Chapter 147: Apparently, in this world, if a girlfriend gets a hold of your stomach you are going to get blown up.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 50 – Morning, Dungeon.

As the result of the negotiation it was settled that as the production of『Multicolor』series begins, 10 girls present today, the board members + Shield Girl, and Athletic Girls + Fish Girl, will each receive priority before everyone else for the purchase of one item each, plus discount, and semi-custom designs. I can’t begin mass production before I make a few of them first, seriously.

「The problem is, I can’t decide if I should ask for a flared skirt or a one-piece, so how about an additional order to solve the problem? 」

「Such high-grade stuff gives a feeling of getting a great deal, but having to pick a season feels like a waste. Since the color can be changed it has to be all season after all.」

「Something simple, basic, and multipurpose, would be the best, but which one would be the best to utilize with other clothes? Top or bottom? Is there no other way to resolve this but an additional order?」

「The one I wear the most is the cloak, so that would be the most practical. Even so, while changing the color of the cloak is nice, the cloak is not cute…」

「T-shirt might be the most convenient, but it feels like such a waste?
Then, a blouse after all, and go with basic looks? A bag is nice as well, so the only solution is an extra order?」

An additional order to solve the problem? That means you have no intention of solving it at all, isn’t it? You simply want to push it on me and make another order? When did you become such little exploiters? And your debts just keep growing? Or rather, you are buying too much stuff! That’s the very reason for my excessive workload! Why are the debtors peacefully sleeping at night and the creditor can’t get a wink of sleep working through until the morning?

However, is it really fine for a dungeon exploration to be all about passionate discussion on clothes and the combat being only secondary? Is this how fantasy dungeons were supposed to be? I’m yet to even pull out my weapon today? The wooden stick is hanging on my hip? I didn’t even touch it yet? Was there ever any other person for whom a divine sword was such a paperweight? On top of that, I now had 『Dimension Blade』, which was on par with divine swords, but there is no chance for me to use any of that?

During my night shift yesterday I tried to work on my equipment as well, and as a result of upgrading『Magic Katana – Sharpness can be increased with mana, Level 30 required』with mithril, it became 『Magic Katana – Sharpness can be Greatly increased with mana, ( ) Level 50 required』, blank brackets appeared, and after running various experiments, I realized that by putting a magic stone charged with magic power there, an additional effect can be added to it. Well, I read that in 『How to Magic Tools!』, so I tried charging a magic stone with Teleportation and got 『Dimension Blade – Cutting Power and Cutting Range can be changed with mana, Dimension Slash, Level 100 Required』, and today was supposed to be its debut, but there is no opportunity for that.

I only got a glimpse of monsters here. All of them are brought to me as magic stones by Armored Pres-san.

Upgrading armor doesn’t seem to have much point, and it seems that’s about it for built-to-order production, so I’d like to retreat to sleep early today, but for that, I first have to sleep with Armored Pres-san a lot, so I want to get to sleeping as soon as possible.

Another hidden room, seems to be a proper one this time? Even if there is another book from those series I won’t be able to even prototype the stuff from it? There is no way I can test all of that at the same time, okay? At least issue them once per quarter or something?

「However, it’s the 10th floor, isn’t it? So we went 5 floors down and there is another hidden room? What is this obsession with hiding things? Well, I understand why they might want to hide banned books, but…? Is that it? Another banned book? I’m only sixteen, is that going to be alright? Age restriction-wise?」

This one seems to be pretty small too. Is it another book? Is it a bookstore labyrinth after all? Should I actually remodel it? But books appear only one at a time, so it’s pretty low on content?

「Over here, and… Aah~, it is a bookstore after all. 『Cooking, Complete Collection, Ladies guide to Shining Finger your Boyfriend’s Stomach』, oh no, run away, boyfriend-san! Having your stomach grabbed by Shining Finger means it will blow up! It’s nothing but a certain-kill ability! Simply a straightforward unarmed attack!」 [1]

What does Shining Finger have to do with this world? Wait, couldn’t it be that in this world the act of getting a hold of the boyfriend’s stomach is called Shining Finger? The contents of the books seem to be just that of a very detailed normal cooking book. It doesn’t seem to have any mentions of how to perform an explosive Iron Claw or anything? But this book deserves to be banned. The title is too damn scary. The next book probably has a suspicious title as well.

「A cooking book? But you probably wouldn’t need it? You are already on a chef level, able to make pretty much anything. 」

「Hmmm, I’d like to read it anyway, since it has info on ingredients of this world and magic cooking methods, but I only want to check it, so if there is any girl who wants to cook I will pass it to her. 」

「「「⋯⋯⋯⋯Then you can have it, Haruka-kun!」」」

Are they saying that I should be the one to cook all the time? I want to eat a girl’s home cooking as well, you know? It’s a very important event in a highschool boy’s sort of way? Come to think of it, all the girls have done until now is fry fish back in the cave? No, it was delicious, but does that really count as home cooking?

「Wo~w, mysterious plants? I have to find them! I wonder what white melting oil is supposed to be? I might be able to solve our oil problems if I can make lots of it? However, the phrasing is bothering me… Like how exactly is it melting? Like, so tasty you are going to melt? The oil is melting? Or it is going to melt ingredients? If it melts ingredients it will be impossible to cook with it? Kind of?」

In the previous world, there was an issue of looking at a smartphone while walking, which had nothing to do with me since I didn’t even have a normal cell phone, but in this world, we got a reading while walking through dungeons issue, which seems not to be a problem. No one is trying to warn me, and monsters aren’t getting to me as well. Looks like the girls are very cooperative when it comes to food and clothes? But they get angry as soon as I try to remodel it a bit? All of the life necessities are important, so you can’t discriminate against the dwelling like that, okay? In the first place, what is the difference between remodeling a cave and a dungeon? Is this perhaps dungeon discrimination? Ex-Dungeon Emperor will be angry with you. Though she seems to be too preoccupied with mass killing somewhere.

「A mysterious fruit! There is a list of features of mysterious fruits? A fruit festival is awaiting us? How about writing this out and splitting up to search for those? We can get a punch?」

「「「Punch-san! On day off we are going to search through villagers for them!」」」

However, the frontier has a severe deficit of livestock. With the drop in the number of monsters in the surroundings of Evil Forest, the number of animals seems to have increased, so that created some supply of meat, but eventually, it is going to become insufficient. The price is still comparatively high as well, keeping it as high-grade goods. We have to prioritize stock raising, but this book has nothing on that, let’s hope the next one got something! Okay, the flag raised.

「Somehow, we gathered a group to challenge a floor master, but the whole thing ended up in book hunting? But the multicolor dress is important. Yes, the multicolor dress is important.」

The president even repeated herself. Is she trying to pressure me??? Is she that bent on making me craft it? Well, I guess I can practice on one-piece I’m going to make tonight? I’m going to make it anyway. And it’s another round of taking measurements? The impact is too strong for a highschool boy though, leave me without sleep until the morning? Armored Pres-san even had dark circles under her eyes this morning? It was really tough, you know?

And so, listening to the agonized scream of monsters in the distance, we head for the floor master. Seeing how enthusiastic Armored Pres-san is, it’s unlikely we will encounter any monsters. Well, it is surely safe, so I guess it’s a good thing?

And the 15th floor had『On Alchemy and Smithing』, a book explaining the basics of smithing, as well as alchemy and magic-based smithing techniques. Eh? Is that a message to me? 『Make weapons and armor?』 It’s a trap! This is a fantasy dungeon’s trap! It’s an attempt to kill me through the lack of sleep! But it’s interesting. And it also has methods of upgrading equipment with mithril, which I had worked hard to discover by myself through experiments, tests, and trial and error while fighting with sleepness… It’s literally the same method. Give me back my sleep!

Furthermore, on the 20th floor, 『Plants Field Guide』, a very useful book. Even knowing the category is a great help, it would’ve been better if it had further explanations on 『Medical plant』or『Edible』, like what can be done with them, but it only has a breed, a name, a location, and a rough list of traits. No mention of cultivation methods. Even so, it’s helpful. Seriously.

And the 25th floor had『Skill Analysis』, a study of already discovered skills! That’s a guide! I finally will be able to understand the effects of obscure skills! Well, I didn’t really think that. As expected, it had no mention of 『Health』,『Sensitive』, 『Gymnastics』or『Walking』. It also had no 『Parallel Thinking』,『Serial Thinking』, let alone『Apex Thinking』, while 『「MP Absorption」』and『Regeneration』were listed as monster-only skills. No『Rush』and『Air Walk』too. All of Mind Eye, God Eye, Future Sight, Magic Eye, Wisdom Eye, Imitation, Dōjutsu are absent, and obviously, no 『Rajingan』as well. And while 『Puppetry』and『Charm』are mentioned as the stuff of legends, 『Taming』doesn’t seem to have ever existed in this world.

[TL Notes:
[1] A technique used by Shining Gundam, in which the Gundam’s hand glows and becomes able to crush a gundam’s head with ease.
[2] After consulting with me, myself and ryu, I decided to change Demon Forest to Evil Forest.



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