Chapter 172: For my scientific skill test I opted to use monsters since animal experiments would be too cruel, yet there are no monsters


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 53 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn.

Today I had another refreshing awakening followed by a sermon. I guess the 5th round was a bit too much? Or maybe the morning return match was an issue?

And in the dining hall I received another sermon, from the girls. It looks like they found out that I had no money to pay for the inn and stayed on the tab. It seems the next payment from the Adventurers’ Guild is going to be confiscated? But it’s only been two days? I, again, won’t be able to live like a rich man, well, the pres paid for my stay, and she is also managing everyone’s finances, so I can’t really complain? But even so, delicious meals are important, you know? Doesn’t she always eat plenty every time? Or rather, is she going to be alright, eating so much pumpkin pie? Weight-wise? I’m not going to actually say that though, that’s too scary. No, I didn’t think of anything? And I totally wasn’t looking at the belly? Honestly?

I happen to be on the run. No, wrong, I’m just heading to a dungeon! Yes, no doubt! Let’s go with that. I mean, she is basically looking over the finances of 30 people, so I can’t argue with her? She is our great Ministry of Finances President? She’d scold us if we spend too much even if it’s on ingredients or materials? However, lecturing me after eating it with such pleasure is despotism, she probably learned that I bought up all of the extra pumpkins from the villages. But what can I do? I’m at that age when one wants to make bulk purchases? And in the item bag they are safe and won’t spoil? I mean, didn’t she order to make extra pumpkin chips? But they have lots of calories? However, without her money management, most of the girls would’ve gone bankrupt too? They are shopping too much? Aren’t they just like me? How are they in a position to lecture me? Could it be that the rip-off price for multicolor goods was exposed from the pres’ account book? Hmm, let’s lower the price. But there is a very real labor cost involved? The person making all of that needs a very high salary? After all, he is penniless even with such ripoff prices? Let’s quietly take all of the money from the weapon store. Actually, the income from the scythes doing deforestation is yet to be discovered! And a bit of profit coming from the Fake Dungeon is a secret too!

If I remember correctly, the dungeon scheduled for today was the one from which the athletic girls escaped on the 48th floor. The reason seems to be that enemies don’t die no matter how much they hit them. So they are meatheads too, as I thought.

「Then, here we go~」

(Nod nod) (Jiggle Jiggle)

Today I also intend to run some experiments. Spatial Magic popped up, but I have no idea how to use it, so today, following a scientific method, I’m going to use a highly technical method of wrapping it and clubbing monsters. Since it is a different skill from Teleportation, it should also produce some sort of a different effect. But wrapping myself in it is a bit scary, so for now I’ll wrap it on the Staff, and then hit something. Running tests on animals would be cruel, so it’s monster tests. I already learned my lesson on doing things without rehearsal with atomic disintegration.

I ran through the first floors, hitting things as I go, but was unable to spot any differences. No idea if it’s because I can’t properly wrap it, or because there is no actual effect.

「I’m going to experiment, got it?」

(Nod, nod) (Jiggle, Jiggle)

That’s a good reply. But monsters are annihilated before I get to do any experiments? Eh? Could it be that we aren’t communicating at all? But they come running at the first word about snacks or food? In the first place, Armored Pres-san does understand human speech, so she’s definitely doing this on purpose? Is this a payback for the morning? Or perhaps payback for the previous night? No way, could it be that this is payback for that time when she just came out of the bath?!

As such, I charge towards the monsters. I won’t get to land a single hit unless I hurry as much as I can.

It might be a problem if awkward attempts at slashing produced a Dimension Blade-like effect, so I stick to hitting. Looks like I returned to the origins, huh. One should not forget one’s humble beginnings. I even screamed 『Hyaaha~!』just now. I wonder if that also counts as my origins? That’s some unpleasant origins, let’s forget them after all.

We make it to the middle floors in one go. Somehow, Slime-san seems to be getting stronger, or rather, something is different about the way it fights, or rather, it’s somehow more smooth? Armored Pres-san never fought seriously until now, I probably haven’t seen her make a serious effort until now, so I don’t know her true strength or her limits. But now I don’t get Slime-san either, and it’s not because of the irregular fighting style or movements? It seems to have become something different. Although its true potential seems unfathomable, it is still far from fighting seriously, I can’t help but see another Dungeon Emperor class individual here.

That’s why the experiment isn’t progressing at all. I barely get to hit any mobs!

And isn’t Armored Pres-san sort of trying to compete with Slime-san too? Aren’t both of them going way too hard?

And we are already on the 48th floor. The monsters from here on aren’t culled, so it is a real middle floor. Not a place for tests or experiments. Real combat.

Or maybe not.

「Good job, but what about me? I just took a cool stance, and there are no enemies in sight anymore? Completely wiped out? What do I do with this stance? Isn’t it pretty cool? Seriously?」

(Jiggle-Jiggle) (Shake, Shake)

Apparently – no. Looks like the other world still can’t comprehend the aesthetics of chuuni. The ineffectiveness of this stance is the good part, you know? Seriously?

The『Gluttony Wraiths Lv 48』, gluttonous ghosts, that the athletic girls ran away from, disappeared, getting no time for binge eating at all. Really disappearing. They just vanished from a simple stroke of Armored Pres-san sword, and the rest was devoured. Looks like Slime-san was the bigger big eater here. I wonder if they are tasty?

The two of them seem so overly motivated today?

Just what’s going on?

Are they worried about me or something? After the fight with the Sand Giant, I had a nosebleed, dizziness, and the need to make salisbury steaks on the way, so it had my head spinning. Is that why they are working so hard now? But it’s alright, you know? Because today we aren’t having any hamburgers? I wonder, what should I make today? They didn’t have them in the morning, but maybe eggs already arrived? Let’s check on the way back.

For now, we found『Dual Robe – Int 50% Up, Dual Cast』on the 44th floor, and then『Anklet of Magic Defence – Magic Resistance Increase (Intermediate)』was in the hidden room of this floor. Not bad at all.

But the jackpot is definitely『Dual Robe – InT 50% Up, Dual Cast』, 50% buff to InT alone already makes it a great item, but it also has『Dual Cast』. That must have the same effect as 『Parallel Thinking』that I used before. A single spell will be cast twice, any person with a caster-type job will want it. It will increase MP consumption rate, but it will also allow firing the spell in two different directions simultaneously, and a simple twofold increase in firepower is enough of an amazing enhancement.

I have a bad premonition? So yesterday I worked through the night to upgrade Vice President B-san’s robe with mithril. And since she was saying that it’s tight in the chest I also adjusted it. Adjusting equipment is not easy. I had to take new measurements for that, you know? It was pretty hard? The jiggle of these measurements was something else. Naturally, I got scolded after that.

But MP consumption with this『Dual Robe』is probably going to be quite heavy. Because although Parallel Casting provided me with high destructive power and rapid-fire capabilities, it was very inefficient in terms of mana consumption. It devoured tremendous amounts of MP when I went for all-out bombardments. And curiously enough, the one with the highest amount of MP seems to be Vice President B-san. Even though I’ve never seen her use magic, she seems to be head and shoulders above others in that regard. Is it stored in her chest? Then she must have a colossal voooooooooooooolume! (Cough, Cough)

Aah, as I thought, this Flat Gaze is so calming.

And effects of『Anklet of Magic Defence – Magic Resistance Increase (Intermediate)』are more or less alright. But this is a huge discovery!

Until now, there wasn’t a single anklet item! In other words, no one is wearing anything on their ankles, because we didn’t encounter any items that can be equipped on ankles. See? Isn’t it a huge discovery? And it has nothing to do with my tastes? Well, I’m going to make them, though. Yeah, it’s not like I’m making such a fuss about this because of my tastes, even though it is? It’s quite to my liking, so much so that I can hardly contain the desire to rip the armor off Armored Pres-san right this instant and put the anklet on those beautiful ankles of hers? I’m not going to do that though, because I’m sure things won’t stop at just putting an anklet on her.

Well, that aside, having one extra equipment slot is extremely advantageous, you know? And since it is legs, a total of two items can be equipped? I prefer when an anklet is on one leg only, but sure enough, equipping them on both legs is possible, this is an amazing discovery! Every moment spent on making them is going to be worth it! This is something that concerns everyone’s safety and can also boost combat potential. But most importantly, I must put those on Armored Pres-san! With my honor as a high school boy on the line, I will definitely put those on her! Her! Her! (In utter confusion)

Aaah, but I sort of really don’t want to make any for the Geeks or the Idiots. I wonder if it would be alright to add chains with iron balls to anklets? That might suit them. I can even add striped clothes that the Geeks seem to like so much.

Aah, as I thought, this Flat Gaze calms my very soul.

We had an unexpected delay, but naturally, I don’t regret it at all. Now, onwards to the 49th floor.

My level is still 21, so the 49th floor is a danger zone. We have to proceed slowly and carefully… Or so I pretend and dash right in! Wha-! Slime-san, that’s a false start! You went too early! And Armored Pres-san too, why are you using skills for fast movement even though I said that we must go slow? Why does no one listen to me despite being supposedly tamed? Which reminds me, I told 『Demon Scythes』to deforest the area, but they are somehow leveling up. They are definitely hunting monsters for experience, aren’t they? Why does no one listen to what I say? Are they ignoring the master? What’s the point of such taming then? Paying for food expenses is all that the master gets to do?

I dashed in, even wrapping the magic, but『Dark Panther Lv 49』already vanished into the darkness. Well, they did have skills to blend with the darkness, but the darkness with which they just blended is the one from which no one ever returns? I waited, maintaining the stance, hoping that maybe at least one would come out, but they remained in the darkness. Why do panthers capable of diving into shadows get cut and eaten along with those shadows? It’s the second floor in the row when I do nothing except striking cool poses? This time I went for a bit of an exaggerated one, so holding it is pretty tough? My leg is about to cramp? AAAgh!

After having Armored Pres-san and Slime-san massage my legs, we proceed to the 50th floor. Being the only one who gets the massage feels a bit awkward, so I wanted to massage too, but she is in armor? Maybe I can somehow massage her by utilizing Spatial Magic? T-There was such an option! Looks like I am a genius after all, let’s practice after we get back! I will definitely get through Space and that armor! Definitely!

And thus we reached the 50th floor, where the Floor Master awaits. I felt like I’m not taking it seriously enough, but this is where the real fight begins. This time it certainly must be the case!

「There will be a boss fight on the 50th floor, so prepare yourself, like, seriously prepare yourself, prepare yourself so hard that it starts feeling good? Sort of? That’s how hard you should prepare yourself? Kind of?」

As a master, I have to properly give out instructions. Even though I’m sure no one is going to listen, I still have to say that, okay? Or rather, don’t leave me behind? Wait, I said, why are you leaving when I’m talking? No, it’s really important, you know?

I’m just talking about how one might prepare so well, that they feel good about what’s gonna come? Are you listening? They aren’t.

Yeah, let’s go already. They aren’t going to wait anyway.



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