Chapter 178: Getting vivid and detailed descriptions of girls’ gatherings at the bath every single day is pretty tough for a highschool boy too?


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 53 – Evening, White Weirdo Inn, Backyard.

Surrounded by the darkness the silver armor faintly shone, illuminated by the dim light of the night sky. The person in the armor remained completely still, without even the slightest movement, silently lording over the surroundings. We have her completely surrounded, including blind spots. And yet, it’s not enough, the moment the formation gets broken, we will be defeated.

「Six strikes a-, EH! Kyaaa! (clap)」

「Kuuh, six sword style! Aagh! (whop)」

「An opening! As if- (thud)」

「Flame Jail, eh, wait? (bam)」

「HA~A~w? Eeeeeeeh~? (jiggle?)」

We got demolished. But what was that 『jiggle』? Really? Jiggle? Was there Slime-san hiding somewhere? Or rather, two of them?

「ORARARARARARARRA, eh, waiwaiwaiwait? (smack)」

「Try to withstand the power of my skill… Eh, she just did? Ughe! (bang)」

「Acceleration! But I can’t keep up with her anyway! Wait! Guh. (crack!)」

The boys are doing their best too, but… Try to work together? We are trying to make this into a continuous onslaught, so don’t bring ultimate killer techniques here?

Alright, now!『Shukuchi』, eh? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. (bonk)

It’s a total annihilation in any case, all 5 fights ended in crushing defeats. The fights last longer with each passing day, but that’s it. She is still far beyond our reach.

「How about stopping at this and taking bath?」

「「「Agreed! We are beat.」」」

The backline seems to be out of mana too. We were totally wiped out, weren’t we… We can’t hold out even fighting as a group, our individual abilities are still not there.

And we also can’t maintain the continuous attack, it seems that there are gaps in our coordination? Since we can’t stop her simply by defending, it can’t be helped that we end up at a disadvantage, this is still too much for us.

However, it’s fatal that we can’t push her back through offense even by sacrificing some of the defense. The formation gets broken too quickly. The strength is losing to speed.

「Angelica-san, did we do something wrong? I don’t understand the reason why the formation crumbled. 」

「After… going in, you get in each other’s way, cause you are too slow… on pulling back? Shimazaki and the others, did good.」

Gesturing, she explains formations. Ah, so she aimed for the timing of switching! Aside from Shimazaki-san’s group, who has working coordination, everyone else has pauses if they overlap.

「Attacks. Number… over power? Is needed.」

Since there are many pauses in our combo attack, we get defeated one by one. Since we lack either the number of people or attacks, we can’t hold her off. Techniques or weapons, we need something to compensate for that.

Two spots were targeted, Oda-kun’s group, and Cultural Clubs girls with Librarian-san.

Both groups are middle guard, meant to fill in, linking the attacking together, especially the cultural clubs’ girls, who are entrusted with jamming and interference. Were we to put them at the front, Angelica-san will be completely free to do as she pleases.

Oda-kun’s group is almost perfect at weaving big attacks together, and yet, they were targeted precisely during one of those big attacks! Is there still an opening to exploit?!


We went back, carrying the girls that were out cold. Meanwhile, Kakizaki-kun’s group seems to be overjoyed after getting beaten up? Did they have such inclinations?

Jokes aside, they must be starving for an opponent stronger than them. They were starving for strong enemies. That’s how it is, right? It’s just a joke, right?

「The move not working is one thing, but why do I get countered?」

Vice Pres C-san seems to be dissatisfied. She doesn’t approve that after spinning into battle with 2 axes, following by throwing them, and continuing by jumping at Angelica-san with 2 short swords, she was splendidly swatted to the ground as if the opponent was waiting for her to do that.

「Step in, attack, don’t, falter…… At the same, time, everyone.」

Techniques that have nothing to do with skills, both Angelica-san and Haruka-kun have them.

Kakizaki-kun’s group seems to be getting at least the basics, but we can’t help but rely on skills for our moves.

Meanwhile, Oda-kun’s group is fully relying on skills, completely abandoning any semblance of technique. An exemplary case of giving up.

The athletic girls’ offense and defense are fused in one, so they don’t crumble… But they are too slow when pulling back. That must be where the coordination gets broken.

So the only way to make this work, seems like either we, the committee, must dive in earlier, or Shimazaki-san’s group has to switch in to relieve others?

But in that case, the one who is going to jump in first, the walking bulwark, the Shield Girl, will be at risk, maybe I should buy a shield too? I wonder if I can get a skill for it?

「See, the four-layered barrier won’t last, can’t we add two more layers?」

Oda-kun’s group is putting the Guardian at the front, trying to defend with barriers, aiming to follow up with counter-attacks, but small-scale skills get smashed too easily. And they seem to be vexed about getting caught while trying to use stronger skills as they were adjusting. Even so, they are still aiming for a combo by piling up their skills, so they are making a plan for skill layering.

「「「Thank you for today!」」」

Ending the training we head for the bath. We needed to have a review session during the girls-only meeting. The boys have highly specialized fighting styles, so it’s up to the girls to link it all together.

And the only all-rounders available are us, the committee, and Shimazaki-san’s Tamed group.

But in that case, Shimazaki-san’s group already got a passing grade, so either we should change our fighting style or add something.

Talking in the bath in a relaxed manner, we discuss problem points and the ways to reform them. To become stronger, to create meaning to our existence.

Deciding on the next formation, making required adjustments to each part. We have to pile up the experience and master new skills and techniques, one by one. After that, the talk continued into a real girl-only gathering.

「Wha! But that’s! No waaaaay (*blub blub*)」

「Fifth time! Five rounds! And then more! (*bubble bubble bubble*)」

「「「Bi-biting such a place!! (*glub glub glub*)」」」

No good! At this rate we are going to be wiped out, a third of the girls already sank underwater! We must swiftly retreat to the rooms!

We are yet to recover enough magic power for mana manipulation training, at this rate we will go down before the mana control course!

Well, we are to blame for asking too? Despite having teary eyes, speaking of how terrific and terrifying it was, how she felt as if she was about to go crazy, she seems VERY happy about it?

But the most dangerous part is when she gets dreamy eyes midway into the story, and suddenly, the descriptions get a lot more detailed and vivid? Even as a girl, I find that enraptured expression, as if she is remembering the events, captivating.

And after telling it all with much joy, she hurriedly dressed up, and went back to the room, as everyone was lying flat on the floor. Actually, she is definitely a lewd girl!

And what sort of a terrifying thing did Haruka-kun make for such a lewd girl… Full body fishnet suit?! No, there is no way I’m buying that, okay?



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