Chapter 27: I’m just having a meal alone, yet it sounds really bad


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 21 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn

Today is my first in a while, breakfast as a loner.

N-no, I’m not being ostracized! It’s just that there is nobody around! They simply left without me! I feel like…… I can’t entirely deny the possibility of being bullied?

The girls are adventurers, so they left for work in the morning.

And I’m a NEET, so I’m eating alone.

See? No problem, this is the so-called division of labor. No, please, read the mood and just leave it at that.

The girls formed parties and are working as adventurers.

I’m a loner, so I’m eating alone.

Look, everyone is doing what is best suited for their specialties, right! Please say that I’m right!

The girls are adventurers, so they work on completing quests.

I’m a hikikomori, so I’m eating by myself.

Yup. This is proof that there is no problem at all. Which made me realize the problem with my Titles. I’m merely eating my breakfast, but because of my titles, it makes me appear very unfavorably in the eyes of society. The neighboring denizens of the other world are probably whispering about me.

It’s finally here.

Eggs for breakfast! Fried eggs sunny-side-up!

It’s quite expensive. They seem to be quite valuable.

Shall I catch a chicken?

Then construct a chicken farm in the cave and I will also get chicken meat.

The president and others left for work early in the morning.

It seems that they are being coached by the four beauties from the old men’s party.

Forming 4 full parties of 5 people plus instructors, they went for a full-scale expedition.

The girls are stronger, but they lack experience, so they have a lot of inefficiencies, pushing through with brute force and cheats.

Today they will probably learn how to fight normally, without relying on cheats or stats.

They probably will learn the techniques and knowledge necessary for them to make it as adventurers. I also would’ve liked to get personally coached by the four beauties……

At last, the president and the others will begin operating as adventurers. Private armed contractors, profiting from bloodshed.

Their goals seem to be 250,000 ere per month by working 5 days a week. So it’s about 500,000 yen?[1. TL Note: ~5,000 USD]

It sounds like a lot, but the inn, meals, and bath will cost about 150,000 ere per month.

The remaining 100,000 ere is for buying weapons, equipment maintenance, armament upgrades, savings in case of injury, medicine, provisions, consumables, and they also would probably want new clothes as well.

This is pretty tough. Earning about 500,000 per month one can have a pretty lavish lifestyle, but around this town, there is nothing but small fries. They aren’t profitable.

That’s why they are working so hard.

That’s why they are looking for ways to solve money problems.

Looks like they really want to get me the『Kept Man』title…… Am I actually being bullied?

They probably understand it themselves.

If they want to make money, they should head to the forest. Chop chop. You can have as many gobs as you want. A gob festival. Hooray.

In practice, going through the forest to the cave will take 2 days, while fighting.

Or actually, it did.

From the town to the cave, hunt there and then sell what you got back at the town. Then go back to the cave……

With this rotation, they can spend the night camping, and there are no fees involved with lodging in the cave.

Currently there are 4 teams. If they rotate, going out with 2 teams each time, they should be able to earn 500,000 ere per month with only half the spending.

For that, someone will have to stay at the cave.

Living in the forest isn’t something the girls should do.

Mori Girl[2. TL Note: ‘Mori’ as in forest, a fashion style for young women invoking a soft, forest-like feeling.] is one thing, but this is more of a forest person, a savage, and also a hikikomori, and NEET…… Just leave me alone!

And I already became accustomed to that carefree life of solitude, I got used to it, I got addicted to it……

Someone will be coming 2 times a week, I will be able to ask them to buy things in the town, and from time to time, someone can substitute for me while I travel to the town myself.

In the first place, I can’t even join the guild, so there is no point in me staying in town.

This is the most efficient and effective approach. It will raise both the mushroom collection rate and what’s even more important, the chances of survival.

And yet……

The reason why they are trying to check me is probably the level wall.

That’s why…

Someday, I might die in the woods, all alone.

That’s probably the reason.

I think it’s not that different from living in the town, since I might also get killed by a person.

When no one is around, without anyone knowing, without anyone to help me, I will die all alone.

That is what they are afraid of.

That is what worries them.

That is what makes them anxious.

That is…………probably the reason why they confiscated the money.

Aaah, I want to go on a shopping spree.



  1. Someday, I might day in the woods, all alone > should be die?

    Ty for chap

  2. Hooooo ok. So, he knows about the girls feelings. Now we’re talking.
    He is like Hachiman, loner because he understand the feelings of the ppl. Even if they don’t want to be exposed (idk who was created first tho)
    It’s getting better and better. How does this will continue? I’m expecting the next chapters to discover it!
    I read a few chaps ago in the comments that this have lewd stuff.., I’m wondering if he just got a prostitute or the president just fell? Maybe Leader Bitch? Nudist? Vice President? Or maybe some random girl? @.@ many questions and hype…
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  3. Appearance aside, he was literally isekai’d hachiman. Understanding human relationship and chosed to be alone, same nature and mentality, doesn’t want others to experience loneliness, sense of self sacrifice, saving others even if it means carrying the burden by himself.

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