Chapter 177: No idea who that was, but it must’ve been some spellcaster with common sense.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 53 – Evening, the White Weirdo Inn

The lowest floor of the dungeon held mortal danger, that peril and horror had to be properly explained during the dinner meeting. Because it was that scary.

「Armored Pres-san is really scary! And Morningstar-san was crazy! I was running for my life, desperately evading, and frantically teleporting, you know? And then, the Dungeon Master-san got caught up in that, and became a casualty! Combining Armored Pres-san and a morning star leads to enormous damage! The passing-by dungeon master, who accidentally happened to be on the lowest floor, got caught up? And passed away? Yeah, I was about to appraise it, but it already became a magic stone? Sort of?」

Why is it? Flat Gazes are coming at me from everywhere?

「Eehm? So while you were having a lovers’ quarrel, the passing-by dungeon master, who accidentally happened to be on the lowest floor, got caught up?」

「Eerr? I’m pretty sure dungeon masters always stay on the lowest floor, without passing by? So there is nothing accidental about that?」

「Yeah. More like, isn’t the fact that a passing-by dumb couple’s quarrel was dangerous enough to instakill a dungeon master the main danger here?」

「That, and 『Passed away?』, you are the culprit, that was the original objective. Don’t tell me that you went there only to mess with each other?」

Just why is it? Is this some sort of Flat Gaze Armageddon?

「Eh? I fought with my life at stake, you know? With the steel ball that was coming at me with a thunderous roar? Running around with instantaneous movement and clones was really tough, you heard that? Yeah, I did say that. And since I said it, that’s definitely what happened? For real? 」

「In other words, there was a dungeon master on the 70 floor, but it passed away from an unfortunate accident, so you have no idea what it was? This again?」

「Or rather, they went from the 50th floor to the 70th in one day and killed the dungeon master? A dungeon dying from the metal ball play of a stupid couple?」

「Yeah. Another one dead, moreover, they went specifically to kill the dungeon, but the dungeon master became collateral damage.」

「Yu~p. The dungeon master probably~ was about to say~『Explode~ you normies』, but got exploded instead~.」

In the end, the dungeon spanned 70 floors. Aside from the dungeon master it had two floor masters, and 70 floors worth of monsters. Overflow from such a dungeon would’ve been ruinous, the frontier would’ve been completely destroyed before the monsters could be fully exterminated.

While stampedes from the Evil Forest occasionally happen, they usually have a small scale. Apparently, an orc king is considered a huge disaster, let’s keep it a secret that in the depths there was also a goblin emperor.

And dungeon overflow is an extremely rare event. But when it happens, the entire region is obliterated. And the great dungeon would have destroyed the entire continent. The duo of ex-biggest suspects for that is nodding along as if it has nothing to do with them, but let’s not mention that as well.

「No idea who it was, but since the drop was『Rare Treant Cane – Magic Power 30% Up, Elemental Affinity Increase (Intermediate), Mana Control Increase』, it probably was a person with some sort of magic-related job? It probably was casting spells with this staff, I mean, monsters, unexpectedly, have common sense? A lot more than a certain someone swinging that giant thing around?」

「「「Aah, a spellcaster can’t survive a direct hit from a morning star, even being a Lv70 dungeon master.」」」

The loot this time,『Rare Treant Cane』, seems to be the lower rank version of『Elder Treant Cane – Magic Power 50% Up, Elemental Affinity Increase (Greater), Mana Control Increase』, it’s pretty good for a drop from a level 70 enemy, but after the comparison, it doesn’t look as good, even so, it’s a great find, you know? 『Elder Treant Cane』is just too good, additional evidence of how incredible the Great Dungeon was. I’m pretty sure even a tank wouldn’t be able to survive a hit with a steel ball from someone who was the dungeon emperor of such an incredible place. Speaking of incredible, the same can be said about her figure as well? It’s so incredible that I always end up overdoing it?

「Now. The Magnate-sama is going to give handouts to the poor pleb masses of riffraff students, sort of? Or rather, it’s pudding? It might be my Rich Man Oblige, but it’s a limited charity event, one portion per person only? Any additional pudding is 1,000 ere per serving? It’s a secret that by eating your second portion you make the magnate even richer? Kind of?」

「「「PUDDING! Or rather, we aren’t masses, we have names! When are you going to remember them!」」」

Just in case, I made 180 portions. Three extra-large portions are meant for Slime-san, who is now jiggling together with it? Did they reach a mutual understanding? Deepening bonds far beyond those of strangers? Eh? Slime-san is turning yellow, but the top part is black? Did it absorb 『Mimicry』from doppels? There are now two giant puddings jiggling together. But I don’t think there is any use in mimicking a pudding? The girls might munch on you? The bitches might actually even bite?

「It’s better than the one I had in the original world? Harmony of taste brought by the ingredients of this world?」

「Yes. The taste is somehow rich, but not overwhelming?」

「It’s delicious. It’s really good! Aaah, and it’s so jiggly~!」

A favorable reception. Looks like the deep taste born from the mix of all kinds of mysterious eggs and all kinds of mysterious milk captured their hearts. Some already went for the third serving. It’s a secret that sweets have an extremely high profit ratio, okay? They are also extremely high in calories, but everyone knows that, and even so, they are going to make a fuss after eating up everything anyway?

And after ripping off all of their pocket money with pudding, it’s time for an auction to rip off all of their savings too.

Everyone is lining up to the president. They are making loan applications. I tried to queue as well, but got scolded? Is this some sort of discrimination?

As expected, or rather, does she have a hobby of collecting weapons? But Shield Girl outbid everyone for『Morning Star of Weight Alteration』, spending a hefty sum.

Looks like the girls found some items as well, so they were having fun as well, putting them on auction they sold them off, and those that won the bid now put their old items for sale. With 30 people exploring dungeons every day they find quite a number of items, but for some reason, there is not a single『Pheromone Ring』, or any other impression-improving item?

My lots all sold out. All of them were in high demand, even the estoc went for a good price. But what’s most important, I was able to part with the morning star! It’s too dangerous. Armored Pres-san is too good at handling it despite being a genius of the sword? Yeah, it’s too risky to let her have it.

Indeed, thinking about lewd stuff inside a dungeon might be dangerous by itself, but if Lewd was taken from a male highschool student, there probably will be nothing left but a student handbook. And the danger of thinking lewd thoughts is far safer than a steel ball? That thing is the Ultimate Weapon (Sermon), that absolutely shouldn’t be given to Armored Pres-san!

Now, getting out of the bath with Slime-san, it’s time for the home industry, anklet manufacture! First, Armored Pres-san’s share! I have to hurry, this is the Ultimate Weapon (Fetish) of tonight’s showdown! But I’d also like to give it some sort of enchantment? Going for an anklet made of magic stone is a safe option. Just imagine an anklet on those toned slender alluring ankles? The design is also important! Yeah, a prototype comes first.

「Hmmm, a chain or a string would be prudent, but considering the effects, maybe a spiral anklet would work better? All of those would fit her, so perhaps I should make them in different versions, for casual wear, and as gear pieces? But increasing the variety is bound to summon a tide of extra orders. By now, my home industry is as dangerous as a boat in a storm, the danger is so big that I’m basically left to wonder, didn’t that boat sink and convert to a submarine? I mean, by now, the general store’s orders look like a dictionary, a special unabridged issue? Just how many pages are there? I’m actually amazed that she managed to write all that in just one day! Merely reading this can take an entire day! There will be no time left for work by the moment I read to the end of the list? And as expected, roasted mushrooms on skewers are on the first page! And once again with an Urgent mark! Did she make a stamp for this? If she has time for that, how about working instead?」

Quickly lining up some prototypes, I add finishing touches. The one with a chime is nice, but the multilayered version is also great! These are good!

There are already more than 100 anklets, but there might be other marvelous designs that I didn’t think of yet, the chain and the T-strap also look nice!

Having Armored Pres-san try on all of them first will help to visualize things, but if she tries on any of them, it will raise more pressing issues than work. Yeah, we will be too busy for that? It probably will turn into something absolutely amazing! These are just marvelous!

(Jiggle! Jiggle!)

Sorry. Looks like I was too noisy? Wait? Was I saying that aloud? But at which point did I begin speaking? Was it from 『Lick all over~』? Or maybe 『Isn’t that fine, isn’t that fine~』? No way, was it from 『I know, you like it here~』?! Yeah, these are banned from selling.



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