Chapter 164: When exposed they secretly come out, but until then they stick to lies and deceit, so it seems to require a deduction


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 51 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn.

It’s nothing but a guess, but I’m pretty sure that it’s highly likely this most certainly will definitely get me scolded. Kneesocks were probably a bit risky, stockings were alright, but patterned stockings are extremely dangerous, and I daresay, fishnet stockings were probably fatal? Well, a highschool boy making fishnet stockings all on his own in the middle of the night is already fatal in a lot of ways though, yeah.

But since I already made such a large number, I have to sell them, or it will just be working for free, you know? And they will surely sell. After all, all of the girls secretly placed orders for lewd dresses, although it’s a mystery when and where are they planning to wear them? So every single one of them has at least one sexy dress. Thus, they will surely buy sexy stockings and fishnet tights too! And then, they will, for some inexplicable reason, scold me.

Armored Pres-san came back, asking for samples, so along with kneesocks, I also handed her some stockings. And also fishnet stockings, made specifically for Vice Pres A-san. It’s a secret that I made them almost reflexively.

However, I suspect it would be a problem if they thought that I spent the whole night making kneesocks, stockings, and tights. Lately, the very probability of the existence of my Affection Rating, which seems to have moved to exist on the molecular level, is at risk. No, on the scale of the elemental particles it still should have ways to go?

That’s why I’m going with the smokescreen plan. It is only natural if among the many items I made merely a small portion turned out to be stockings or fishnet tights, nothing but a coincidence, the probability of avoiding a sermon is nil, but at least I will have an excuse. A man has things he has to make, even knowing that he will be scolded for them. Of course, I’m also full of the intention of putting them to good use.

Since I succeeded in mass production of jersey fabric, I might as well make jerseys and jersey long skirts. The elasticity provides a nice silhouette. I also will try to make jersey flared long skirts. They turned out quite cute, being a bit chic and sporty. So I also made a long jersey tight skirt. Naturally, I also made new ones for Armored Pres-san, adding a slit. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up stripping her as soon as she puts it on, but I have to have her put it on! It’s so extremely natural that it should go without mentioning, but I made minis too. It’s only natural, is it not? It might even be called an inevitability.

And I’m also making one-piece dresses and hooded parkas. The one-piece dress looked amazing, so it’s exclusive for Armored Pres-san, it really emphasized her body line, you know? It’s all on buttons from the top all the way to the bottom. If unfastened they open a slit, you know? And if they all are unfastened it gets crazy. I’m pretty sure I’ll get scolded if I show it to anyone.

Looks like the girls-only gathering is going to take a while. Apparently, they are trying to decide whether they are going to make tomorrow a day off or not. With nothing but girls. Which means, the boys have no right to speak, doesn’t it? During the meals, they approached Armored Pres-san with questions, but no one asked me anything, you know? After that, they even went to ask Slime-san, but no one asked me? And it even replied to them, bouncing? Seriously.

Alright, the general store’s share can wait for later, after all, there is simply no end to it. A short while ago I took a glance, or rather, saw with Rajingan, but the order form had the word 『House』, on it? Just why, and how would one arrive at the idea of asking for a house at a general store? And why is she trying to sell a house at a general store, casually placing an order for it? I’m really going to deliver it right into the store! Definitely!

And so, I got the free time. I ended up getting it. For now.

So I probably have to check. it must’ve gone up.

「Haaaaah. ………Status.」

NAME: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 21 (2Up)
Job —

HP      378   (38Up)
MP      429   (60Up)
ViT     336   (21Up)
PoW     339   (26Up)
SpE     431 (59Up)
DeX     418   (58Up)
MiN     428   (54Up)
InT     459   (62Up)
LuK Max (Limit Break)

SP      2,932

Martial Arts:「Path of the Staff Lv 8」(Up)「Uncanny Dodge Lv 6」(Up)「Magic Wrapping Lv 6」(2Up)「Kyojitsu Lv 9」「Instantaneous Movement Lv 9」「Fluidity Lv 6」(Up) 「Dōjutsu Lv 1」 「Adamantine Fists Lv 3」(Up)

Magic:「Atomic Manipulation Lv 2」(New Up)「Teleportation Lv 7」(Up)「Gravity Lv 6」(Up)「Holding Lv 6」(Up)「Elemental Sorcery Lv 6」(Up)「Wood Magic Lv 8」 「Lightning Magic Lv 9」(Up)「Ice Magic Lv 9」「Alchemy Lv 4」(3Up) 「Spatial Magic Lv 2」(New Up)

Skills:「Health Lv 9」「Sensitive Lv 9」(Up)「Body Control Lv 8」(Up)「Swift Foot Lv 7」(Up)「Command Lv 9」「Improved Detect Presence Lv 5」(Up)「Mana Mastery Lv 8」(2Up)「Erase Presence Lv 8」「Stealth Lv 9」「Concealment Lv MaX」「Empty Mind Lv 7」(2 Up)「Physical Damage Negation Lv 2」「MP Absorption Lv 5」(Up)「Regeneration Lv 5」(2Up) 「Apex Thinking Lv 6」(2 Up)「Rush Lv 8」「Air Walk Lv 7」「Extreme Velocity Lv 9」「Rajingan Lv 4」(Up)「High Sexual Vigor Lv 8」(3 Up)「Insatiable Libido Lv 8」(3 Up)

Titles:「Hikikomori Lv 8」「NEET Lv 8」「Loner Lv 8」「Grand Mage Lv 4」(Up)「Swordmaster Lv 3」(Up)「Alchemist Lv 4」(3 Up)

Unknown:「Report・Inform・Consult Lv 8」(Up)「Jack of All Trades Lv 9」「Muppet Lv 9」

Items:「Staff?」「Plain Clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Cloak?」「Rajingan」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」「Bracelet PoW+44% SpE +33% ViT +24%」「Black Hat」

It did go up, as I expected, but to think it’s 2 levels at once? Certainly, I do remember when I became level 10 it also took a while, and then, suddenly, I went up several levels at once. Could it be that there is after all some sort of a condition to each 10th level up? In that case, is there a condition to the level 100 for Pres and the others too?

And as I expected, it changed, 『Atomic Manipulation Lv 2』must’ve shown up because I found the true identity of Temperature Magic. I mean, Vibration Magic disappeared too, getting integrated into that skills. As proof of that『Spatial Magic Lv 1』appeared as well, since Teleportation Magic was exposed, it sneakily came out. It stayed hidden until it got found out, you know? Just what the hell are my abilities? Why do I have to use deduction on my own skills? Why coming to the other world I have to contemplate on my stats? I’ve never heard of abilities trying to deceive, trick, or elude their owner! Just what’s with them stealthily showing up like that? It sounds very familiar!

And it looks like it was crazy bad. 『Mana Mastery』reached level 8, going up 2 levels. The advanced version of Mana Control is already level 8, no matter how I look at it, it’s too much progress in such a short amount of time. This means the reason must be in『Teleportation』,『Gravity』,『Holding』, and the new 『Atomic Manipulation』. I’m probably barely keeping them under control, continuously restraining the magic that is about to go berserk with all my power. After all, the advanced version of 『Concentration』, 『Empty Mind』, is level 7 already, and it also went up 2 levels, this means that as I use it, I’m forcibly keeping skills with quite outrageous Magic in check. I was simply somehow managing until now, despite how dangerous the situation is. Especially where it comes to 『Teleportation』and『Atomic Manipulation』, were those two to rampage it would be no laughing matter. Well, 『Gravity』too, if I managed to cause a gravitational collapse due to some sort of mishap it might doom the planet? That’s the 『You care, you lose』pattern. For real.

The rest makes complete sense though. Yes, a lot of sense, you know?『High Sexual Vigor Lv 8』, up 3 levels, 『Insatiable Libido Lv 8』also went up 3 levels, after all, I’m doing my best, going past my limits with the help of Regeneration? I mean 『Regeneration』too, reached level 5, going up 2 levels. It makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, Regeneration keeps going up, even though I’m yet to get even one injury? Regeneration-san is doing its best too! For real!

Well, whatever. There is no point in worrying about that. Coming to this world there wasn’t even one time when I actually understood what was going on with my stats. I don’t even know what the conditions for raising other skills aside from High Sexual Vigor and Insatiable Libido are.

And now, the endless orders from the general store. Let’s pretend I didn’t see the order for a house. I mean, how am I supposed to build a house inside an inn room? I wanted to deliver a house to the general store, but alas. In the first place, is building houses something one does as a part of a home industry? I guess I will have to properly explain to the shopkeeper what the words general store actually mean. I’m pretty sure that lady must be thinking that the general store’s job is accepting orders and handing them over to me? And she is surely thinking that writing URGENT on everything solves every problem. I mean, she wrote it on every order, you know? Her job is simply writing urgently and handing the order to me! That’s it! Over! And since all of the mushroom burgers that I made as a countermeasure to those urgent lunch orders were consumed I have to cook food again. Why are 3 jumbo hamburgers per person still not enough? Why did they even eat my share? If they eat, crying such tears of nostalgia, it’s very awkward for me to stop them.

And『Treasure of Monster Core – Create and Manipulate Monster Cores』is currently being investigated by Apex Thinking-san, but this might be our culprit. Perhaps Monster Core Manipulation was actively creating that unbreakable Core? Then, maybe by having such an item, it could’ve been killed more easily? No, to begin with, that boss had to be killed to get this item in the first place? Anyway, it has to be analyzed before I understand what it all means, and at the very least, I’d like to find a countermeasure for it. There is a good chance that there is no other『Treasure of Monster Core』out there, so it might be a pointless concern, but that was really dangerous.

But if tomorrow is a day off, then I’d like to make plans for that, however, the girls are still not done? I wonder if they can finish today? If they are going to drag it out until tomorrow, then the day off might end before the girls-only gathering? I wouldn’t be happy to hear that it was a day off after it already ended?



  1. Finally he has achieved Level 20 and can properly enter dungeons with guild permission now that he can register as a novice adventurer😹

  2. If Wood, Lightning, Ice and Spatial magic reach lvl 10, will they fuse together with elemental sorcery into just sorcery?🤔

  3. Thanks Translator-san and Editor-san? Sort of? Maybe?

    I was actually expecting this skills to have levelled up more「High Sexual Vigor Lv 8」(3 Up)「Insatiable Libido Lv 8」(3 Up)? Wonder if President san’s same skills have also increased?

    Apex thinking skill is like Rimuru’s Great Sage skills?

  4. His libido is increasing. Armored pres will die if he increase his girls

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