Chapter 225: They got angry at me when I said that beating the enemy is second rate and not making enemies is first rate. 


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 59 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn, Girls-only Gathering.

That was a blunder, that was a failure, that was a bad lapse of memory.

Happily taking part in a beef bowl festival and losing to that amazing taste, we gave in to our appetites and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore, ending up on the ground, rolling with our stomachs bulging out, but measurements were awaiting us! We have to burn that bulge, convert those calories into heat, and burn the enemy (fat) into the hellish flames, turning it into embers! That’s right, we are going to enlist into the BOOT CAMP! Let’s ask Angelica-san.

I had a bit of confidence, but it instantly vanished.

We got stronger, I actually felt that. That’s why I decided to challenge her with a wooden stick, the same way Angelica-san and Haruka-kun fought, but my excessive self-consciousness that was bloated by recent successes into ignorant arrogance was instantly chopped and minced to pieces. I didn’t get any closer at all. I didn’t think that I could catch up, but the gap didn’t shorten even one bit. After all, the gap is still too vast for me to comprehend. The only thing I understand is that she is still very far.

Then, I challenged her again, in full equipment, not a shred of arrogance or haughtiness. Simply shooting for the heights far beyond, putting up own insignificance for a measure, exhausting everything our small and meager selves had to offer and realizing the unreachable height of that peak, everyone keeps striking, rushing, and slashing only to be scattered like petals by the wind, to end up lying on the ground, gazing up at the sky.

And receiving Instructor Slime’s tyrannous coaching, that was akin to a violent tempest, we burned out. Psychologically so, but in terms of fat, there is still room for work. But this is the limit, everyone is already (X_X)

In the end, level 100 was only the entry stage, I finally understood that.

I will grow stronger from now on, that’s the realization that I obtained. We finally gained enough stats to fight, this is where the real training begins. That’s why Angelica-san was smiling so happily.

Slime-san was a despot though. Didn’t they get even stronger?

Now, we will continue our resistance in the bath, the enemy (fat) that fortified its positions at the stomach must be squeezed out! Deal a finishing blow to the weakened enemy (fat) with a hot bath, and annihilate it!

Submerging the cleaned body into the warm bath, I attack the enemy (fat) with water. What pleasant warfare.

That bubbly soap is amazing, my skin has been shiningly smooth and silky since the morning! The effects of it are so great, that touching one’s own skin becomes a sort of pleasure. If girls were offered to go to another world under the condition that they’d get such a supreme luxury item, they’d jump in without any hesitation. After all, beautiful skin is the best and strongest equipment for a girl.

And it has a miraculous cleaning power, even those sticky insect fluids were washed off in the blink of an eye, leaving not a hint of that smell.

Because of that, a sort of silky-skin-feel-and-touch-festival has begun, turning the bath scene very yuri-like. But the skin is so nice and smooth that it’s impossible to stop.

「Don’t you want to see her wearing the actual thing before you make up your mind? Is it that amazing?」

「It’s so exquisite that I can’t even think of a more superb piece~. It’s impossible to go back after trying it once, is how good it feels~.」

It seems she is going to have it ready when she gets out of the bath. A lingerie so exceptional that Vice Pres B-san went as far as to say that she was willing to pay any money for it..

Angelica-san is also nodding along, so it seems to be good enough to get the Dungeon Emperor’s seal of approval.

How come Haruka-kun is so good at making bras?

The hopes for new bras and nervousness before the measurements are showing in everyone’s worried expressions. The biggest issue is the order after all. Everyone wants their stuff as soon as possible, but everyone is embarrassed to go through measurements, adjustments, and revisions first. In the end, everyone will go through that, but no one has the courage to take the first turn.

But everyone is thrilled to see the results. At the very least, Haruka-kun should have a general idea of modern bras and cups, so it should be fine to get our hopes up. Is it something that should be expected from a highschool boy though?

And leaving the bath, two people tried new underwear.

Everyone is enthralled by the luxurious and gorgeous beauty, looking in a silent trance at that captivating sensual beauty of bodylines emphasized by that lingerie. Wrapped in that splendor the gorgeousness of their figures and silkiness of their skin is even more prominent.

Erotic richness of design and sexiness of ornament are enhancing their beauty, elegant, and bewithching, to the point of even being inviting… The sex appeal is steaming out of them.

「「「Uwaaa, so lewd! Or rather, slutty!? 」」」

An allure so dangerous that even women feel tempted, stirring their carnal desire. The magnetism of refinement and decadence blending together and augmenting each other. And finally the gorgeousness of decoration and risque delicacy of design are promoting the already beautiful figures into the realm of art, manifesting here two peerless beauties equal to the greatest works of art.

「「「Isn’t this crazy? Am I getting drawn into the yuri side? Why can’t I take my eyes off you? Onee-sama?」」」

We really had issues with underwear, even if anything on the level of modern stuff was impossible, we wanted at least something with proper cups, that doesn’t bite into the skin, and doesn’t rub, but asking him, got something on the level of ultimate work of art…

Moreover, with models being the duo of Angelica-san and Vice Pres B-san, their curvy bodies add an additional dimension to this, making a sensual artistic splendor brim with seductiveness.

「So~, who is going first~? Measurements take a pretty long time~, and there also fitting and adjustments~?」


We want him to make it, but it’s embarrassing. We wanted it bad enough to force the orders to Haruka-kun, and those are also much needed essential items, nevertheless, it is still embarrassing. To be honest, terribly so.

Thus, no one is rushing ahead of everyone, everyone wants to get the finished thing first, but everyone is embarrassed to go through measurements, fittings, and adjustments. I mean, that’s getting completely wrapped, rubbed, pushed, and then… (Pshhhh)

(Overheat reached. Please wait, cooling down in process.)

Thus, we are having a rock, paper, scissors tournament.

「……So rubbed here and there~, will make you go『Nmmnhah~』~But it’s pretty refreshing~But then he’ll also go there and here~?And then~And after that~……」

Thanks to the explanation from a certain someone, it’s even harder to go first! What was that『Nmmnhah~』supposed to mean! What were you doing! Eh? You are giving him the already worn bra to add decorations? A bra that you already tried on?… And you gave it to him.

But despite all his embarrassment, Haruka-kun made something outrageous. Vice Pres B-san had troubles with underwear even in the original world, trying all sorts of brands, even going for made-to-order stuff, and yet she wept at the lack of a bra that she would be content with. For that Vice Pres B-san to give it such high praise, just what sort of bra artisan is he?! Is he trying to become a master of bras? Even so, he’ll make the best bras for us, custom made, although it would require us to submit for measurements? And getting rubbed and something else?

And according to information received from Angelica-san, he devised a new manufacturing method, which would disperse the weight on the straps, and is even trying out new approaches that could relieve the tightness in the belt. Trial products also seem to be so good that they almost give an impression of a bust suddenly becoming lighter, and yet not creating any discomfort at all, apparently not rubbing or slipping even during violent combat. But measurements and adjustments for it seem to be amazing… Rubbed, lifted, raised, sandwiched, shaken? Wait, what is the need for sandwiching there?

And also countermeasures for heat rash… Haruka-kun, just what is he trying to become? He probably already became the most supreme bra artisan in the universe. Wouldn’t he be able to live on that alone even without any adventures? The demand is never going to die out.

That being the case, rock, paper, scissors tournament.



  1. Wait can Vice Pres B-san still get away from his room if she decides to model the new underwear for him, so he can see how it turned out?

  2. when will he have a relationship with these girls?

  3. maybe “cooling down in process” should have been “cooling down in progress”?

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