But is there even such a thing as an elegant way of clubbing enemies?

「I can’t get into it. It’s really hard to fight like this. The gaze on me is bothering me too much to focus. And I’m also bored of golems. 」

「The last one is your real complaint, right? You usually keep grumbling about not having enough monsters to fight, but when you have as much as you want you are bored? Where did your Fine Young Man act go? You are totally your usual self.」

But there is nothing to do aside from beating『Metal Golems』? Everyone just keeps bam bam bam hitting them. And since I can see the location of their cores with Rajingan it’s over in one hit. Can I be blamed for being bored?

「To report. Easily bored, spoiled, keeps hitting with a club, not a fine young man. (scribble scribble)」

Aah, she keeps writing slander into the report. Before long it will be posted on some kind of underground website.

There is a hidden room over here, so let’s check it first. Yeah, in a fine young man’s sort of way.

「Aaah, I’m so ti~red. Whooa, I leaned on the wall and it moved! Aaaah, a hidden room in such a place? Aah, what a surprise? Monotone」

「「「Your acting ability is the surprise! It’s so bad that it’s actually impressive! I don’t think I ever heard someone say every line in such an unnatural way! And why would you say 『Monotone』aloud!」」」

Eerrm, inside the chest, was 『Shocking Necklace – Add Knockback to Blunt and Slashing Attacks (Greater), +ATT』. like at a shocking price? But I don’t recall ever being surprised by the so-called shocking prices? The only shocking thing about them was the fact that they dare to call such prices shocking.

Since『Shocking Necklace』adds a knockback, then it should go to sword users. If they get the ability to knock away enemies after a slash then they have an easier time controlling the distance, and also will be able to knock away several enemies at a time. So either the president or the shrimp, no, it might be nice for Shield Girl as well? For some reason, I also think it might be just perfect for Great Sage, but that’s probably my imagination. Vice A is cutting up enemies, so it won’t be that useful for her, while I don’t have enough PoW to send enemies flying.

In the end, it went to Great Sage. That necklace over that chest…! Ah, no, it’s nothing. I was simply looking at the necklace? Honestly? I was just looking?

Looks like by now no one is expecting any magic from Great Sage, as she is sending golems flying left and right. Apparently, that hammer is called 『Staff of Sacred Mysteries』, an item boosting Holy Magic efficiency. A staff? Magic? All she does is smash with it?

Hmmm? Looks like the next floor is the last one? There is a hidden room or something, but there seem to be no stairs or additional floors beneath it? Well, we’ll know when we get there.

Ooooh, it’s been a while. A floor master that is simultaneously a dungeon master. Well, it’s another golem though.

And very, unfortunately, the flag for a female-type golem didn’t trigger. It’s a simple giant, and it is charging at us.

「I’ll exterminate them!! From this world… Wait, which world? This fantasy world? I didn’t even hear the name of this world yet? Probably? Or maybe I did? From which world?」[1]

It’s huge. 『Mithril Golem Lv 50』 has Magic Reflection and Abnormal Status Nullification so only option is fighting it head on, but with 『Extraordinary Strength』,『Slashing Resistance』,『Blunt Damage Resistance』,『Regeneration』it has no weaknesses. This combination of skills that inspires zero faith in possible victory without a doubt means it’s a dungeon master. It’s not something that can be taken down with only one party. Retreat?

Or rather, it’s Mithril!!! Finally, an enemy made out of valuable material. Will it leave mithril after its death? This is a flag, isn’t it? By now I’m pretty suspicious of all the seeming flags popping up in this world. But mithril was even listed as a recommended material in 『How To Magic Tools!』!

A silvered steel, sacred metal, magic power amplificator, elves’ favorite, mithril, truesilver, the treasure of Moria, mithril of gray glitter. A metal of legends.

「Uhhh, Haruka-kun? What are you doing?」

「EH! It’s mithril! Don’t you want it? Don’t worry, I will share with everyone. I also accept orders for custom products, so there will be no problem? It should have enough for everyone with that size?」

Grasping mithril with Holding I dismantle it through Vibration Magic and process through heating, so just wait for a bit. Don’t worry I will surely share. I certainly won’t hog it all for myself.

「「「Uwaa, the core is just discarded? It’s a mithril golem, but all the mithril was stolen from it. The core is just thrown away.」」」

What? The core will turn into a magic stone. Until then I have no need for it, so it can just lie on the ground. It’s fine, there is no need to process it or anything. Even if we just break it, the core will still turn into a magic stone. Rather than that, it’s mithril! Mithril I say! Who cares about the dungeon master! It’s mithril!

「Okay, for now, let’s make bars out of it and carry it home. What a great find. It’s mithril, you know? Just selling it will bring a whole fortune? I wonder if more will spawn if we wait? At least one more?」

The first fantasy material of this world. My equipment is still nothing but wood, leather, cloth, all 100% natural materials. Well, natural fantasy materials, but I don’t feel happy about that at all.

For some reason, everyone is staring at me with a flat gaze? Hey, it’s mithril, you know? Isn’t everyone’s reaction a bit too small? Speaking of small, there are quite a few small-chested individuals around as well… No, it’s nothing! Mithril. I didn’t think of anything. Please put away your axes and four-sword styles. These are not flat gazes, you are scaring me.

「Mithril is great, you know? We can make new equipment out of it, or use it to strengthen what we already have. It will also boost both magic power and magic power conductivity. It’s strong, and it might also enhance skills? It’s very nice stuff. And it was just waiting to be found.」

「Waiting to be found? It’s not like it was lying around? You tore it from a living monster. Core-san died after being completely stripped of everything. A sad and lonely death. It was disassembled so fast that it didn’t get a chance to regenerate. We are coming to kill monsters, so why do we end up pitying them every time?」

Aaah, yes, it’s a dungeon master, so if it dies the dungeon dies as well. Nothing will spawn here anymore. And I wanted more. If there were at least 10 golems of that size there still would’ve been plenty of mithril left even after making equipment for everyone. Why is it all over with just one? It’s not enough.

[TL Notes:
[1] Yes, it’s a reference to Shingeki no kyojin.



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