Chapter 156: Going extra long is nice, working extra long is not


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 50 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn.

Aah, just what do the girls think of showing so much skin to a highschool boy and clinging to him like that?

Well, they probably did that on purpose. They probably were trying to get my mind away from the destroyed villages.

Being too flustered, I ended up making all of the clothes multicolor with the exception of denim ones? I charged quite a bit for that too, but it’s better that way.

Even though I’m not dwelling on that. They are such worrywarts. It’s too late to change anything, so worrying about it now is pointless anyway. I simply don’t want to forget.

Villages, where numerous people lived, once stood there. I just don’t want to forget that the responsibility for their destruction is on me.

So I’m not dwelling on that at all. I know for a fact that it won’t be forgiven no matter how much I worry about that now.

However, with the girls struggling so much it was really difficult as the tentacles kept squeezing or rubbing them, you know? In a highschool boy sort of way.

After all, our senses are synchronized for the purposes of control, so all tactile sensations are transmitted to me. That’s why I made sure to tell them not to move too much.

On top of that, in the middle of it, their breathing got rough while their faces began turning red. They began giving off a kind of a lewd aura? It’s too much for a highschool boy to bear, okay?

Although I worked in a great rush, I think the result is pretty good. The way tentacles move with unmatched precision and accuracy is simply divine. And there is nothing lewd about that, okay?

And yet they kept leaking weird moans from time to time, so I panicked a bit there. The more they kept twisting and wriggling the more I felt it.

I’m going to lose sleep again. Even though I was finally able to get rid of all extra orders. Although it’s for clothes alone, but it’s finally over? It’s my loss if I start thinking about accessories or equipment. But that too can be somehow handled with the combination of tentacles and Holding. As for the required mana, I doubt I will have a shortage of it any time soon with the mana accumulator in my item bag.

Slime-san is fast asleep.

I wonder if it’s happy? Did it find today to be enjoyable? Is it seeing good dreams? Is it glad that it tagged along?

I don’t know, but Slime-san is sleeping well.

Apparently, Armored Pres-san is fine without sleeping or eating, but Slime-san is taking time to sleep. Well, while Armored Pres-san might not require sleep or food, she is still eating every day with a great appetite and sleeping soundly as well, so I hope Slime-san can find happiness too.

Armored Pres-san got caught up in there along with the girls, and is now lying in the girls’ meeting room, however, she seemed to be satisfied, holding new clothes and a hat with a smile.

I’m pretty sure that even if she recovers early, they are still going to try clothes on, showing off to each other, so she will return late in any case. Thus, home industry time it is. There is no end to this side job, you know? After all, I also got tons of orders from the general store! On top of that, just as I suspected, that lady is marking everything as『Urgent』! And she once again put an order for a mushroom lunch set! Why am I being treated as a food delivery service? And why is it mushrooms every day? Just how much does she like mushrooms?

「Ooh~, as expected, using tentacles for work makes things quick, and the quality is pretty good as well. This is master craftsmanship level! If the work can be done in such precise and minute detail, then it might be possible to reach even modern era level?」

Or rather, why is she sending me orders for buckets or plates? And pots? What the hell is this? A wood-burning stove? Wait, it’s A clothes iron! Go to the blacksmith for that! Why are you ordering iron, lunches, buckets, and clothes at the same place?! Why is all of it Urgent? Why are you ordering lunches every day ASAP? Why did you start selling sweets as well? And why are you asking me to make them as if it’s a matter of course?! On top of that, sales and the inventory don’t match up! You are eating them yourself, aren’t you! And you are eating way too much! How did you eat 7 boxes with 3 people?! Which one of you ate 3 boxes?! Aaah~, and why did she sell furniture that I made as a decoration for the store? Eh, and it went for such a fortune! Let’s mass produce it. However, how is she working after selling a sales counter? Is she packing things on the floor? Is she an idiot? Why can’t she sell it after I make a new one? But this sum is an insane rip-off! Let’s mass produce it. Let’s rip off.

「Yeah, I should mine some iron ore after all. Buying it sounds like a waste, and the town doesn’t have enough iron anyway. But when am I going to get my rest? At first, there was some semblance of a plan, but now everything is just going with the flow? I actually have a schedule for the side lining as well? Although 『Undecided』 is all the schedule for it is saying. But there is a plan? I made it only yesterday though.」

Slime-san is sleeping deep and seems to have no intention of replying to my mumbling.

「Why am I making buckets in a fantasy world? But arrangements for mass production are all put in order already… Will there be something good for me if a bucket store makes a profit? Why would it make a profit and not me? That’s unfair!」

A highschool boy sitting alone in the middle of the night, surrounded by countless buckets… Just what is this? Even I don’t get it. However, I now have a massive quantity of buckets in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are even versions with handles or lids. A great performance by Wood Magic-san and tentacles. And? Why are there so many orders for buckets? And why are all of them coming to me? And there are even orders for baskets? And they are also coming to me as if that’s how it’s supposed to be?

「Don’t tell me what the general store shopkeeper thinks that I’m a carpenter? Then why is she sending orders for mushroom lunches to me?! Why is she putting orders for sweets to me? The everlasting side job is never ending?」

I remember hearing somewhere that an increase in talking to oneself is a signal of deteriorating mental health, but if there is such a danger, isn’t asking one to keep it to themselves kind of cruel? I’m going to mumble to myself. There is no one who would listen, but I’m going to do that anyway. Working in silence is boring.

「What would you need so many baskets for? Couldn’t I catch fish on day one if I was using this from the beginning? Before I noticed, I was working on my handcrafting skills in a fantasy world! And with establishing a production system, a mass production of baskets also became possible! An inspirational story of a home industry factory in a fantasy world!」

And then there is an order for a huge amount of women’s clothes and a moderate amount of men’s clothes. Well, that’s what men get even in a fantasy world. I remember how in the previous world, I went to a bookshop in a department store and tried to use a toilet only to find a sign 『Toilets On This Floor Are Women-only』? Such discrimination, even though it’s a department store? Naturally, I never went there again. Seriously.

In the end, it’s the same even in this world. I’m sure even in the general store the men’s clothes section is small and shabby. Just because men’s clothes supposedly don’t sell… You are a store, so put something there that people will buy! If you put worthless crap there and then further reduce the selling area there won’t be anything to buy at all! Obviously?! Just quit the business! For real!

So no matter how hard I will have to work, I will make clothes for men too. But why can’t I think of other items that might be needed aside from cargo pants and jeans? Wait? There is really no demand! If it were me, I probably could live with one pair of multicolored pants!? Laundry would be a problem though.

「The other stuff is fine, I can mass produce it to build a stock? I’m fine with doing this home industry until the town develops its own, but why do I have to make lunches every day?! Go and ask an eatery for that! And you are too obsessed with mushrooms! Why is it mushrooms every single day? No matter how developed this town gets, there won’t be a place serving exclusively mushroom dishes! That’s too niche to operate, okay? Eat some normal food too!」

I mutter to myself while making an extra-large lunch set with mushrooms. While I grumble, my item bag from Villager A set can preserve things for a very long time. Or rather, as far as I tested it, I’ve never seen any signs of deterioration. 『Is the time stopped in there?』, is how fresh things remain. In fact, I mass produced lunches as well. If it turns out to be too much I will just give them to Slime-san.

With high-speed processing power of『Apex Thinking』-san, manipulators from tentacles, and support of『Holding』magic I can produce anything in the blink of an eye. It’s a complete one-man factory! Real mass production is possible now! Can this be called a home industry anymore?

I built a somewhat larger quantity of requested furniture and also made a lot of new products. What’s left is a loom and a spinning machine, ah, I have to make an iron too. Or rather, it doesn’t have to be an iron with a stove like that? Making it so primitive is actually more difficult? It’s a waste of iron. Let’s make a compact iron running on magic power supplied by a magic stone. That being said, I’m renting a room meant for 4 people, but it’s getting cramped in here? In terms of industry space. Finished products are put into the item bag, new items are made, and also put into the bag. Or rather, the bag became the starting and ending point of this magic-powered conveyor belt. The whole room is an industrial area and assembly line. Home industry, huh. But I’m in a good rhythm.

I should be done before Armored Pres-san returns. The manufacture must’ve become ultra-high speed. 『Infinite Tentacles』are useful, let’s upgrade them with mithril later.

And upon upgrade with mithril,『Infinite Tentacles』-san turned into『Infinite Evil Hands – Create and Control Tentacles and Evil Hands, Shape and Property Alteration, Hardening, Weaponization』, evil hands? Did they become hands? I will have a helping hand now? No, tentacles were helping me a great deal as well? However, I’m all out of mithril now, huh? Hmmm? Can’t tell how good they are without trying them out though? Ah, Armored Pres-san came back! Let’s try them! Let’s endlessly do our best with endless Evil Hands. Let’s put these evil hands to a bad use. I already had it tough in a highschool boy sort of way after the tentacles measurement incident, so I’m going to test them to my heart’s content! Yes, this is an experiment and a practice! So if anything, it’s not my fault! Fault! Fault! (Echoing)

It goes without saying that on the morning of the next day she scolded me incredibly hard while crying.



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