Chapter 163: If they are so scared of influence, then before scolding me they should consider some self-restraint, is something I’m too scared to say aloud


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 51 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn, Girls-only Gathering.

The girls-only meeting is in huge turmoil, nowhere near getting to decide on an upcoming day off.

An unkillable monster showed up, a monster that no one can defeat. If even Angelica-san can’t bring it down, then we won’t have any chance even after reaching level 100.

「Immortal as the Sphinx of the great dungeon, but without any gimmick to kill it? What kind of monstrosity is that? We definitely can’t beat such a thing? 」

「Infinitely spawning monsters became a trauma for me, or actually, even Angelica-san, who swept away those mummies and cut the Sphinx in two couldn’t kill that thing? But she was a dungeon emperor!」

For some reason, Haruka-kun spoke of it very casually as he was frying steaks, but it turns out that the dungeon master of the 60th floor was outrageous. The worst kind of monster.

「But『Weell, we got lucky? Sort of?』, is that something that can be dismissed as luck? It’s nothing short of a miracle? The fact that we are still alive? 」

「「「We definitely would’ve died if we tagged along after the previous dungeon.」」」

Yes, fortunately, we survived. We simply got lucky, we might as well send prayers to Haruka-kun’s Epic Luck-san. But I feel if we start worshipping it we might end up getting Tamed? In fact, I suspect everyone is very much on the verge. Really.

But if we kept going back then, descending past the 50th floor, we would’ve died. Us and Haruka-kun as well.

Because we stopped exploring that dungeon on the 50th floor and went to another one, Slime-san joined us, and the book that we found there helped Haruka-kun come up with the way to defeat the boss. And because Slime-san was that strong, we were banned from going past the 49th floor, and all that together resulted in no one dying. The result was great.

But it’s all luck. If the order was off even for one event we would’ve been dead.

If Haruka-kun didn’t feel danger, that dungeon would’ve been the end of us.

But even so, isn’t it wrong to push all of the danger on Haruka-kun?

Indeed, none of us reached level 100 yet, and even if we did, there are monsters out there that might be impossible to defeat even with level 100. To begin with, will level 100 even give us such tremendous power? But if we don’t get stronger, Haruka-kun and his group will have to handle everything on their own. Besides, there is nothing we can do at the moment aside from raising our levels. But…


Looks like Angelica-san came. That’s where the real girls-only talk begins. And I’d also like to get more details on the Sand Giant from her, after all, what Haruka-kun says doesn’t make any sense.『It kind of didn’t die so I tried to shake it? I mean, just vibrating won’t cut it? I mean like, atom and molecules? That sort of stuff? I mean, it sort of died in somewhat like a particle acceleration way? Excessive radical motions are dangerous, you know? I mean it literally died from that?』, is what he said. No one tried to seriously listen. Taking his words seriously will only leave one more confused.

And we also wanted to hear more about the excessive radical motions that are being carried out every night. It’s dangerous after all. In more ways than one. For maidens.

「「「Aaaaah! You got one!」」」

Hm? Angelica-san arrived wearing a jersey assigned by our school? Jersey Girls surrounded her, comparing them side by side, hers looks a bit different? It has more polish and the feel of the material is also different, but above all, it seems brand new and unused? This means, it isn’t borrowed, but it was made specifically for Angelica-san, meaning, Haruka-kun is behind this.

I see, sorry for not noticing, Angelica-san. Everyone has a school jersey, and since it’s comfy, many girls choose to wear them during night gatherings. That must’ve appeared like matching outfits, so she felt lonely and envious, feeling left out, unable to truly join the group, that’s why Haruka-kun made it for her. He made it to tell her that she is also a part of the group, that she is just like everyone. Sorry, for not noticing.

And he seems to be making something again. In the first place, just when he became able to make jerseys? It’s a knitted fabric, so does it means that he learned knitting? No, it must be those tentacles, no Evil Hands! For some reason, Haruka-kun seems to have an incredible compatibility with tentacles? Just what is Haruka-kun trying to accomplish by mastering tentacles?

「Are those tights? Long socks? Short?」

「What is it, what is it? A new product? What is he making? When will it be available for purchase?」

Hearing that he is making something again everyone is beside themselves with curiosity. But all of the girls are bankrupt, so they have no money on them. The one to blame is of course that villainous merchant.

Angelica-san explains through gestures, long socks, and short tights? Aren’t Angelica-san’s legs simply too long? Eh, up to thighs? GUILTY! Those must be kneesocks, over-the-knee socks! He undoubtedly wanted to put them on Angelica-san! And Undoubtedly wanted to do his best after that!

「Are those kneesocks?! I need those! I had only black? When is he going to start accepting orders?」

「「「Additional order for kneesocks!」」」

Everyone seems fully intending to buy them. Even though they have no money and are already knee-deep in debt?

「Eh. Lacework? Or rather, he is improving the fabric for jerseys? It’s stretching?」

The jerseys’ material is stockinette, and he managed to develop even lacework? So if he arrived with thin fabric, does it mean he is making stockings?! The singular person with a very singular goal in his mind! The guilty among guilty! The culprit before the crime even took place.

However, he was so embarrassed that he refused to take orders for underwear, and yet he is making kneesocks? And there definitely will be orders for stockings too? Isn’t that like strangling his neck with his own hands? Rather, at this rate he might tear off his head altogether?

And leaving to get trial goods, Angelica-san is not coming back? Was she attacked when she tried them on? It seems very, very likely, but what Haruka-kun actually wants, to dress her, or to undress her? In any case, they must be busy.

「「「Kyaaaa. Welcome back. Ah, as we thought, it’s kneesocks!」」」

Angelica-san came back with a mountain of kneesocks. They are already in mass production? Or rather, she changed her clothes? She is wearing a new mini dress with… Aaaah! It’s stockings, and they even have a pattern! They look so lovely, yeah, additional order it is.

There are lots of prototype kneesocks and stockings so everyone is trying them on, but in the meantime, Angelica-san gave something to Vice President A-san? A net-like something… Wait.

「Hmm, it doesn’t seem to have much elasticity, so I’ll have to be very careful when I put them on. Ah, it’s also multicolored. Since mana can be poured into them, they have to be tougher than they look. The size is just perfect as well. But doesn’t this look sort of lewd?」

「「「Yup, super lewd! Denim shorts are critical here! 」」」

Wearing her favorite denim hotpants and fishnet stockings that reached up to the middle of her thighs Vice President A-san is taking various poses, but she looks incredibly indecent? Like, she absolutely shouldn’t walk the streets looking like that at night? And why does the size match Vice President A-san so perfectly!

Until some moments ago the room was filled with the bare legs of highschool girls’, but for some reason, the lower the bare skin ratio gets, the weirder the mood is getting? The people with patterned stockings and fishnet stockings are especially to blame. Both of them look very lewd?

「Kyaaa~. The see-through stripes are so erotic! I wanna eat you up!」

「Lacework stockings look pretty, gorgeous, and overflow with class? They do look sort of lewd though?」

「First first time trying kneesocks is in the other world! I was too embarrassed to buy them back home, but in this world, there is no one who knows us? Right?」

Despite being called prototypes, everything looks cute, pretty, and wonderful. They do feel a bit adult-like, but that is a good thing. There is no way we could’ve put on something like that in the previous world. But it doesn’t matter if it’s embarrassing or awkward, after all, there is no one whom we would be worried to be seen by, and no troublesome people who’d frown in disapproval.

And everyone must have completely given up on nice clothes once, completely abandoning all hope of getting their hands on stylish items. No one even thought about fishnet stockings or kneesocks? Even though everyone already went through all of the regrets of not buying this or that thing when they had time, and giving up. Even though no one thought we’d have such a chance again.

That’s why there is such a furor right now. Appearance-wise it’s completely a lewd girls-only gathering, with no guys at the scene the girls are running amok. After all, everyone was sure there won’t ever be a chance to get stylish adult lady-like sexy clothes? They are packed with admirations and memories of the world we will never see again. The memories that we were sure will remain just that, memories.

Back then I also thought of various stuff I’d like to try when I get older, and such lost dreams showed up in the room of the medieval-level inn, moreover in the remote countryside region, and in the other world on top of that, so of course, it will turn into an uproar! After all, we had already given up on all of that, sure that those memories are bound to simply fade away.

Moreover, since Angelica-san is lending everyone her dresses and other adult-like clothes the situation is getting even worse. It’s a swarm of nudists constantly swapping dresses and stockings? This is maidens’ top secret! We will have to erase anyone who sees this secret!

But what do we do with these? We can’t walk through the town wearing this, it’s too lewd. I’ll buy them anyway though.

After all, this frontier town remained poor and desolate for the longest time, poor, and constantly threatened, the people were desperate to simply survive. So this town had no concept of fashion or style.

Until a short while ago.

Suddenly, things got a lot more peaceful, a lot more prosperous, without anyone realizing, leeway appeared in everyday life, and when people noticed, abundance had entered their lives bit by bit.

And suddenly, cute clothes and accessories began appearing in the shops of the town. Things they’ve never seen until now, and couldn’t even dream of buying suddenly were within their reach.

But they still have a hard time figuring it all out.

After all, they had no concept of style until now.

They were too busy trying to survive.

All of the town’s girls and women are bewildered by a dream that they’ve never seen before.

Until now, they were doing their best with what they had, but their understanding can’t catch up to this rapid development!

In the frontier, getting new clothes was like a dream to them.

That’s why they don’t know what to do now.

That alone was enough to make them rack their brains, but now it turned to utter chaos.

He brought modern-day fashion into the medieval countryside! They have hundreds of years of catching up ahead of them!

And as a result, we are at the center of attention, especially on our days off. After all, all of the town’s ladies are eyeing us.

Even as common high school girls, we are still modern people, and tried to pay attention to our style and looks despite the little money we had at hand. That’s why we came to be treated as fashionable people in this town.

And Shimazaki-san’s group of five is taking it even further. Doll-like faces, long legs, and being tall already gave them a pretty and adult-like look, but on top of that, they actually have a sense of style.

They have cuteness, beauty, good figures, and impeccable sense, that’s why they were amateur models back in our world, and on top of that, they gained knowledge rivaling that of experts in this field.

And getting much closer than before with everyone, they ended up as everyone’s stylists. We get to have fashion specialists to coordinate our outfits.

That’s why everyone’s eyes are glued to us.

And it seems to have a certain influence?

According to what we’ve heard from the receptionists at the guild, there is currently a trend of copying the outfits that we were wearing. The girls are doing their best, saving up money for that purpose.

Working earnestly every day, they save up money bit by bit to someday get the same dream-like beautiful clothes, and for that, they closely observe and study us.

No way we can wear fishnet stockings outside.

I thought that Haruka-kun is destroying everything, but now, following molecular destruction, he is planning to destroy the morals of this world as well.



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