Chapter 187: We had a good time after I explained the wonderfulness of tube bras, boxers, and combinations.


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 54 – Night, White Weirdo Inn.

The contents are extensively researched and well put together. It’s an amazing book. With the exception of it’s『Let’s Magic Tools!』title.

「Mana molding? Altering material’s elasticity? If the size itself can be changed… Then there is no need for measurements? Suppose nothing can be done about the necessity of various skin coverage, but as long as the balance with the form is preserved it’s not a problem? And is there any effect of my actions on my Affection Rating? Or was it already done for when I made side-tie panties? And why isn’t the person with the thong coming to apologize? No way, did she put them on? Was she actually such a lewd girl?」

This seems like another application of the same technology as multicolor, or rather, its advanced version? While the Alchemic process is complicated, the materials and manufacturing steps are the same. It might require magic stones of a slightly higher level, but I guess it depends on the mastery of alchemy.

As I thought, they have no underwear, and that is exactly why I placed orders of the highest priority to the town’s workshops to make them. But it seems that the town’s sewing workshops still can’t make a product of satisfactory quality when it comes to underwear. They can handle spitting and weaving, but underwear is still too difficult? It seems the technique required for draping is still not there. Instead, the clothes made based on pattern papers turned out a lot better.

Knitted items are also about to enter the manufacturing stage, so townsfolk should soon have a plentiful choice of clothing.

There are also first successes with magic stone dust coating at the filature stage, so while expensive, multicolor also should become available soon. Rather than the ability to change color, the best selling points it has for the frontier come from its ability to pass mana through, improving its durability, stain prevention, defensive power, and abnormal effects resistance. Even if it’s expensive I’d like to get the production going, and if we use scraps from magic stones it shouldn’t cost that much. They are also easy to turn into dust, so the diffusion should be easy.

「Even though the highschool boy placed an order, going as far as to attach pattern papers for bras with it, working through the night all on his own to design it, sacrificing his own Affection Rating just to escape taking measurements. But now requests for underwear evolved into a petition? Their attempts to explain to a high school boy how they get itchy in sarashi from stuffiness trouble me. The image just pops up in my mind! So underwear also needs breathability, huh… If I use mana casting I can make a combined model, parts of which they should be able to adjust individually. Although a few people may require their very own custom models, but you lose if you worry about that. And one person will definitely need a custom-tailored model, but I shouldn’t think about that. Earlier, Slime-san used Mimicry to show that they took a bath together, but I shouldn’t be recalling that, and also, no one should ask what exactly did it mimic! Asking did I rub them or not is forbidden too!」

In any case, since I’ll be using expensive magic stones for my classmates, I will have to do everything manually. Besides, since I already have all of the measurements, I can now easily make items fully tailored for each girl as well. Not my problem if they get fatter.

And after I made some for Armored Pres, they persuaded me to make everyone’s share too, apparently, it impacts movement? It hurts if it doesn’t properly fit, or so they say. And no matter how I think about this, it is going to require the creation and processing of highly charged high-ranking magic stones, and there is no one who can handle that through magic or alchemy. The calculations for handling mana absorbing or mana repelling materials have to be done with 『Apex Thinking』or the effects will not show and the processing will inevitably fail. And『Evil Hands』should be able to craft them instantly, all while measuring and fitting at the same time. However, those sensations come through feedback to me, you know? Seriously.

For a highschool boy, merely knowing approximate sizes makes it awkward, and looking her in the eyes the next day makes it even more embarrassingly awkward, but I’m supposed to go with proper measurements, stuffing and checking, shaking and adjusting, I’ll die at this rate, you know? It will be a flood of nosebleed? And most likely, Armored Pres-san will be the one to get into an awkward situation as a result, over and over.

As I thought, if going for a compromise, then it’s sports bras. I should be able to make them using the mana casting method described in 『Let’s Magic Tools!』. Well, there’s no point in simply agonizing over it, so after Armored Pres-san comes back let’s make a prototype, fitting it on her as we go. They will surely need matching sports panties as well. Putting them on her will most definitely lead to some huge consequences, so they will immediately end up getting stripped. That’s what’s happening every time, so there is no doubt about that.

Excitedly, I make sports panties, and also boxers too. My Affection Rating is most likely doomed by now. There is no way a highschool boy who makes panties at night can have any Affection Rating. It’s just generally creepy, and he is fully intending to put them on someone.

I’ll make my share as well. It’s boxers for me though, okay? I’m in the boxers faction, to begin with? Yeah, not like anyone cares. And if anyone does I’d be running away.

And here comes an attempt at the experimental trial piece. I overlay fabric with temporary sewing, straps are so annoying. But cross back is hard to pass!

Ah! Tube bras would be much easier to make.

I wonder which is better? I never wore one, so I have no idea, and I probably still won’t understand anything even if I tried. No, there is no way I’ll ever try them on! Why would a high school boy, who excitedly makes tube bras at night, try it on? That won’t be about something so trivial as Affection Rating anymore! The one to wear these will be Armored Pres-san! If I said I’ll put this on her, I will! Definitely.

「Tights are nice too. Yeah.」

Damn it, I can’t help but feel that I look like nothing but a pervert thinking of his fetishes aloud? Just why is it?

「The Geeks will probably say that they won’t accept anything besides stripes, but since no one is going to show them this it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to make anything for men? It’s boring, wait, no, it’s not like I was having fun here! Well, naturally, I do look forward to putting these on Armored Pres-san? I look forward to that a lot. Let’s give this my best. I wonder what is the higher rank version of 『Regeneration』called?」

While I can’t progress with the work, until she comes back, when she comes back things will progress in a way that I won’t have time for work. They will likely progress so much we won’t be able to go back on track, but I will not hesitate to progress them even further! Even deeper!

「Isn’t it amazing for a bra to have 10 ViT 10% buff and Impact Resistance (Lesser)? And just what kind of impact does the bra intend to lessen? As for breathability, it can’t be tested without putting this on~. So that is what we will have to do!」

Mithrilified equipment is also being steadily produced, so we are about to reach the point when everyone is sufficiently equipped. If even underwear is coming with enchantments now it should pad their stats quite a bit. But stats only, that other sort of padding is not allowed. That padding is the enemy of boys’ hopes, dreams, and fantasies! I demand an apology for all the pure boys who were cheering, deceived by that! I’m serious!

Well, can’t say that their itemization is perfect, but if we were going for that there’s no end to it, and above all else, the very fact that there are 29 people with cheat skills is their biggest weapon. Perhaps the biggest advantage the teleported ones have lies in the group combat, utilizing their numbers.

Probably, with their current proficiency, they should be able to beat 50th floors’ floor masters if they bring enough people. Even dungeon masters might be beatable?

As long as there are no broken monsters.

Well, they shouldn’t be that common, however, we have two of them right here. So we can’t be sure that there won’t be any others.

But the girls’ levels are beginning to freeze at 99. As long as the existence of some kind of requirement for the breakthrough is a possibility, the safe approach could be detrimental to their growth.

There is no reason for them to force themselves to fight, but even so, they are trying to become stronger. Even though they don’t have to work so hard?

So the only thing I can do now is help them raise their stats. Trying to raise my Affection Rating is pointless anyway since it went so deep down that there is no helping it. I wonder, at which floor it is at the moment?

Also orders from the general store can finally be handled by others. It’s not like there are less of them, but at the very least buckets and baskets can be handled by newly operational workshops. I even made magic-powered steam and magic-powered drying machines, so that should cover the town’s demand.

Iron manufacturers are doing fine too, with the seeming increase in the number of apprentices the blacksmith got. However, with the region currently being isolated from the rest of the country, the weapon sales are not doing that well. There is an option of smuggling weapons to the other side, but to be frank, right now is not the time when I’d like to supply the kingdom with weapons, so the weapon store’s old man will have to prioritize domestic demand. Lately, I gained a considerable amount of free time, so I thought about learning how to make weapons, but this seems like a trigger for another avalanche for my side work, so it’s scary. Why are those the only triggers that no one tries to block? For real?

However, I still have urgent requests. They seem to have taken a liking to fried rice with mushrooms… Then make it yourself! It’s not a big deal, you can handle cooking for 3 people! Meanwhile, I have to cook on a scale where even 100 portions aren’t enough, you know? Should I just cook it all at once? Do I have enough eggs though?


「I am ba-… Back. 」

Looks like she’s returned. Now, shall we begin, but before that, we have to talk, okay? After all, today she came back looking very happy, beaming with a radiant smile. She must have tons of stuff that she wants to tell. She must’ve had lots of fun today.

So I’m going to listen to her. About the stuff she liked, about the stuff that made her smile, about the day that she enjoyed. After all, she couldn’t even do such trivial things all this time.

But we are going to do That anyway? I’ve already prepared everything? Tops, bottoms, full sets, 6 types? We can go for 6 rounds.



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