Chapter 185: They say that eating before sleeping will make you fat, but it’s not a problem since it’s already so round


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 54 – Night, White Weirdo Inn.

「The intel will be provided bit by bit by Stalker Girl’s clan, a short while ago a squad focused on gathering info on the capital and the aristocracy was formed, and will soon commence action. There is not enough basis to dismiss the possibility of war. Regardless of how useless or impossible it may seem, when it happens it happens. If you think back on it, since ancient times, the main cause of the destruction of the country with feudal aristocracy was their own stupidity? Getting involved in a war due to their incompetence, losing, and perishing, but the main reason, in the end, is their foolishness. Running out of options they will probably summon the count to the frontier and will try to kill him without considering the consequences. Sometimes, trying to avoid the war only worsens things, stupidity continues until the fool meets their end, dragging everyone along with them. You are taking things too lightly. The reason why I made the girls train for war, is because the most dangerous thing is them getting targeted right away. Someone is bound to see an opportunity if all you do is try to protect them all the time.」

She came to pick up her bags. Despite betraying me, she nonchalantly showed up, asking if they were ready? And as soon as I raised a complaint, she replied with this. She is so right it’s almost infuriating. And if that is truly so, then were Meripapa-san to be called to the capital he will answer that summon. Be it the very heart of the enemy territory, if he was told to come alone, he will do just that. And he won’t be subdued even if threatened.

「Also, just so you know, even if I didn’t do anything, the girls’ combat training would’ve started sooner or later? Certainly, it was with the war in consideration that I put so much emphasis on anti-human group combat, but guarding and anti-human combat training is what they originally wanted themselves? Regardless of how much you spoil and shelter them, everyone wants to fight. And to begin with, their only goal was to protect you. Is it obvious that they will try to get stronger if you stop them from doing anything since they lack strength? After all, they have only one goal, and the more you try to protect them, the more they will try to protect you in turn? Indeed, we are still only acting tough and crying in secret, but you are taking us way too lightly. Everyone has an unwavering resolve, you know? That’s why Angelica-san is helping with the training too, as a like-minded comrade. You underestimated us too much, while crying, we are still struggling to get stronger. For your sake.」

Having said that, she took the best one of the newly made bags and left. That explains why they were so strong, they began training a long time ago. Noticing my weak point a long time ago, they began specializing in anti-human combat. even in dungeons, they stuck to a fighting style centered around defense and anti-human warfare. Even though they had a hard time dealing with monsters like that, they still kept at it. Indeed, I probably was taking the girls too lightly, but Armored Pres-san earned her punishment anyway. I indeed was taking her lightly at times, but I will punish her by taking her hard. And then even harder, again and again, making her go crazy until she fully repents. Can’t wait for it.

Even now, they are about to start another training session in the backyard, probably planning to combine it with the punishment for the geeks and the idiots, making it into boys versus girls plus Armored Pres-san. Running away will only make your punishment heavier? Speaking from experience, so that’s for sure.

However, they might say that I’m taking them lightly, but naive is still naive, while that training is effective, it tends to create various peculiar habits. Definitely, it’s extremely effective versus humans or humanoids, but it is also the very reason why they are struggling with unique or special opponents.

「Slime-san, can you join as an instructor? The reward is 10 sweets before sleep. They say that eating before sleep will make you fat, but you are spherical anyway, so it’s not an issue. Kind of?」

(Jiggle Jiggle)

Looks like it’s a deal. Now we will have an intrusion of Instructor Slime, a master of extremely irregular and transformative style. the ultimate unique encounter, However, why are they trying to get stronger despite all their tears? There is no way a normal person can recover in just two months. They are trying too hard. Let’s have another bargain sale to weaken their resolve. Humans are not that strong, they break if they exert themselves too much.

Quickly finishing my side job, I go for loose and soft knit clothes, all sorts of cardigans, simple socks, long and short, and the featured product is faux fur accessories. With this, they’ll be too busy for training tomorrow. It’s too soon for them to find their resolve.

Going to the backyard to invite Slime-san to the bath, I also check on the girls, and they are still at it. The geeks and the idiots turned into corpses. Let’s step on them.

「Endure it! Vanguard, defend.」


They are trying to contain the chaos created by the Slime-san attack with the skill 『Clone』, which also comes with a nice extra of lightning. Even the pres is carrying a shield, and it seems she got『Shield Mastery』as well.


「Backline, fall back!」


Thoroughly guarding the rearguard they are completely preventing attacks from reaching them, allowing the rear to concentrate on offense in safety. Defensive combat, they are able to keep the rear protected with Slime-san as their opponent. I’ll say this just in case, but Slime-san strength is not a dungeon master level? They are able to defend from an ever-changing, infinitely versatile opponent with limitless adaptability?

「Deploying Decoy! Illusion!」

「I’m next. Mirage!」

Trying to confuse Slime-san is reckless, but it seems they have no intentions to let this melee state continue. An attempt to distract it to buy time. Having no hesitation to run away they are chased around by Slime-san, who ultimately has an unlimited range.



Why german? Showering Slime-san with a barrage they reorganize the formation. This fighting style will prevent them from losing, even if they can’t win. A fighting style centered around protecting someone. A fighting style impossible for both me and Armored Pres-san. Not simply take the brunt of the attack, trying to endure it, but truly defensive combat, a fighting style aimed to prevent taking any losses.

「Backline, healing.」


Amazing, so this is the level. Vice Pres B-san’s healing magic patches up allies in a blink of an eye, followed by Attack Magic, strong enough to keep even Slime-san in check. That is the great sage.

「Shooot! Fire!」

「Grand Blaze!」「Fire Missile!」「Fire Arrow.」「Come forth, Flames!」「Pyro.」

I’d have to increase the amount of sweets I’ll give to Slime-san. And also increase the number of bargain sale items. Since Armored Pres-san spectating the fight is also nodding, this must be a passing grade even from the Dungeon Emperor’s point of view.

Looks like I really was underestimating them. This means that even if they can’t win, they will be able to protect me from a Slime-san class enemy. As expected of Cheat owners.

But, they also seem to be making light of things?

「Slime-san. Please go a bit serious for the finisher. I’ll add 5 sweets, okay? And also, the bath is waiting~. So~, destroy~? Kind of?」

(Jiiggle Jiggle~!)

This looks like a total wipe. Well, there is no way anyone aside from Armored Pres-san can take the serious Slime-san? If they could stop that, the deepest floors would’ve been too easy? For your information, such Slime-san is far more dangerous than Sphinx or Sand Giant? There is no way I can beat that? Like, really impossible.


They are out cold. I feel a bit sorry for them, but this is Librarian’s punishment. You don’t have to force yourself so much, after all, I have Slime-san with me as well? See? You were underestimating Slime-san, right? Silly worrywarts, getting your butts handed to you by Slime-san serves you right. Now, it’s bath time.

「Haruka-kun, have one go with us before the bath too.」

「「「Let’s do it.」」」

I had a go. One. Now, it’s bath time, this time for real. The unconscious girls won’t be able to move on their own, so I use Evil Hands to transport them. You still have a long way to go before I’d let you protect me, you know? Be it a bluff, cheating, or trickery, a win is a win.

But as a reward, I’ll make frill panties that appear among requests day after day. But I won’t take any measurements! I’ll make them a side tie, so they can adjust them on their own. Some might say that adding side ties makes them even riskier, but taking measurements is too much for me in a high school boy sort of way. Please, adjust them yourself. I can’t take those measurements. Bras are also impossible? Please spare me that, I’m a high school boy after all. Well, those are rewards for overlyhardworkers. Rewards. However, Librarian gets a thong.



  1. However, Haruka-kun… You know, Librarian girl is probably the girl to understand you the most? While B-san is all proactively-flirty, and Pres is a dere chicken, Lib-san was mentioned to behave in similar key to you.
    Kinda big chance that this punishment will make her extra happy and maybe active

  2. Little does he know he’ll be scolded for the risqué panties even with his reasoning of not wanting to take measurements XD

  3. I love the fact that he just completely skips the fight. Doesn’t even describe it. Just one sentence they challenge him, the next he’s carrying their unconscious bodies away using his extra hands.

  4. thediabolicalgenius

    Librarian seems like a smart cookie. She’s got her head on straight. Pity Haruka doesn’t play fair~

    • I think that’s the point Haruka is trying to make. They’re supposedly training for anti human combat, but they fold quickly when their opponent doesn’t play fair. That’s a pretty glaring weak point.

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