Chapter 155: It’s unwholesome for a healthy highschool boy to use his hands to touch girls all over the place, you know?


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 50 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn, Girls-only Gathering.

After the bath, we start the girls-only meeting.

Worried about the way Haruka-kun reacted to the villages destroyed in the monster stampede, we gathered to discuss what we should do. What can we do? What should we tell him? No one knows if there is anything we can say to him. We should do what we can, but we don’t know what that is.

I think cheering or encouraging him is not quite what is needed here? But telling him a thousand times that it’s not his fault also won’t do. If that could help we would’ve said it a million, or even a billion times!

But that won’t do.

And there is also the question of『Infinite Tentacles』, for which everyone refused to take responsibility. Angelica-san looks like she is about to cry, but her face is red? And her breath is rough? Is she imagining it? Please don’t do that? Don’t bring such a weird mood here, okay? Everyone’s faces are turning red with a blush as well! Once you imagine it, you are in danger as a maiden, you know?

「He can control all those tentacles, you know? Isn’t that crazy? Angelica-san, hang in there! And let’s hold another girls-only gathering tomorrow!」

Yeah, she can’t wait to hear the details, huh? But every time we have such a talk in the bath we have people drowning, so let’s do that when we get out, okay?

「So~? Those tentacles~? Do you think they are going to vibrate~? Like~ Brrrr~ Brrrr?」

「「「Kyaaaa! Vibrating tentacles is too much! In a set with Haruka-kun that’s an Ultimate Weapon! All maidens will go extinct!」」」

Haruka-kun was always saying that he has nothing but trash skills, but he fights by combining and blending them together. As a result, not only can’t we help him with crafting and sewing, but even cooking is beyond our reach because the process is nothing short of great sorcery. That’s why it is certain that he will find some unimaginable way to use them. The tentacles are dangerous on their own, but blended, mixed, and combined with other skills they will become something absolutely terrific! Yes, something crazy is going to happen to Angelica-san tonight! Yeah, we must have another girls-only meeting tomorrow, starting in the morning.

(Knock Knock?)

A knock on the door, it’s Haruka-kun. I don’t think there is anyone else who can make knocking sound like a question. How is he doing this?

「「「Yees. It’s a girls-only gathering? Do you want to join? Are you going to crossdress? 」」」

「No! Actually, Pres, I came to take measurements? It’s for multicolor one piece? Your talk just never ends, so I came to at least get dimensions?」

Haruka-kun’s voice sounded from the other side of the door. No crossdressing it seems.

「「「Come in!」」」

Why are you replying as you please? Or rather, don’t all of you look too defenseless? Haruka-kun is sort of a boy too, you know? Well, he probably would be the one to run away though.

「Excuse me? Kind of? I’ll leave after I take measurements, also, is it fine if I test multicolor on this dress? You seemed to have a hard time picking a color? Sort of?」

Yes! I couldn’t decide between white and blue, but I also wanted a black one as well! Red is a bit embarrassing, but if it’s multicolor, then it solves the problem. Actually, why is he wearing a cloak? In full battle gear right after a bath? No, wait, he has no boots or gloves, and clothes seem to be casual too… AAAAAAh! He made jeans for himself!

「That’s unfair! Making jeans for yourself only! There will be an additional order for that!」

「「「「Agreed! No objections allowed! 」」」」

Good, motion passed. But jeans alone are not enough for a girl! I actually wanted That to go along with one piece, but gave up on it since we are in a different world, however, if jeans exist, he should be able to make it as well.

「Additionally, we request the development of jean jackets. A short one should be good, I guess?」

「「「Approved! Additionally, we request denim skirts too!」」」

「「「Denim shorts for the win!」」」

「「「That’s truth, approved!」」」

Even without denim, many of the girls in the room are wearing shorts or mini skirts right at this moment. Haruka-kun, troubled about where to look, is currently in a greatly disadvantageous position. That’s the timing to get in as many additional requests as possible!

「Additional relief goods decided! Girls need support in cuteness too. I saw you wearing skinny cargo pants the other day! I want capri pants!」

「「「Haruka-kun, you are so sly! I want that too!」」」

The pressure of the pants faction is overwhelming. He was delaying his work on them, saying that making skirts is easier. Everyone waited for that, you know? He probably was just embarrassed to measure girls’ legs, so he kept postponing that. The result is this backlash from the pants faction.

「I’m innocent! It’s still in the trial phase, okay? All of my clothes are trial products? It’s a one person sample sale? Sort of?」

「「「We need a pass to that sample sale!」」」

Come on, he is making everything himself, so can’t you at least let him have samples? However, calling it a sample sale was a mistake. Adding 『Sale』 there is playing with our instincts.

Surrounded by highschool girls with a high rate of exposed skin, Haruka-kun has nowhere to run. His eyes were darting all over the place. Why are the eyes that made the Terror Knights cry shifting like that? At this rate, everyone is going to come at you even harder?

And they pressed. As he was crushed by the flood of desires for specific designs and priority, the light disappeared from Haruka-kun’s eyes while they lost focus, and his gaze turned empty.

The resistance was all but futile, so one after another a mass of additional requests was pressed on him, as no escape was allowed, and he could do nothing to stop them. Looking at this scene alone, isn’t this a splendid harem situation? If only Haruka-kun’s eyes weren’t so dead. He is very soft despite being such a perv.

「AAAGH! Well then, there is no end to it, so I’ll just take all of your measurements together. Don’t move too much, okay? I still don’t have full control over them? No, the control is complete? So it’s more of a strength adjustment thing? Or more like, tentacle adjustment? Sort of?」

What followed was pandemonium.

I mean, he measured me all over with tentacles?

As he claimed, tentacles can take more precise measurements and can do them all at once.

Measuring with tentacles just because you were too embarrassed to do it yourself?!

And he did that to everyone!

Entangled by countless tentacles stretching from Haruka-kun’s body, all of the girls had their measurements taken by them.

The tentacles measured every inch of our bodies.

Despite all that, Haruka-kun was sitting in the middle of the room, nodding to himself and cutting cloth together with tentacles, which he then gave to other tentacles that seemed to be in charge of fitting.

The fabric measured for our bodies is then sewn by Haruka-kun and the tentacles, over and over put against our bodies by them, repeatedly confirming dimensions.

Like some kind of assembly line, the tandem of Haruka-kun and tentacles turns fabric into clothes, putting them to the bodies and then adjusting them, or rather, this is draping!

The fabric that was pressed against us like some kind of sewing mannequins, is cut, sewn, stitched, and once again put on us, adjusted, and completed into finished clothes.

By the time all of the girls collapsed, having no power to move left, a mountain of clothes from extra orders was lying on the floor accompanied by a pile of receipts. The prices were quite steep.

Well, it’s fully custom-made clothes after all. Everything made for oneself, a perfect fit for oneself and no one else.

Even in wealthy Japan, it was a luxury way too expensive to indulge, after all these are the clothes made in the designs one desired, created to fit oneself specifically.

Fully made-to-order clothes for me and me alone. A supreme luxury. That’s why the sum on receipts is so crazy.

See? That’s why you shouldn’t tease Haruka-kun like that? Everyone is lying on the floor after the『revenge』was exacted on them? Moreover, everyone is covered in debt.

But everyone seems to be happy, holding their new clothes close.

After all, it’s a girl’s dream to have clothes be made specifically for her sake.

For the girls, this is having a long-cherished dream come true.

If not for the tentacles, we could honestly celebrate it.

But tentacles turn a dream into a nightmare.

Everyone is overjoyed, brimming with happiness.

However, it looks like they took heavy damage, in a young maiden’s sort of way.

After all, everyone is breathing heavily with red faces.

「「「「I can’t get married anymore!」」」

It’s clear now that tentacles are a threat to maidens. Yes, the maidens were on the verge of going extinct.



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  4. “Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor,
    Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief,
    Doctor, baker, fine shoe-maker,
    Wise man, madman, taxman, please,
    How can I know just what to be?
    Please stop and give advice to me.
    Tell me,
    Tell me,
    How many people do I help,
    Just by sitting on the shelf,
    Tell me,
    Tell me,
    I don’t want a trade at all,
    (It’s for two?) living off the road.
    Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor,
    Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief,
    Doctor, baker, fine shoe-maker,
    Wise man, madman, taxman, please.
    Who’s gonna tell me what to do?
    Then they will say that I am true.
    Perhaps I’ll come to a great success,
    Or possible a dreadful mess.”

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