Chapter 173: Monsters were annihilated before they could bring photos


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 53 – Late Morning, Dungeon, 50th Floors underground.

Aah~, this is that pattern again. This is hopeless, only the horse is left.

By now, the Floor Master of the 50th floor『Dullahan Lv 50』has already been cut to pieces and the said pieces are currently being cut into even smaller pieces. The head that it dropped was eaten by Slime-san.

Meanwhile, the horse and I are staring at each other, taken aback by the situation. Ah! It ate the horse too! Damn it, I was careless, thinking that they’d at least leave me the horse. That’s right, there is no way the Avarice and Gluttony duo can show any lenience? I mean, it ate the horse the very moment I raised my weapon? It definitely was on purpose, wasn’t it? There is a very real problem of the tamer being bullied. I’m pretty sure if I go to a bullying counseling office, it will get eaten too? Bullying of anti-bullying centers.

「Well done, or rather, I’m so salty about wanting to have something to do too, or rather, do anything at all, but not getting to do a thing, that I might as well express these feelings through a song? Dungeon Karaoke is about to begin? But if monsters were to start collapsing when I begin singing it would leave a deep wound on both my heart and Affection Rating, so I’m not going to do that? Do tha~t♪ Sort o~f?♪ (Opera-like?)」

I tried to sing. Kind of?

Slime-san brought me the drop item and the magic stone. 『Brought』 sounds nice, but in reality, it spat them out before me. Are those leftovers? Does it have preferences when it comes to eating? Well, I’m glad that it didn’t eat them though. And so, it brought me the drops. Naturally, my song is completely ignored.

Looks like the drop is an armor, but Armored Pres-san seems to have no interest in it. Apparently, equipment from a mere 50th floor is not enough for her. But wasn’t she a Dullahan before? Although it was her side job, and she was doing three at the same time. No attachment to her previous work, it seems. And no mercy too, it seems. She decided not to listen to my song, it seems. Can I cry?

「This one seems quite deep? Well, the deeper they go the better the drop and items, but dungeon diving eats a lot of time, right? And yet we are yet to stumble upon a good property? Yesterday, the inn payment ultimately became a debt? And the new installment from the guild was confiscated too, while I managed to get all the money from the general store, it only made me a little rich. The road to a magnate is long.」

(Jiggle Jiggle)

While asking for life advice from Slime-san and getting consoled, we descend to the 51th floor.

Armored Pres-san sticks to ignoring me. Is she angry? But why is she angry? There is such a mountainous mountain of reasons that determining the cause among them makes finding a specific grain of sand on a sand planet sound like a piece of cake, but if I were to guess, is it because she is still embarrassed about the fishnet bodysuit? Whoooooa!

「No! I wasn’t recalling anything! Please sheathe your sword? Well, since it’s a dungeon, you actually shouldn’t, but please don’t cut at me out of nowhere? Do you know that this is the actual reason why the level of my Teleportation keeps rising? I don’t have any other options for evasion aside from teleportation left, so at least give me a warning before you slash at me? However, I don’t like the idea of getting cut after being told that you are going to cut me as well! That being said, I didn’t do anything? I mean, it’s not like I was recalling anything, so I’m innocent. 」

Yes, I’m guiltless. No matter how much you look at me with that flat gaze, my innocence is not going to change. After all, that image is burned into my eyes, so there wasn’t a single moment when I forgot it, thus I was not remembering it! I am innocent! But maan, Rajingan is really convenient, it even has a permanent storage function.

So, as I thought, the return match after 5 rounds that followed that bodysuit was a problem? But please, consider the following, after Armored Pres-san went down, I spent the rest of the night lonely, working all by myself? And there, a back in fishnet bodysuit was inviting me? Even so, I endured the best I could until the morning, fighting with the worldly desires in a hurricane of passion! And then even the buttocks in fishnet bodysuit showed from under the covers! For a highschool boy the word impossible is nothing but a misprint! And then there are even omitted characters! At that point, I made up with Worldly Desires-san, found a mutual understanding, reached new heights by helping each other to better ourselves, and then charged in together! Because there was something truly marvelous! Tender voluptuous roundness, jiggling, captured by the net… Whooua! As I said, at least warn me! I was concentrating so it was really close! I was about to get stabbed. Let’s stab her back tonight. And this is a circle of desire and revenge, which gets repeated every night.

Despite acting all embarrassed, she was very much into it but were I to say this an inescapable slash will come my way, so let’s keep silent. I can already feel her aiming at me from behind! What’s really scary in dungeons are your own allies.

As usual, thanks to Space Perception and Map-san it doesn’t feel like a dungeon exploration at all. Listening to others back at the inn makes it sound sort of fun and exciting? Like 『There was a dead end』or『It was so confusing with lots of three-forked paths』? And there I noticed, Armored Pres-san and Slime-san never get lost too? They are acting as if they have a map? Well, it wouldn’t be surprising for those two to have the skill, but 『Demon Scythes』also fly around the forest as if they are aware of the exact location of the cave? Is Map shared with everyone?

What originally gave rise to those suspicions was 『Swordmaster』. I don’t have any swordsmanship skills, and yet the title is Swordmaster? Isn’t that weird? Well, I’m cutting things, but even so? And the tamed silver knight has 『Sword God』, and likely has the highest title of 『Heaven’s Sword』. so it flowed back to me? Until now, I thought that it is the same as with the normal party, with only my experience points being shared with the tamed, but if they can see the map then it must mean that information is shared too? Then the skills are also shared?

Regardless of how much I ponder on it, there is no way to check that. However, even when it comes to presence detection, the Bitches were the fastest to learn it, but Vibration Magic was learned pretty fast by everyone else too? Do the girls suffer from shoulder pains after all? But then why did a few people, that have absolutely nothing to cause them stiff shoulders, also raise Vibration Magic levels at an incredible speed? No matter how many times I ask they keep getting angry at me? There are too many puzzling things. But leaving puzzling things unsolved is a problem. My skills already have a previous record of hiding, bluffing, and then secretly coming out. I have to realize, suspect, and solve, or they won’t emerge.

But if I were to start doubting, they all look suspicious. Since there are no decent skills, they all appear dodgy. I mean the predecessor of『Body Control』, which is likely an advanced subskill of body control, is 『Gymnastics』! Fooled by that I ended up doing radio gymnastics every morning! It was good for the health! Well, that’s alright?

But even 『Health』that stopped at level 9 is very suspicious. Falling to the lowest floors of the Great Dungeon and having countless fights with… No, I don’t remember actually fighting there, but encountering many monsters there I remained healthy. Encountering monsters, attacks of which I definitely would’ve failed to resist with my level 10 because the Level Wall, I still was healthy. Taking 『Instant Death』 attacks of Whatever-kun, for which he fully calculated the probability, I still remained healthy. And I’m the only one who is yet to get any poisoning since we came to this world? Well, since I’m weak it would kill me if I get one, but I very healthily walked through the pollen or venomous secretions of Venom Moth Lv97 and Venom Crawler Lv96? Isn’t that just too healthy? Is that the effect of doing radio gymnastics? Did those exercises work against poison?

Everything is suspicious, so suspicious that I wonder if this is a plot by Christie-san or Ellery-san? And I definitely remember that old geezer (god) saying that one must understand the skills to fully utilize them. I have to comprehend their meaning and their path. The meaning of the souls that turned into those weird skills. I don’t need souls of people cornered to the edge of the cliffs? I personally took a dive into a hole so I had enough of that? Were the development to get any hotter it might lead to atomic disintegration, so no thanks.

「Or rather, why can’t I meet any monsters in a dungeon? There is nothing but magic stones? Is It Wrong to Try to Seek Monsters in a Dungeon? I think the dungeon without monsters is the wrong one though? I mean, that’s just a cave, isn’t it? Also, I don’t need encounters with old men, okay? I already encountered enough of those, that’s pretty much all I meet in this world! Such encounters are wrong! What will you do if one of them raises an event flag! Maybe it’s better to cull them a bit? Flag-wise. 」

No matter how deep you delve into thoughts, you will end up slowly walking through the place, that’s the sort of tranquil dungeon this is. Is this an advertisement? Who’s selling that? Why am I the only one who wasn’t notified? Am I banned from inspecting it? Is it because I arbitrarily remodeled one of the previous properties?

Since we reached floor 55 without any encounters, there is no floor master. Back in the Great Dungeon, there was a floor master every 5 floors from the 75th one. I also remember that boss floors were sort of easier than the regular ones, but maybe it was some kind of a bonus? Well, this one shouldn’t have 100 floors, it doesn’t have the same oppressive feeling like the Great Dungeon. And it probably doesn’t have a cute girl on the lowest floor as well. No, wait, Armored Pres-san also was a skeleton at first? Hm? Before killing skeletons, should I investigate whether they are beauties or not? I don’t think I can rely on their personal statements for that? Even if the surrounding skeletons are saying that they are very cute, one shouldn’t be deceived! Those will call anyone cute! Photos from photo booths also shouldn’t be trusted! It’s an even more dangerous trap than edited photos! Well, I won’t be tricked even if a skeleton were to bring a printed photo? I mean, they are all bones? Or rather, they get annihilated before they get a chance to get a photo? Looks like there are no encounters in dungeons after all? Encounter crushers are left running free after all. With all encounters killed, your master is bound to remain a loner forever, you know?



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