Chapter 139: Being too unprepared I ended up getting scolded when I asked for serious advice.


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Day 48 – Morning, Tunnel?

Finally, the last group of refugees left at the Omui’s side of the tunnel. It’s already morning outside though? I don’t remember when the last time I had a proper sleep was? On top of that, today, I didn’t even get to have 『Private』time with Armored Pres-san? Okay, let’s ask her when we get back. Absolutely!

Stone Golems are covering our rear so there is no need to worry about that. It’s a heavily equipped phalanx with greatshields, so there is no chance of a breakthrough. And I can still increase their numbers so there is no way to get past them.

While the Stone Golems were made with 『Ring of Golem Maker』and are controlled through commands, they are very real golems. Yeah, not even monsters, so they don’t have cores.

They are lifeless puppets, hence immortal, and lacking actual life, they also can’t be killed. If they have no orders they will turn to simple stone statues, so there is no possible damage. They are just stones after all. That’s just a horde of stone statues that can be infinitely produced as long as I have mana. The very idea of fighting them is idiotic.

The Stalker girl that completely calmed down by now is happily stuffing her cheeks with a steamed bun imitation of fruit cake. Apparently, it’s tastylicious.

「Armored Pres-san, good job there? But are you sure that the guards are alright? Mainly in the physical sense? It’s plainly obvious that mentally they are definitely not alright, but it seems it’s not a problem as long as they are alright physically? Well, who cares. They all were middle-aged dudes anyway.」

Armored Pres-san is nodding, so I guess they are okay. Means I won’t get scolded by Meripapa-san.

「Okay, I didn’t attack the town, I didn’t harm the troops, and I also didn’t lay hands on the lord. I did absolutely nothing wrong this time, no need to worry about false charges as well. See? I’m Innocent!」

Why Flat Gaze? A crossfire of Armored Pres-san’s and Stalker Girl’s Flat Gaze. And the barrage is by no means weak, is this a focused fire?

「You didn’t lay your hands on him? How about stepping, stomping, forcing him to faint, and then leaving him to lie on the ground? I think he was even leaking something? That lord?」

「Stepping and stomping are both done by feet, there is no way I’d touch something that filthy with my hands. And it’s not like I stepped on him because I wanted to, he was simply lying on the floor? I just stepped onto him when I tried to step on the floor? Nothing wrong on my part, right? There is always only one innocence. What was Grandpa’s name again?」 [1]

Looks like false accusations were resolved. However, the Flat Gaze Crossfire seems to be still continuing. Well, I just left that dirty orc that fainted in the puddle of its own pee. I don’t need it and I don’t even want to touch it. So I didn’t lay hands on it. Why can’t everyone understand that I didn’t do anything wrong? Is that the Affection Rating issue after all? I can’t think of any other reason? None at all?

Meanwhile, this tunnel was made merely through a bit of remodeling. Getting attacked from above would’ve been dangerous so I added a roof. So I didn’t use my 『Ring of Dungeon Master – 【Dungeon Creation, Dungeon Control】』, so there is no danger of getting scolded for turning it into a dungeon. I didn’t tell the troops of the neighboring domains, so they are free to kick up as much fuss as they want, unable to realize the difference. All I need is to keep them at distance, hence a dummy dungeon to keep them at bay. If I move too far away the stone golems will turn into stone statues, so I will either have to seal them away behind the walls, or implant magic stones and make monsters out of them, but this can wait until after we discuss this outside.

After all, what comes after this is of no concern to me. That’s Meripapa-san’s job… His aides must be working very hard right now. Hmm, keep it up?

Now the question is what will the kingdom do after losing its supply of magic stones. The frontier is inching ever closer to self-sufficiency in wheat, and since they also have potatoes this is far more than just enough. As for salt, I secured a huge volume of it after stumbling upon a giant layer of rock salt in a cave, and there are also no signs of Villager A’s reserves of salt dwindling. Even metal is not an issue, there are enough discovered ore veins to make a mine, though all of them are neglected at the moment.

The problem is sugar and cloth. Having a supply of livestock cut off also hurts, but none of this is urgent, so it should be fine for a while. If this becomes a real problem I can just fly to purchase those myself. Between the two economies, the kingdom’s economy should be the one to give out first. The kingdom has no other sources of magic stones, and yet they largely abandoned the region, denying them reinforcements, driving down the price of magic stones, and coveting aid. Rather than not doing anything, they were actively exploiting the region, so it serves them right. No need to take steps to help them.

The cliffs around the tunnel are also under remodeling. Those rocky mountains should become an indestructible wall surrounding the frontier, while the tunnel will become an impenetrable dungeon-style fortress gate. This will make for an impregnable frontier fortress. The garrison is an immortal army of Stone Golems, and if that is still not enough to hold back the enemy, then I can use『Ring of Dungeon Master』to turn it into a real dungeon.『Ring of Golem Maker』is the only way to defend the frontier with its few troops. Well, the control is difficult so there is a limit to fine manipulations, but since they are still capable of carrying out simple orders, a mass-produced heavily equipped phalanx is enough of a force to reckon with. That impossibility of precise control forces the use of outdated phalanx with shields for defense and a wall of spears. Well, if I add a castle at the exit then it will be completely safe, secure, and serene.

「This should make things peaceful for a while? There was no peace in forever, so getting at least a bit of it is important. If the economy grows and the town develops in the meantime it should reach prosperity. Prolonged isolation is also a problem, but that’s not my problem, that’s the job for the local lord. So don’t blame me?」

「But wouldn’t it be considered an attempt to break away or become independent from the kingdom? It might turn hostile? 」

After some talk, I found out that Stalker Girl was not a simple stalker girl, who only knew how to stalk, but a Clever Stalker Girl, who was taught in the ways of war and economics for the sake of investigations. And on top of that, she is also a daughter of the chief of a clan of stalkers, a very remarkable stalker girl. By the way, at the moment she is munching on a fried potato. Apparently, it’s saltylicious.

「What break away? What is there to do if no one can pass the tunnel? And if we have any business we can go there on our own? In the first place, if the kingdom wants to blame anyone, they can start with themselves for allowing the neighboring town to do as they please for so long. In fact, the kingdom was taking hostile actions towards the frontier, so the frontier might as well really declare independence. If the kingdom doesn’t want the frontier to declare independence then they should conduct themselves accordingly. What’s most important is that now the frontier cannot be threatened through force or food supply? Now they can finally negotiate with the kingdom on equal grounds, now it’s all in the hands of the local lord. Yeah, I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t touch anyone, so legally there should be no problem. So I’m properly innocent, okay?」

At this point the kingdom should have no advantages, so the negotiations should go all the way in the frontier’s favor. And since the kingdom can’t step into the frontier on their own, even having negotiations or not is entirely up to the frontier. Well, now the frontier surely must be probably okay? No idea though? Well, I mean, I’m not even a citizen? How would I know? I didn’t even hear its name? Or did I? Meri, was it? Well, Meripapa-san… ‘s aides will probably manage… I guess?

Finally, outside… Eh, it’s so bright! It’s morning already! I lack both sleep and Private Time?!

The soldiers seem to be taking care of refugees, so that can be left to them. Aah, looks like the president and the others are here as well. They are all waving their hands, so let’s check on them. Well, and it also would be a pain to explain everything to Meripapa-san if he finds me. It seems that there are some difficulties in communication with the people of this world. Do my words get properly translated? I can’t help but doubt that.

「Welcome back, Haruka-kun. Stalker Girl-chan. Thank goodness you are alright. Well, not like we were worried. We were pretty sure nothing will happen to you. Welcome home.」

「I’m back? I guess? And I also kind of abducted the Stalker Girl? Yeah, she was crying, about to have a pimple popped by an orc, so I sort of snatched her? Rather than that, I need serious advice. What do we do about breakfast? I don’t have anything prepared, but going for BBQ right in the morning sounds like a bad idea?」

「「「You need serious advice on BBQ?!」」」

For some reason, they got mad at me after I earnestly explained the importance of breakfast? No, it’s really important? A good breakfast is the first component of a healthy life?

In the end, after discussing it with the geeks, I made 2 Master Golems. Is what I guess they should be called? Well, anyway, there are two of them.

The Master Golems’ duty is to control and manufacture Stone Golems, They barely have any combat strength or defense, but there is simply no way to cram it there.

I buried level 90 magic stones into cliffs on the right and left sides, and turned them into Master Golems by infusing them with my mana. So the cores can’t even be destroyed without excavation. For offensive abilities, they can shoot Ice Needles at those that climb the cliffs and throw down boulders, which should be enough. Their main specializations are command, manufacture, and restoration. And since they can regenerate, one can’t even dig a tunnel here, so this should be plenty for defenses.

Now, let’s go back and sleep. A lot of adult sleeping. So much that we won’t get even a wink of sleep! I’m going to sleep super hard! For real!!

Day 47 continues into Day 48.

[TL Notes:
[1] Reference to Detective Conan – “There is only one truth”, and then The Kindaichi Case Files “I swear on the name of my grandpa!”



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